Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream

When Kiehl’s asked if I’d be willing to try out their new Super Multi-Corrective Cream for 2 weeks for review I already knew it had to be something special. It’s a pretty confident ask after all; having Beauty Editors commit to a review after using it for such a short amount of time. What if it wasn’t long enough to see a difference, or worse yet what if I hated it and had to write a super awkward review like an ‘at least I liked the purple jar’ type of thing.

Lucky for me I don’t hate it. In fact I love it. I like it so well that I just returned the Ole moisturizer I bought recently that I’d been using on and off for a few years. Compared to this cream, Ole’s just felt flat and almost runny. It certainly didn’t stand up to this cream’s texture and it didn’t have nearly as many benefits. It strikes that perfect balance of being thick but not greasy and moisturizing but not heavy while using scientific advancements married with proven natural ingredients. It completely melts into the skin and gives the type of softness that feels like baby skin and not something artificial from a jar. It’s how my face feels after a facial, like it’s brand new.

It’s meant to lift, firm, and repair damaged skin using Jasmonic Acid (plant-based), Beech Tree Extract, and Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid which gives that big drink of hydration. I can see the texture of my skin is better from getting the moisture it needs so even my makeup blends in easier and my cheeks have a healthy glow. It’s too early to get the long-term benefits but I believe it’s doing great things (and it’s safe for pregnancy, yay!) so I’ll stick with it and be faithful to this little jar.


Stila Sale at Nordstrom Rack

I just got this email from Nordstrom reminding me that Nordstrom Rack carried Stila which I guess I knew but it was a good reminder. I love Stila!

Check out the deals (3 glosses for $12 etc) HERE and keep watch for their popular $10 eye and cheek palettes in stores so you can grab a few from now for stocking stuffers.

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel

Kiehl’s Sky Flyin’ Foaming Facial Fuel is pretty genius. Realizing that most men wash their faces with Irish Spring or whatever bar soap is in the shower, Kiehl’s created a shave gel that doubles as a facial cleanser to keep their routine nice and easy. Its light lather coats the skin for shaving and pumps it with caffeine and vitamins to hydrate and clean without stripping and drying the way soap can. Mike liked the clean scent and how his skin felt without taking an extra step that he probably wouldn’t otherwise do.

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint

Jouer is really an every-woman sort of line with genus ‘snap together’ packaging and colors for grown ups that flatter and work together in an effortless way. I wasn’t surprised that I really liked their new Matte Moisture Tint foundation, I liked it so well that it went straight into my personal kit. It’s something I’ll wear regularly and buy again once I’m out.

It’s an oil-free, mineral rich formula with big coverage that blended so completely into my skin that it was undetectable. It disguised red blotches and even darkness around my eyes so well that I didn’t need to use any concealer for my skin to look all glowy and perfect. All skin types can enjoy it because in this case oil-free doesn’t mean drying and it looked as perfect at the end of the day as when I first put it on without needing to set it with powder or any touch ups.

Find Jouer online HERE, or in select Nordstrom stores where we’ll hopefully be seeing more of them. soon

Makeup Before and After: Elizabeth Arden Meets The Girl Next Door

Makeup is amazing. It’s not even the hard core stuff (i.e.drag, fantasy, special effects) that fascinates me most, For me it’s about how you’re only 10 minutes away from a totally different look. Courtney is one of those lucky girls whose fresh faced good looks sans makeup needs nothing more, but a gorgeous wedding awaited so I used the power of color to transform her look enough to match her special day.



Elizabeth Arden is what I used to get her glam bride look.

I used their Limited Edition Ceramide Cream Blush in Honey for her cheek color. I applied it along her cheekbones using a fluffy brush to diffuse the color then I worked it into her skin for a natural looking flush which is key for photography.

To disguise the band from her false lash, I dotted black Liquid Eyeliner, along her lash line then I smudged a little black shadow over top to diffuse the line and give it a softened look.

Their Ultra Lipstick in Rose Aurora might be my new go-to because it’s a gorgeously unassuming color that’s flattering to all. You can give it a boost of pink or make it look more beige using different liners and glosses. It’s pretty on its own, but being totally customizable is what makes it so speical.

You Need This: A Big Fluffy Brush for Your Bronzer

If you’re a bronzer lover like me, then the best bet for a natural looking application every time is using a big fluffy brush. The bigger the brush, the wider you can disperse the product so isn’t applied so densely giving the face a streaky or harsh look. I’m loving Elizabeth Arden’s All Over Face Powder Brush ($22) which can be used to apply al things powder to the face. Its coverage is so great that just a few sweeps of bronzer is needed to create a warm glow on the face easily carrying the color down to the neck so there isn’t a harsh contrast between the two. It makes bronzing a ton easier.

And speaking of Arden.. I got to try their bronzers and wow – they’re pretty great. They went straight into my kit actually replacing a few that I didn’t use/like anyway (Bobbi Shimmer bricks if you mush know. Holy shimmer overload Batman.) Pure Finish Bronze Powder ($38) comes in 3 shades of intensity, all being matte but not exactly flat meaning they have a hint of pickup to them so they’re easier to wear and blend without looking shimmery. Not just a makeup, it has antioxidants, minerals, and skin-energizing ingredients with a light hint of rose scent. They’re really balanced and some of the best I’ve used, totally worth checking out.