Lavanila Forever Fragrance Oil and Vanilla Blackberry

Lavanila’s new Forever Fragrance Oil comes in 3 scents; Vanilla, Vanilla Grapefruit, and the one I’ve been using Vanilla Coconut. I can’t get enough of this buttery vanilla scent that isn’t that cheap manufactured vanilla that’s so common but a true yummy vanilla mixed with a bit of sweet coconut in an almond oil base. It’s balanced so it’s light and sexy, not like a dessert scented candle that’s overpowering and sugary and the oils are super concentrated so the scent lasts all day. I’ve been rolling it along my arms and neck and then spritzing a little of their Vanilla Blackberry on top. Both are great on their own, but used together I get a hint of the tang from the blackberry with the sweetness of the vanilla and coconut – it sounds like a recipe but it smells so light and fresh that it’s all I’ve been wearing and getting tons of compliments.

If you love Trish McEvoy’s No.9 Blackberry & Vanilla fragrance you’ll totally love Lavanila’s version which I think is a little more crisp and fresh not to mention without parabens, phthalates, synthetics and the like – oh and it’s also cheaper $58 versus $80 for the same size.

Natural Scents for Holiday Gifts

It’s easy to find yummy scented body products – which are the perfect home-run gifts for every girl on your list this holiday season, but I found 3 companies churning out quality organic, natural, and U.S.A. made specialties that won’t break the bank. Here’s the best of what each have to offer.

Malie Organic Fragrances $29:

I’ve been searching for an organic fragrance line with feminine scents that I’d actually want to wear. I tried one a while back which was nothing short of (dirty) hippie in a jar. Awful. I was sent Mango Nectar Perfume Oil from the Hawaiian line Malie to try which comes in a cute roller ball applicator in a pretty frosted glass tube. Sweet aesthetics aside, I was happy to see the ingredient lineup containing 70% organic oils of Sunflower, Kukui Nut, and Coconut which provide the nourishing base for the fragrance itself. I wouldn’t say I’m a mango fan necessarily, but there’s something intoxicating about this combination that’s so sweet yet sexy with an island vibe that makes it wearable, fresh, and easy to layer with other light scents.

LaLicious Sugar Reef Body Oil $24:

I actually stumbled upon LaLicious years ago in a Hawaiian boutique where I bought an Island Guava sugar scrub and savored every last drop of it because it smelled so yummy and I couldn’t find it anywhere to buy another (pre internet shopping, you see). Now this bath and body line is everywhere which means it has grown in popularity because of their natural approach (only 6 ingredients in their oil for example) to bath basics that make your shower feel more like a spa vacation. I was able to try their newest scent Sugar Reef which I totally fell in love with – it’s like the love child of sweet and clean and ocean – just fresh and dreamy.  I use the Body Oil after a shower without using any fragerence after and get tons of compliments.

Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl Bronzing Body Butter $24:

I was loving Pacifica at Whole Foods long before they found a prominent home in Sephora catapulting them into super-popularity which is where I scored a free set with Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butter, Perfume, and Body Wash for shopping there far too often. Pacifica formulates without animal bi-products, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol, GMOs, mineral oil, peanut oil and triclosan, and they’re a cruelty-free company. Their scents are whimsical, breezy, and easy to wear. I think I’ve bellied up to their tester unit in Whole Foods to catch a whiff of each scent at least 5 times. It’s hard to choose one when you love them all. Last week I grabbed their Coconut Crushed Pearl Bronzing Body Butter for a gift at Sephora (it’s exclusive to them). It’s their just-right blend of coconut scent with a slightly shimmered bronzy lotion that gives the skin a healthy glow. There’s also a bronze-free shimmered version that carries the same scent worth checking out if the added color isn’t your thing. Either way, this line has some stellar gift sets in scents that make perfect gifts.

Multi-Purpose Organic Scents from Intelligent Nutrients

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Intelligent Nutrients, Horst Rechelbacher’s second coming after pioneering the world of natural beauty with Aveda. I think we’ll probably look back at IN the same way as we do Aveda knowing that this line was on the forefront of a new revolution: Personal care made from food-grade oils to nourish the body inside and out. Don’t expect products that serve a singular purpose, everything from IN is meant to give multiple benefits like these two body elixirs that hydrate, soothe, and liven the skin with naturally-derived scents.

If you like Jasmine, their Jasmine Total Body Elixir is the absolute purest jasmine scent you’ll experience second only to the flower itself. Because the oil is so rich and dense in hydrating oils, you’ll want to use only a pump or two either solo or mixed with your favorite unscented organic oil to get a sexy, unforgettable scent.

Certified Organic Multi-Functional Aromas are a clever blend of fruit, flower, and plant oils that light up the skin with bright organic fragrance while hydrating and protecting it as well. It’s a beautifully scented body treatment that’s unlike anything you’ve ever used, and the perfect replacement to your synthetic perfume spray.

Intelligent Nutrients

Review; A Perfume Organic

Remember those samples I ordered a few weeks ago from A Perfume Organic? I wanted to share what exactly $22 in perfume looks like.

Click to Enlarge

Very beautiful yes, but half-filled tiny vials that arrived several days later than they should have. Incorporating oils together is a tricky process (another reason why I’ll never be whipping up fragrance in my kitchen), and the blending process is as important as the notes themselves. These scents smell unblended and perhaps unfinished. You should also be aware also that these are pure oils and not a traditional perfume so expect a roller-ball applicator because spraying oil would lead to stains on clothing. Keep it on the skin only.

My take on each scent:

Green: I was so excited to use Green that I imagined it to be my next signature scent. It smells almost exclusively like Ylang Ylang with a slight sweetness behind it but I couldn’t pick up any notes of rose.

White Magik: Spearmint is listed as an ingredient but it should be listed as the only one. I was told that I smelled like chewing gum.

Perfumed Wine Rosé- This scent was a perfect blend of clove and campfire, really spiced and smokey.

Mejika- This one wasn’t too bad, it reminded me of a true chai tea, the bagged kind and not the syrup from Starbucks. I was hoping to smell more vanilla but the spicy smell might be covering it up.

Urban Organic- If there wasn’t a smokey element in this one, it would be pretty good, but whatever ‘Smoky Vetiver’ is needs to exit stage right. It’s a citrus blend that could be easily layered, but the smokey element crushes any light feel.

I still haven’t given up the dream for a more natural fragrance, but unfortunately this just isn’t a fit for me. If you like heavier scented perfumes that are certified USDA organic, check them out HERE. You might have better luck than I did.

A Perfume Organic

I’m obsessed lately with blissmo, it’s a group buy site that emails you a daily deal (a’la Groupon, Living Social etc.) but with an eco-friendly vibe. (You can sign up to have the daily savers sent to you HERE.) Anyway, they had one a while back before I was signed up that I missed, but I’m still dying to try it. It’s from a company called A Perfume Organic founded by NYC-based Amanda Walker whose background in big cosmetics combined with a love for perfume and healthy lifestyle led her on a journey to formulate scents made with USDA certified botanicals made right here in the U.S.A.

Her scents are always free of acetone (yes, it’s in perfumes), pesticides, and other chemicals, but perhaps the best thing is that the perfumes are feminine and fresh – not at all the musky patchouli you might expect. Green is the name of their signature scent which is described as a juicy herbal, I’m excited to try that along with Urban Organic – a bourbon and basil laced citrus. Sounds yummy right?

They have free shipping, so I’m picking up this $22 sample kit so I can try all 5 scents.

***UPDATE*** See what I thought of my samples HERE

Perfect Gifts, Yummy Scents, Chic Packaging; The New Crabtree & Evelyn Has Arrived

Crabtree & Evelyn has new lines, new scents, and a feminine-chic aesthetic that looks as decadent as it feels on the skin. I’m still carefully using their now retired Skin Polishing Ritual, a unique scrub that could easily pass for a $200 body treatment in a high-end spa, it’s magic. I was really excited to see their new, spirited, eye-catching lines with a youthful spin on some classic scents.

I’ve been keeping their Citron Honey & Coriander Body Scrub right next to my kitchen hand soap. It’s where I wash my hands the most so after cooking a meal they look about 10 years older than they should. Hand exfoliation is key in keeping them youthful looking, and this pretty reminder keeps my mitts ultra soft and smelling like heaven with a carefully crafted just-right citron scent isn’t too sweet or lemony.

I’m a lover of rose, but particular about the scent itself. I like it to be authentic and light without a manufactured fake smell that’s all too common. I’ve been placing a few drops of their Rosewater Home Fragrance Oil into a warmer then I open up a few windows, and let a nice breeze in. It’s an airy, delicate scent that can freshen up the house with only a few drops.

I’m saving the best for last you know. This Lily Eu De Toilette is absolutely incredible. I’m not even a big fan of lily in general, but this body spray is exactly what I was looking for at Jo Malone a few weeks back, but never found. It’s a light floral that’s easy to wear solo or layer with the fragrances I have. It also has a wear time that rivals my pure perfumes so the scent is fresh all day long.

Crabtree & Evelyn