Meet Your New Spring Fragrances: Vanilla Lemon & Vanilla Grapefruit From Lavanila

When spring hits I’m ready for a different scent. Heavy florals don’t mix well with sunshine and hot days. I can’t wait to check out the latest fragrances from LavanilaVanilla Lemon and Vanilla Grapefruit. Lavanila cuts out chemicals and uses vitamins, aminos, and both natural and organic ingredients to provide the cleanest possible fragrances (it’s all I wore when I was pregnant.) Anyway- as the name suggests their specialty is the most perfect smelling vanilla which they pair with things like coconut, blackberry (I’m wearing it now!), and now citrus. I love the smell of grapefruit. It literally makes my mouth water, it’s so crisp and fresh. The sweetness of the vanilla mixed with the tangy citrus is such a perfect, yummy combo.



Quick Makeup Essentials for Moms

We’re a month into having our second daughter and I think we’re in a pretty good groove. My goal to shower every day (so sad, but moms you get it right?) and look somewhat presentable has been accomplished, which means my 5 minute makeup routine is pretty streamlined at this point. I used to write about quick makeup tips for moms but looking back I didn’t have a clue. I know now that using basics to look rested is what’s key. Here’s what I’ve been grabbing to look less like a zombie and more like my old self.

I always start off using my Matte Moisture Tint from Jouer. It covers my melasma and blends just using my fingers so I can slap it on quickly and have undetectable makeup that wears all day. Next time I’ll get the luminizing instead of the matte version but I’ll definitely grab another Jouer – their tinted moisturizers rival Laura Mercier’s and they use minerals so they’re better for your skin.


NYX has a jar of lavender concealer for just $5 that gives my fair skin the same highlight and glow that a yellow concealer does on medium or deeper skin tones. I put it under my eyes down to the tops of my cheekbones. My eyes and face look brighter and more awake which is exactly what I need. I use it over concealer once my dark circles are neutralized otherwise it would exaggerate them by adding purple on top of skin that already looks blue.


Tarte’s Cheek Stains basically apply themselves with an applicator about the same size as your cheeks. I just smudge a little on the apples of my cheeks and blend. Adding color to the face is essential to looking fresh and rested.


Neutrogena’s Healthy Lengths Mascara is one of the few I’ve tried where one coat will do the trick. The formula clings to lashes and fattens them up just shy of looking clumpy so one quick coat is all I need.


Fragrance. Always.

Smelling great is such a big part of feeling put together. Modern Muse, Estée Lauder’s latest fragrance is both a familiar scent and something the feels totally new at the same time. It’s a warm floral, young and sexy but not sweet or heavy. I like to spritz it on my hair where it lingers all day so I don’t have to use it on my skin- something I avoid during the months when I’m nursing.


So I’m evening out my skin with the foundation, using the concealer to add brightness, giving color to my cheeks, defining my eyes with mascara, and making sure I smell good.
It’s easy and takes about 5 minutes- a reasonable amount of time we can all find in our day.

Malie Natural Perfumes

I love a good fragrence as much as the next girl, and of course I have a signature scent that I’ve worn for years, but when I’m pregnant my perfumes are the first to go. Instead, I opt for naturally sourced scents made with essential oils instead of synthetics just to be on the safe side. I still use my Malie Mango Nectar roller perfume that I got during my last pregnancy, and now I’ve added their koke’e scent to the mix. It’s the very definition of green and not like anything I’ve tried before – not at all floral but bright and vibrant like fresh cut grass after the rain. I like to wear it either on its own or layered with a fruity scent like the mango nectar or a vanilla to give it an added sweetness that’s perfect for summer.


Dry Oil with SPF 15 from Alba

I love the scent of sunscreen mixed with tropical fruits. It’s why I bought Hawaiian Tropic’s oil last year, that smell is so completely nostalgic that I’d use it instead of perfume every day. The caveat is that it’s really greasy since it’s not designed to fully absorb into the skin when you’re at the beach. Enter Alba’s Dry Oil SPF 15 I picked up at Whole Foods. Its rich coconut scent is every bit as heavenly and the dry oil soaks into the skin leaving only light hydration behind. It smells so yummy I almost forget that I’m dutifully applying sunscreen everyday to my arms and neck like I should.


Demeter Hersheys Collection

I can’t say I’ve ever thought about smelling like a watermelon Jolly Rancher, but now that I know it’s an option, it doesn’t sound too bad. THIS collection of candy favorites made into scents by Demeter (maker of the iconic Gin & Tonic) knows how to make something really random smell yummy. I haven’t tried them out, but I bet they’re great for layering. I can totally see pairing the chocolate one with something like their popular Vanilla Cake Batter and the watermelon one with Cherry Blossom.

Check out their top 30 scents HERE, and their full collection HERE.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom

It’s not often that I review fragrances. It’s not that I don’t get a bunch of them sent my way (I have 4 on my desk right now), it’s just that I have a specific scent type that I stick to; clean, fresh, not musky or heavy. Anything that even borders on the verge of old lady isn’t for me.  I want something light and feminine where you can catch just the right amount of the scent when I walk by.

If you’re into the same sort of thing, you’ll love Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Cherry Blossom ($30). It’s everything I love in a scent; clean, light, green, with a hint of sweetness without smelling like candy or a dessert. It’s a balanced sort of scent where the green and the floral offset and one doesn’t overpower than the other. I first spritzed a little on my arm, then my drapes so the scent would fill my office, and in a diffuser in a hallway. Soon my whole house smelled like this sweet spray. I’ve since been wearing nothing else. I figure at 9 months pregnant with my limited wardrobe which consists mostly of ‘cute t-shirts’ and tanksI  can use a little pick-me-up in whatever form that may come.