Priori Cellular Recovery Serum

Cellular Recovery Serum. You really can’t tell by the name what this wonder serum does, but it kind of just does it all. It’s Priori’s booster treatment, meaning it fits in with whatever your current skincare routine happens to be. Just a few pumps will, as they say, ‘mimic DNA repair enzymes to help reverse damage done to the skin by free radicals.’

Whew. That’s a lot of science going on

Instead of trying to give you a science lesson for which I am totally under-qualified, I divvied up the serum 3 ways and gave it out to a friend and 2 clients to get their take on what it did for their skin over a period of weeks. What I heard was all positive, with one purported miracle. One client in her 50′s said that within weeks her skin looked more radiant and she used less makeup as a result. She said it gave her hope that using good skincare could make enough of an impact so she could stop using Botox. Another in her late 30′s said that her skin was much smoother and she had fewer dry patches that typically appear this time of year. But a friend in her 50′s said the stuff was a downright miracle and she could definitely see fewer wrinkles and sun spots. She loves it and says she’ll continue to use it and even explore the rest of the line.

So there you have it. Smoother, radiant, less wrinkled skin. Sounds like good stuff, too bad I gave it all away..

You can find more info on the serum HERE and search for a retailer (typically a doctor) in your area HERE.

Bubble & Bee

I’m literally mid-order for a few things from Bubble & Bee right now which I think says a lot about the line. I don’t buy a lot of products since it’s part of my job to receive stuff so I can review it all for you. And it’s not like I don’t have a body wash or 10 sitting around, but I just love their Squeezed Lime scent made from organic saponified oils (along the lines of Dr. Bronners) with a smell that literally makes my mouth water. It’s so fresh and clean that I just love it.

Also in my order is their Peppermint Vanilla Salt Scrub that I’ve described as feeling a cool, minty tingle long after you use it on your skin. The combo seems like a weird one, but it just works.

Their USDA organic lip balms are hard to beat too for long lasting moisture, so I grabbed a few while they’re on sale today.

I’ve tried dozens of natural deodorants, but always go back to their Geranium Lime Pit Putty which now comes in a cream with added baking soda for more protection. I grabbed a sample size for $4.

But wait. What the hell is a Soap Nut? They also sell these unrelated to bath and body care, but totally fascinating dried berries from the Soapnut Tree (which apparently is a real tree..) that give off natural saponins – basically nature’s way of making a soap that so many labs recreate using harsh chemicals. Check em out HERE along with a short video showing them in action. Apparently you can reuse just 4-5 of them in your washer several times giving your laundry an added boost of natural cleansing.

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint SPF 15

I’m thrilled that Liz Earle has dipped her toes into the world of color with the launch of her new Sheer Skin Tint, a foundation that fills in the gap for women who like complete coverage and natural formulations at the same time since there isn’t much there in terms of good quality stuff. It’s a foundation that makes your skin look as healthy and radiant as good skin care does. Ah, I love Liz Earle. Let’s check it out..

This 1.3oz tube packs a big punch, it’s so concentrated that it should last a long time.

Just a tiny dab will do.

Does anyone know where I can find like a veiny, somewhat hairy hand? Ugh. I wanted to show its consistency and coverage. It’s really rich and blendable with a believable coverage and a beautiful finish – if I had to compare it to something, it would be Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme but with a more natural ingredient lineup. Score!

I think last time I talked about Liz Earle I called it a near perfect line and I’m sticking to it. I really do love this foundation, I’m so excited to see what they come up with next!

Own Sun Care

Our usual stop for vitamins in Pharmaca over the weekend in Boulder, CO yielded a purchase that I’m now officially obsessed with. We were looking for a new sunscreen for Mike which is always a task because he wants something light to wear daily (easy enough), but it also has to hold up and not drip into his eyes when he’s running (the challenging part.) We’ve been through plenty of options and were on a good winning streak with Supergoop for a few years but it was time for a change. I knew a little about Own; mostly how their founder and CEO was also the founding CEO at Method (the natural cleaning products) and had now engineered a fantastic natural skincare line that’s getting some great reviews. Now saying that Own’s Invisible Face and Body Block SPF 30 is unlike any sunscreen you’ve ever tried isn’t an overstatement. Its smooth, whipped texture reminds me of cake batter and its ability to disappear right into the skin leaving only the slightest amount of moisture behind is remarkable for a sunscreen or any type of skin moisturizer. It’s a safe formulation of 20% zinc that’s invisible on the skin with antioxidants like raspberry, cranberry, and carrot seed oils. It feels, blends, and smells like a body moisturizer you’d be happy to wear every day. It’s seriously revolutionary.

Our After Sun Repair ($12) and Invisible Face and Body Block SPF 30 ($17)

A look at the sunscreen’s texture. Dreamy whipped magic.

Of course the After Sun Repair lotion is amazing too. It smells so fresh and clean and can be used to soothe the face or body after sun exposure, or just for an everyday treatment.

They’re mostly sold online (I can’t find a listing of retailers on their site) and are apparently becoming quickly known for their better-than-Proactiv acne line and powerfully effective anti-aging offerings. They’re also U.S.A made and sourced keeping a close eye on their partner’s sustainability practices. What’s not to love?

Check out Own right HERE

Sunburn Relief from Liz Earle Botanical Aftersun Gel

It’s true that sun and wind burned skin needs some extra TLC, but I’m not sure the thick green glop most brands label as ‘aloe’ serve as the best solution. Aloe isn’t actually bright green either, it’s yellowish so that beautiful green shade is actually dyes so looks as we think it should. Instead of pumping dyes into your skin, go for something that’s designed to soothe chapped, overexposed skin.

Of course I’m loving Liz Earle‘s Sun Shade Botanical Aftersun Gel, mostly because I love everything from Liz Earle. It’s still one of the best lines I’ve used to date. She uses organic aloe, to soothe and comfort the skin along with lavender, vitamin e, and glycerin to provide hydration and protection. It took the sting and redness out of my hubby’s bad burn a few weeks ago – but he only agreed to using it because it wasn’t sticky or greasy and didn’t have an scent to it.

If you’ve also been a little lazy in your SPF application, check out this gel and next time don’t forget the sunscreen.

Vapour Organic Beauty and Their Total Rip-Off Samples

Picture it, Mike and I are pulling away from the house the other night when we intercept the mail, it was the usual stack of letters mixed in with my sample package from Vapour I’d been so excited to try. I had Mike open it right away while I drove because I couldn’t wait to check it out. When I saw what I paid $20 for, I got really quiet and started writing this post in my head. I was steamed. How could Vapour possibly charge $15 ($5 for shipping, we’ll get to that) for these dinky samples when a company like Alima Pure has such a kick-ass sampling program? ($1.50 for a cup of minerals that lasts over a month btw). If you’re not truly committed to people trying out your line via samples, why even bother?

You can see that two of the samples were barely usable specks, smaller than a finger nail and sitting in packaging it doesn’t come close to filling and bouncing around a box that can house about 20 of these orders (I hate waste like this and would expect more efficiency from an organic-based company). With my tiny samples all stacked up along the corner of the box you can see how completely wasteful it is to ship it this way (it could easily fit inside a small padded envelope), but then they of course wouldn’t be able to stick you with the $5 ‘shipping fee.’

Click to enlarge, wish I could do the same with the actual samples..

I’ll still give the products a shot, I’m hoping there’s enough of it to use it for a few days and really get a feel for how they perform. Stay tuned for a review and sample at your own risk.