Vapour Organic Beauty and Their Total Rip-Off Samples

Picture it, Mike and I are pulling away from the house the other night when we intercept the mail, it was the usual stack of letters mixed in with my sample package from Vapour I’d been so excited to try. I had Mike open it right away while I drove because I couldn’t wait to check it out. When I saw what I paid $20 for, I got really quiet and started writing this post in my head. I was steamed. How could Vapour possibly charge $15 ($5 for shipping, we’ll get to that) for these dinky samples when a company like Alima Pure has such a kick-ass sampling program? ($1.50 for a cup of minerals that lasts over a month btw). If you’re not truly committed to people trying out your line via samples, why even bother?

You can see that two of the samples were barely usable specks, smaller than a finger nail and sitting in packaging it doesn’t come close to filling and bouncing around a box that can house about 20 of these orders (I hate waste like this and would expect more efficiency from an organic-based company). With my tiny samples all stacked up along the corner of the box you can see how completely wasteful it is to ship it this way (it could easily fit inside a small padded envelope), but then they of course wouldn’t be able to stick you with the $5 ‘shipping fee.’

Click to enlarge, wish I could do the same with the actual samples..

I’ll still give the products a shot, I’m hoping there’s enough of it to use it for a few days and really get a feel for how they perform. Stay tuned for a review and sample at your own risk.

RMS Beauty: Pure, Organic Cosmetics

RMS Beauty is a concise, elegant, effective line of color developed by 20 year Makeup Artist veteran Rose-Marie Swift. She wanted to create a chemical-free makeup line using raw, organic, mineral-rich, food-grade ingredients to help heal the skin with Makeup Artist-approved results. The verdict? Kit-worthy basics that rev up the skin in a wonderfully natural way.

Un-cover Up:

It’s the only thing you need for dark circle-canceling coverage around the eyes, red blemish banishing, and overall skin-improving. I liked its creamy, easy to blend nature – it’s best suited for those who favor a tinted moisturizer, mineral foundation, or wear concealer alone. Dab it on and blend it only into the areas where your skin needs a little oomph.


lip2cheek is a pot of beautiful color that’s one of the first dual-purpose lip and cheek creams to actually flatter both. More sheer than dense, these luminous shades enhance the skin giving it a pretty flush of color.

I wasn’t sent their Living Luminizer, but it’s a best-seller – a glow-invoking cream without glitter or weight that gives skin a healthy glow. Based on what I’ve used from the line so far, it’s worth a buy.




Check em out online at RMS Beauty

Alima Pure Mineral Makeup

Using 4 or fewer ingredients for most of their formulations, Alima Pure is an incredibly clean mineral makeup.  (Check out their safety scores from I was so enchanted by their equally clean website that I scooped up a ton of $1.50 sample jars. I love when companies sample, it just says to me that they’re confident in their products and know you’ll come back for more. And I will…

Foundations etc: They offer dozens of colors to ensure a perfect match. It’s not a heavy formula but it’s certainly buildable, especially when you use it with their Primer Powder (great to block shine), and buff a Finishing Powder over top. I’ve also been using the Lavender Color Balancing Powder on my forehead and upper cheek area for some added brightness. It sounds like a lot to put on, but it really works together and never gets heavy or cakey. I like to spray a little Avene Thermal Spring Water over top and press it into the skin with a Beauty Blender for a natural, undetectable finish in any light.

Balancing Primer Powder in Light, Concealer in Beige, Satin Matte Foundation in Beige2, Color Balancing Powder in Buttercup, Color Balancing Powder in Lavender

Cheeks: I’m in love with their Bronzer, it isn’t the slightest bit shimmery and it’s a perfect warm shade. I wanted more from the Luminous Shimmer Powder though, it’s just okay – the shimmer isn’t special enough to move me to a purchase because it’s so slight and flakes away.

Satin Matte Blush in Bisque, Luminous Shimmer Powder in Luna, Bronzer in Mauna Loa

Eyeliner: You can’t see it well from my photo, but the black is deep. Use it wet for a liner, or dry to smoke out any look. Illusion is a pretty shade, I like it best for a shadow. If you like a rich, pigment-dense look from your shadows, use a liner as a shadow or choose colors slightly deeper than you normally would.

Satin Matte Eyeliner in Black, Luminous Shimmer Eyeliner in Illusion

Eyeshadows: I found the finish of the Pearluster and Shimmer shadows to be almost identical, and using them wet gives a more intense metallic gleam. Stick with their matte formula if you have more mature lids, it isn’t totally flat and its lack of sheen won’t settle into lines or extenuate dryness. As with any shadow, I’d recommend using a primer first so the powders have something to cling to. I liked their color selection and formula. I wish I’d chosen some brighter shades though, why do I always do neutrals?

Satin Matte Eyeshadow Chocolat, Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow Tigereye, Pearluster Eyeshadow Taupe, Pearluster Eyeshadow Grace

Eyeshadow Swatches: Same order as above. Matte, Shimmer, Pearluster, Pearluster.

Satin Matte Eyeshadow Chocolat, Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow Tigereye, Pearluster Eyeshadow Taupe, Pearluster Eyeshadow Grace

Sample Jar Sizing: You could get a few months out of the sample jars since just a small amount does the trick.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced color line with safe ingredients, Alima is as pure as it gets. Check out their site and wrangle up a few samples of whatever strikes your fancy, $1.50 is a heck of a deal.

Alima Pure

The Legendary 88 Palette

Leave it to an 18 year old to school me on makeup. I could give lectures on just about everything you see at Sephora but when it comes to the well kept secrets lurking online, I’m clueless. My girl Jacqueline is a young makeup diva who knows well the ins and outs of cheap makeup that’s fun and stays put, so I asked her about the legendary 88 palette I’ve come across a few times. If you Google it you’ll see that many companies carry it and offer it up and varying prices. THIS one is being offered on Amazon for $22, BH Cosmetics sells these 88′s for around $16, but Costal Scents is where I bought this original 88 palette for $19. She told me to get it there in spite of the awful site which looks like the first website ever constructed. She assured me it was fine so I went for it and Costal Scents delivered my palette in 3 days, no problems. I’d order from them again.

I didn’t expect much from the palette honestly, I thought I’d use the brighter shades for an occasional pop of color but not much more. I used them on myself first on their own with no other powder shadows and always using a primer first (of course). Their color payoff is rich, laydown easy, and blending seamless. They aren’t chalky or heavy looking because you don’t need to use a lot to get the look you want. The color stayed strong all day without fading or creasing – I’m impressed. I trusted them enough to use them for 2 photo shoots this past week and found that they didn’t budge after many hours of hot lighting. They’re that good.

If you want some new, fun colors on the cheap, or if you’re a Makeup Artist who needs some variety without breaking the bank, this palette is your new BFF.

click to enlarge

Sunscreen Plus… SPF’s With a Kick

I’m going to assume that you’re wearing some sort of sun protection daily, no matter what. We all know that even the smallest doses of daily sun can bring on spotting, wrinkling, and a loss of firmness.

If you’re looking for more than just a sunscreen, here are a few skin protectors that offer more than SPF alone.

Sunscreen Plus… A Sheer Skin Perfecter:

Sheer Tint Release is Esteé Lauder’s latest addition to their best-selling DayWear collection, it has all the benefits of the original moisturizer (antioxidants, SPF 15, quick absorption) but with an added skin-perfecting tint that blends perfectly into most skin tones. It’s a subtle hint of color that gives skin an even, more polished look that’s totally undetectable.

Sunscreen Plus… Age Prevention:

Of course the best age prevention for your skin is the sunscreen itself, but Daily Defense SPF 30 from Priori’s Advanced AHA line offers a blend of Lactic Acid to increase moisture and encourage skin cell renewal.

Sunscreen Plus… Primer:

Even the most sensitive skin can rock Coola’s FACE Mineral Sunblock as a tinted primer because it’s a gentle chemical-free SPF 20. Just because it’s mineral based (Titanium and Zinc), don’t expect the old school chalky finish, this light lotion gives a gorgeous glow you’d expect from a serious makeup line.

Sula Beauty Paint & Peel Polish

Can’t wait to try Paint & Peel from Sula Beauty, the non-toxic nail polish that stays on beautifully until you peel it away. It’s formaldehyde free and touted ‘green’ because you use fewer chemicals since you don’t need remover to take it off.

Sula Paint & Peel $9