Kryolan Dermacolor for Serious Coverage

For a real-deal full coverage makeup, you have to browse the professional brands. If you need tattoo coverage for a wedding or if you have a scar, veins, or birthmarks that you can’t seem to disguise, Kryolan will do the trick. Their Dermacolor is one of the few out there that’s carried in Makeup Artist’s kits because it’s known to cover anything and everything with the added benefit of being smudge and waterproof.

Dab on this ultra thick cover in small amounts at a time and blend completely using a sponge until what you want covered is gone. Take your time because with this formula it’s easier to add more than to try to take color away.


Jouer Matte Moisture Tint

Jouer is really an every-woman sort of line with genus ‘snap together’ packaging and colors for grown ups that flatter and work together in an effortless way. I wasn’t surprised that I really liked their new Matte Moisture Tint foundation, I liked it so well that it went straight into my personal kit. It’s something I’ll wear regularly and buy again once I’m out.

It’s an oil-free, mineral rich formula with big coverage that blended so completely into my skin that it was undetectable. It disguised red blotches and even darkness around my eyes so well that I didn’t need to use any concealer for my skin to look all glowy and perfect. All skin types can enjoy it because in this case oil-free doesn’t mean drying and it looked as perfect at the end of the day as when I first put it on without needing to set it with powder or any touch ups.

Find Jouer online HERE, or in select Nordstrom stores where we’ll hopefully be seeing more of them. soon

Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water

I get confused looks when I answer the question that most of my clients want answered: What’s my very favorite foundation that I carry in my kit because the cult following of Koh Gen Do’s Maifanshi Moisture Foundation hasn’t quite trickled down to the masses. It’s a well-loved staple though for Makeup Artists and their celeb clientele as is their Cleansing Spa Water, something I’ve wanted to try since I saw it in practically every Makeup Artist’s kit backstage at New York’s Fashion Week. Typically, I carry baby wipes to clean client’s faces because it’s so quick and easy, but I needed something to remove stubborn waterproof mascara without burning or stinging the eyes so I couldn’t wait to try another solution out.

Maifanshi Moisture Foundation

It’s a totally unassuming looking liquid; crystal clear and completely unscented, but it’s a soapless, mineral-rich cleanser that gets skin sparkling in just a few wipes. It comes with special cotton pads that you saturate and use to gently work off makeup or to give skin a refreshing once over in the morning. No need to rinse after or even tone because your skin will feel perfectly balanced and so soft.

Cleansing Spa Water

I’m loving this ease and effectiveness of the water- not to mention how much space it saves in my kit. It’s one of those things that I’ll actually order and use again and again.

And Speaking of Sephora..

While I was at the JC Penny opening at Park Meadows I couldn’t help but to fall in love with a few things that I’m sure I’ll pick up during my next Sephora outing.

Click to enlarge

Josie Maran Bronzing Argan Oil: I put a few drops on my fair skin and watched the shimmering bronze color melt. giving way to a natural looking tan glow. Just a few drops gave rich, natural color and a ton of moisture. I’d use it solo or mixed with another body oil to tone the color down a bit and make the bottle last longer.

I know I’ll be picking up a few Aqua Shadow Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils (pictured top middle) from MAKE UP FOR EVER, a line I love and carry a ton of in my kit. Just the slightest sweep of the pencil gave big color that was hard to remove and easy to layer. They seemed perfect for laying down color on the eyes and are formulated to resist creasing or smudging.

Aqua Rouge Lip Colors (middle, bottom) are another stay-in-place staple that I’ll grab. MUF’s Aqua line is a long-wearing collection that really delivers. I have a ton of MUF Aqua stuff in my kit because it’s the real deal- bold colors that blend and wear like nothing else.

And of course another fav line of mine, Tarte. They just launched a new foundation Maracuja (middle, center) which includes the nourishing oil of the same name to reduce inflamation, hydrate, and give skin a healthy glow. I’ve always had good luck with Tarte- nothing in the line has ever disappointed me or made my skin angry.

Another Tarte offering caught my eye, their new trio of Clean Slate primers (pictured right.) One for the eyes and two for the face; one to brighten and the other for perfecting the look of pores. I’m always up for a new primer- anything to make my skin look better.

Skinnygirl Lip Care and Tinted Moisturizer

I was so happy when my good friend Bethenny Frankel finally came out with cosmetics and body care adding to her Skinngirl empire. Oh wait, I don’t actually know her do I? Well I feel like I do (don’t you?) which is why I’m extra glad that the line is actually pretty good. I’ll have a post later this month where I used her Tinted Moisturizer for a video which will air on, but just know that it’s probably one of the better tinted moisturizers you’ll find especially for the $11 price. Known for her signature red lip, it’s no wonder her lip care products are so right on. For a softer version of her firey pout, check out her Tinted Lip Balm in Red Ruby $5. For a more subtle daytime shade, I’ve been loving her Shimmer Balm ($5) with Shea Butter and a great scent packaged thin enough to slip in your pocket when you’re out and about sans purse.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Supréme Foundation

I’m always excited to try a Laura Mercier foundation. Their Tinted Moisturizer is still the gold standard and their newer foundations are every bit as pigmented and high performing as anything I’ve tried from MAKE UP FOR EVER or even Armani. Their new Oil Free Supréme Foundation is a pigment-rich liquid foundation for those with oil-rich skin. I’ve used it on myself and a few clients and have gotten a beautiful result especially when I buffed it in with a Finishing Brush versus a sponge which can move the makeup around or even remove it- not what you want when you’re looking for coverage. I’ve been priming first before applying it, then spot powdering (if needed), and setting with a finishing spray as I always do on clients and have gotten long wear times without it settling or fading out.

Just make sure that your skin is in fact oily, otherwise opt for the Moisture Supréme because it won’t lay as well on skin that’s even a tiny bit dry. Also, get color matched before you buy so you can see it on the skin, an important thing with a fuller coverage foundation – not as important when the formula is more sheer.