The No-Makeup Bride & The Wedding Makeup I Did in Mexico

You’d be surprised how often I hear it, ‘I hate wearing makeup, but I want to hire you!’ Girls who favor the more natural look end up being my easiest brides to work with. Using airbrush and professional makeup are key in getting color without heaviness since weight is the last thing you want when you’re sweating in a hot dress and taking photos outside.

Katie, the beautiful bride who hired me to do makeup for her wedding in Mexico, (the trip I took in May where I was sneaking photos of Heidi and Seal) was the typical anti-makeup girl. She warned me ahead of time that she may want to wipe the makeup I applied off if she didn’t feel comfortable since she didn’t wear makeup ever.

After we chatted a bit about how exactly she wanted to look, I started by evening out her skin with Dinair airbrush makeup which gives undetectable coverage, and then I went to her eyes. I wanted them to stand out without using a lot of eye shadow so I used a Loose Shimmer Powder from BECCA which gave a light sparkle and color. For her eyeliner I made a slim black line on the upper lid only for some contrast that also disguised where the false lash met the eye. I used my go-to Ardell #110 lashes which blended perfectly with hers once I curled them and added L’Oreal Double Extend mascara so smudging wasn’t an option. I airbrushed her cheek color as well using water-resistant Dinair so her face wouldn’t have anything powdery on it, key for natural looking photos taken outside in the hot, humid weather we had in Costa Careyes. Lastly, we used a light lip stain with just a hint of gloss for natural looking pout with a kick.

Here are a few snaps of her, you can see why she doesn’t wear (or need) a lot of makeup.

I love the white space in the photo.
You can just see a hint of depth on her lash line from different angles. I also love that whatever was hanging on the wall in the background gave her sis the illusion of a cone hat.
This is why you want to wear false lashes. Just a hint of a swoop from the side is so romantic and pretty. The day before this she swam in them all day and they didn’t budge. Oh, and those are her sweet doggies Chuy and Taco. 

There isn’t just one way to wear makeup for your wedding. I always tell girls that their face should be as dressy as the gown and the day itself, but that doesn’t mean piles of thick color. Don’t be talked into a look that isn’t you, Katie didn’t want something heavy and we came up with a look that was perfect for her – and she loved it.  If you don’t like it in person you won’t like it in photos, don’t believe the hype that something photographs so differently that you’re talked out of how you don’t like what you see. It’s your face, your day, and your dollars. Get exactly what you want.

I also have to say that I was so incredibly happy to meet and work with Fer Juaristi, a fantastic photographer from Mexico who travels all over the world capturing weddings and events. He was as nice as he was talented and his photos are incredible.

You can see more breathtaking (their reception was at the same spot where Heidi Klum and Seal have their annual event) photos from the wedding HERE.

To learn more about Fer click HERE.

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LUSH Colour Supplement Foundation

Lush is known for its girly-meets-hippie mash-up bath and body line, so when I heard they were adding some color, I just thought it would be some patchouli scented lip gloss or something crazy like that. I didn’t, however, expect that they would formulate a version of the (soon-to-be discontinued??) Sensual Skin Enhancer from Kevyn Aucoin which got a lot of love from Makeup Artists for its versatility and complete coverage. How is this even possible that the company that formulates Bath Bombs with saccharine colors and off the wall names could come up with something that could potentially land its way in my professional kit?

If you can’t already tell, I’m nuts about their new Colour Supplements, 4 thick foundation-meets-concealer-meets-tinted moisturizer wonders that let you completely customize your coverage. Before we get into all that, check out 3 of the 4 shades (light pink not included).

Click the photo to enlarge it.

Easy to take along glass jars.

Here’s how I use it.

I’ve been using the Dark Yellow one by mixing most of it on the back of my hand with my daily moisturizer but leaving a bit unmixed. I apply it (mixed) onto my face section by section using my fingers and then pressing it in using a sponge. I then apply the unmixed portion with a concealer brush in the places where I need a little more coverage . I didn’t use powder to set it but the natural coverage lasted all day long without separating.

I didn’t expect this much out of it (and not just because its first ingredient is Rose Petal Infusion either.) Foundations that have lots of coverage need to blend in and sit well on the skin so it’s invisible, a difficult feat that many department store lines don’t even get right.  It’s a small pot, but the pigment is dense so you’ll get a lot of use out of it. Oh, and it’s only $14.

Lush, you’re totally forgiven for naming a Bath Bomb Fizzy O’Therapy, Colour Supplement is your official Get Out of Jail Card for life.

Colour Supplement

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After-Sun Hydrators for the Body

Too much sun can happen to even the most devoted sunscreen user. What seems like 10 minutes in the sun can actually be 60 – it’s hard to keep track when we’re having fun, so applying sunscreen isn’t always done in a timely manner. When the sun goes down and your skin feels a little crispy, try using a body hydrator that’s meant to get your skin back to feeling comfortable and calm.

Skin Drink from Elemental Herbology is a body hydrator that’s heavy on hydration but light in weight. It smells like a dream because of the watermelon seed, cucumber, and grapefruit extracts which repair damaged skin that’s thirsty from too much sun. It’s also meant to be used to extend the life of a tan.

I just used the Repairing After-Sun Balm from Decleor on my husband’s burned-to-the-point-of-blistering shoulders. It took away the itching and calmed the peeling and blistering way down within hours using 100% pure essential oils of rose, lavender, and chamomile (just to name a few) to give the ultimate in skin repair.

La Roche Posay’s Posthelios is what they call a melt-in gel designed for ultra dry skin that’s been beaten up by the sun. Shea Butter, Bisabolol, and Thermal Spring Water all work together to provide healing and bring down inflammation.

Cocooning Body Lotion from LifeNK harnesses the healing power of Allantoin to take away the sting and irritation of a burn. It’s vanilla, musk, and patchouli are blended  into a rich vegetable base of shea butter and almond oil to cocoon your skin in absolute moisture.

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There’s A Serum For That…

Between cleansing and moisturizing lies an opportunity to make big changes to your skin by using a serum. Since the nature of a moisturizer is to be heavy and thick so it can soften the skin’s surface, its ingredients struggle to make their way down into the skin where they can make changes. A serum however, is a liquid with potent ingredients that can improve the skin since its light weight allows for better penetration therefore creating more change in the skin’s chemistry.

Think about serums like those commercials for IPhones, where they declare ’there’s an app for that’ because no matter what your skin’s needs, there’s a serum for that. Here are a few hardworking serums that treat various skin concerns.

For Dry Skin

SkinMedica’s Hydrating Complex serum boosts your skin’s ability to hydrate itself by giving it a surge of weightless moisture using hyaluronic acid that dissolves almost immediately. Use it daily or just when your skin is feeling extra thirsty and lifeless.

For Red, Irritated Skin

Covering up skin that’s red and irritated is hard to achieve. You could pile a yellow-based foundation on to try and neutralize the red, or you could use PCA Skin’s Anti-Redness Serum to visibly reduce redness caused by sun exposure, rosacea, or inflamed skin. It visibly brings down redness in weeks so your skin looks calm and healthy.

For Aging Concerns

Stem cell repair and protection from future damage is what ExCELLent Future Deep Repairing Serum from Lumene is all about. It targets the very cause of wrinkles and aging skin by making sure the skin’s most important cells are in their very best condition.

To Maintain Your Skin’s Current State

Advanced Night Repair has been a best-selling star in the Lauder line for years. It’s one of the very first antioxidants on the market and its customers are loyal. Not only does it zap environmental pollutants on contact before they can do damage on the skin, it also repairs any past damage and creates an environment on the skin that’s free of inflammation so that your skin today will look just as good years from now.

Whether you’re trying to make changes to your skin, or just maintain what you have now, there’s a serum out there that’s perfect for you.

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Makeup In Paradise; What to Wear on the Beach?

I’m mustering up the motivation to look at this computer because I’m literally in paradise. Careyes Mexico to be exact. I’m here with Julie Gambrell from Classic Creations, a wedding and special events planning company based in Denver. She plans a lot of destination weddings in Mexico and was planning this one where the bride needed a Makeup Artist, so here I am. In paradise.

This morning as I was getting ready, I was looking at the condensed version of makeup I packed that I felt was best for beach weather- hot and humid. It’s not that you have to wear makeup on vacation, but if you are heading out of vacation and wondering what to bring, here are a few ideas to point you in the right direction.

Shu Uemura’s UV Under Base Fluid SPF 20 gives me the sun protection I need with a hint of coverage in a sheer texture that feels weightless. A barely there alternative to foundation or even tinted moisturizer. 

BECCA’s Sheer Tint Lip Colours give a hint of color and feel really moisturizing on without the sticky gloss that sand can blow into.

CoverGirl’s LashBlast Length doesn’t smudge and gives just enough color so you aren’t bare-eyed.
BECCA’s Mineral Powder Foundations give you the skin-loving benefits of mineral foundation with the coverage and finish of a professional line.
BECCA’s Beach Tints are perfect to be warn on the beach. They’re streak-free and have a non-powdery finish that looks natural even in stark daylight.

That’s enough for now, I have a pool-side seat calling my name.

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So Happy Together; Pairing Up Products for Creative, New Looks

You may not buy things with the intention of using them together, but a little creativity could help you to really see the value in what you have and be able to use it differently.  Here are a few examples of the power of pairing.

Primer + Bronzer = Beautiful, Bronzy Skin

When the temperature starts to heat up for summer, the weight of your makeup should change.  Heavy looking foundations look harsh in the sunlight, so try mixing a shot of bronzing fluid with a primer. Putting the bronzer into something colorless will lighten it a bit so you can use it all over the face for a natural looking bronzed glow. Using the primer evens out the skin’s texture so your skin looks great without foundation.

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Skin Primer used with Noah’s Naturals Glowing Bronzer Fluid
Primer alone, bronzer alone, then both mixed together on the bottom.

Using a lightweight primer like Napoleon’s that isn’t just a silicone gel is more ideal for mixing. Noah’s Naturals bronzer is made without parabens, glycol, and petroleum so it’s gentle enough to use on the face daily.

Liquid Eye Liner + Angled Lining Brush = Lasting Liner That’s Easy to Apply

When it comes to an eyeliner that lasts, liquid is at the top of the food chain, the formula stays on all day and doesn’t smudge. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a steady hand, applying the liner with the wand that’s included can be impossible. Instead, apply the liner with an angled brush so you have better control and a more precision point.

Flirt! Opening Line Liquid Eyeliner in Grapevine shown with Angular Shader 1/4″ brush (just a few dollars from an art store).
Get some liner on the tip of the angled brush

Now you can use a liner that lasts with an easier-to-use brush.

Nude Gloss + Different Lip Liner Shades = Custom Gloss Colors

Finding a gloss that’s perfectly nude (doesn’t lean toward pink or beige) isn’t easy, but once you find one, grab it up. You can wear it solo when you want muted lips (for when you’re wearing more color on your lids), or you can mix it with different lip liner shades to make custom gloss colors.

See, perfectly neutral and nude. Estée Lauder High Gloss in Golden Goddess.
Use the neutral gloss with any color liner, Estee Lauder Double Wear Liner in Pink and Spice are shown.
Now you have a look that has more color than a gloss alone, but is lighter in weight than a lipstick. 

Dense Concealer + A Touch Up Brush = Quick Coverage

Very few women need to wear foundation. Just covering up redness with some concealer usually evens out the skin using fewer steps and a lot less blending. Just be sure to use a thick concealer like BECCA’s Compact Concealer, it will give you coverage that mimics a foundation’s. When you use Bobbi’s Touch Up Brush to apply it, you’ll get a look that’s almost airbrushed. I haven’t found another brush I like as well for applying concealer because it can work it into the skin so perfectly without wiping it all away.

BECCA’s Compact Concealer and Bobbi Brown’s Touch Up Brush
Applying the concealer this way gives as good of coverage as foundation, but with better control.
Blend the concealer in to get as little or as much coverage as you need.

What look are you trying to achieve? Chances are, you have a few things laying around that when paired together, can make all the difference.

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