Purr by Katy Perry Appearance (Photos)

I can’t get enough of these close-up images of Katy Perry from her March 11th appearance at the Douglas flagship store in Cologne, Germany for her new fragrance Purr. I’m a big fan of her makeup which is usually a straight glamour look  with a twist – this time being a bright fuchsia lip. Although she is a fan of full coverage foundation, if you enlarge the top pic you can see how flawless her skin is under there. Looks like the Proactiv is working!

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She doesn’t look as… um, busty as she usually does.

Can I have that desk when you’re through using it? I have a purple obsession.

Purr by Katy Perry

Michael Kors Very Hollywood Parfum is Pure Liquid Sex

I receive a lot of fragrance samples, but I review very few. Your signature sent is something really personal and it’s difficult to convey the feeling that a fragrance brings through words on a screen. However, I had to tell you about Michael Kors Very Hollywood which I love for its all-out feminine, pink, sparkling, light-hearted sweetness. It’s unapologetically feminine right down to the packaging.

I knew I was a fan right away, but would it pass the ultimate test – my hubby? Although he isn’t particular in this arena, he lets me know when something knocks his socks off. Every singe time I’ve worn it he tells me I smell good, and not just ‘hey, you smell good’ either. It’s a kind of primal eye-opening attention getter, like I’ve slathered on pure pheromones and paraded through a frat party naked type of thing. It’s liquid man-magnet, a home run. This one might just be a keeper.

Michael Kors Very Hollywood

Estée Lauder Sensuous Noir

I don’t typically write about fragrance, scents are so personal and once you find a perfume you like you typically stick with it for years. Case in point, my half-full bottle of Jovan White Musk, a mainstay in my bathroom, even if I don’t wear it daily its nostalgia factor alone has earned it a spot in my cabinet forever. My loyalty, however, doesn’t keep my nose from wandering from time to time trying to find my next favorite way to smell.

I fell in love with Estée Lauder’s Sensuous Noir bottle long before Lauder sent me a tiny purse-sized sample to try, its sleek, rounded purple bottle was enough to make me fall in love with the look of it alone. Right when I spritzed it on, I could feel how warm and sexy this scent was. It has a spicy richness about it with a touch of créme so it isn’t too heavy. I looked over its notes; Molten Woods – ok, Creme Noir – great, Night Blooming Florals – fine, Patchouli – wait a minute… Patchouli? Yuk. How could I love something with Patchouli in it? From what I can tell, it warms up the scent but somehow remains undetectable (thank God).

Although I’m not at all easily wowed by fragrances (they all kinda smell the same), Sensuous is a totally unique, sexy, addictive fragrance that begs to be warn over and again. My bottle of Jovan may have just found a new buddy.

Sensuous Noir

genie-s – You Should Have This

There are few things I love more than a really good idea. I wish I’d thought up a genie-s, a really cool refillable atomizer that will allow you to carry around (and easily travel with) your favorite fragrance. It works like this…

Start with your perfume and pop off the sprayer to reveal the white plastic tip.

Here’s it is!
It has an opening on the bottom just for filling, nothing leaks out. 
I thought it would make a total mess, but with just a few pumps the perfume wooshed inside without any leakage. Oh, that’s eyeliner on my thumb not dirt, my hands typically look like I was just changing oil.

Damn thing, yes gravity still applies at my house – the picture wouldn’t rotate so the liquid looks  like it’s all on the side. Anyhoo, it took just a few seconds to fill. Super cool.

I love solutions that are inexpensive ($12) and make life so much easier. I filled it up and threw it in my travel bag so it’s always on hand when I’m packing without even thinking about it. It’s just one of those things that every woman should have.

You’ll find it HERE

Summertime Scents

Even if you aren’t changing your entire beauty routine for the summer, most women do change up the fragrance they wear for the hotter months. Musky, heavy scents take a back seat to lighter, sheer florals. Opting for a body spray or a scented lotion are good light options too, but if you like the staying power of a perfume, I have a couple that are summertime approved.

Esteé Lauder Pleasures Bloom

I am a fan of the classic (it was the first ‘grown up’ fragrance I bought that didn’t have a body spray version available in a can), but I like this one a little bit better. Pleasures Bloom smells like a sparkling, delicate, sweeter version of the original that you can spray for days and not over-do.

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne

More than once I’ve complimented someone on their uniquely sweet, but not powerful scent which turns out to be Lime Basil & Mandrin from Jo Malone. I know it sounds more like a salad dressing recipe than something you’d spray on your body, but the combination works . It’s light, zesty, and fresh – perfect for hot summer days when smelling fresh trumps smelling perfume-y.

Stella McCartney Stella

Although I do like to switch it up, I’ve been wearing Stella for years now. It’s a blend of soft rose and amber that’s intoxicating. I always get compliments on it – I think it’s because it works with my body chemistry, I can’t even smell it once it’s on anymore.

Light Summer Fragrances with Estee Lauder Pleasures Jasmine Violet Splash and Pure White Linen Pink Coral

Everything gets lighter when the temperatures soar- makeup, the weight of clothing fabric, even fragrances. Just the weighty feeling of having too much anything on you somehow makes the temperatures just seem unbearable. Every summer I switch to a lighter sheer floral scent or body spray, the kind that lingers when you walk by and everyone asks what you’re wearing.

Pleasures Jasmine Violet Splash (limited edition) is a fresh twist on the popular Pleasures line which now includes several variations of the classic floral scent. I was so enchanted by the light scent, I sprayed it into my curtains so I could enjoy it when the breeze blew in.

8.1oz $52.00, Estee Lauder locations worldwide and EsteeLauder.com

Pure White Linen Pink Coral is the color pink in a bottle; vanilla, jasmine, cherry blossom, and apple blossom are among the sweet scents in this frosted bottle that give this fragrance a feel that’s both light and crisp. A winner for any woman who likes subtle scents with a little kick.

1oz $39.50, Estee Lauder locations worldwide and EsteeLauder.com

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