Pore-Clogging Ingredients

My super fantastic and talented aesthetician Tjaden Lotito of the Skin Studio in Wash Park here in Denver found this incredible new line that’s specifically for acne. It’s called Face Reality which I haven’t tried so I can’t vouch for the products themselves, but she did share with me a listing they have of pore-clogging ingredients.

If you tend to breakout or have sensitive skin and can’t seem to figure out what to avoid that could be making it worse, here is their master list of top skin offenders that could make the problem worse.

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Click HERE to see the list on their site, and HERE to learn about their line for breakout-prone skin.

Dr. Oz Presents; An Ultimate Beauty Day

Does how you live affect the way you look? Absolutely. You remember the Twin Study I posted a while back, it’s the perfect example of the life you live showing up on your face. We know what not to do (smoke, tan, eat poorly) in order to look great, but what should we be doing exactly? Dr. Oz outlines a full day offering tips on how to get your body healthy and beautiful from the inside out.

You can read it HERE on Oprah.com.

Gross Ingredients Hidden in Beauty Products from TotalBeauty.com

There has been a lot of chatter lately about what ingredients are ‘safe’ to have in cosmetics. While that chatter roars on, TotalBeauty.com looked at 13 ingredients placed in skin care that were, well, just gross. Placenta in skin cream for instance, or human breast milk in soap. Who would even make that, or better yet, who volunteers to be milked for soap production?

Anyway, you can see the entire listing right HERE

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Best and Worst Body Firming Products

TotalBeauty.com has the scoop on the best and worst body firming cremes HERE

Looks like the drugstore brands may give better results than the more expensive ones on average…

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Tips for Easy, Natural Makeup

If there’s one thing I love to teach women, it’s how to apply easy, natural looking makeup. Adding just a little color to the face can make huge changes and erase years. Check out TotalBeauty.com who has some great tips on getting pretty makeup in a flash right HERE

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Sukí Advanced, Organic Skin Care

A line that has 10% Vitamin C serums, peels, and skin care that relieves cystic acne, eczema, and aging skin may not seem unusual, but when you consider how Sukí achieves clinically-proven results, you might think twice.

Sukí carefully crafted a complete line without these common ingredients that are used in place of the plants, flowers, and fruit extracts which have been used to treat the skin for hundreds of years. The use science to formulate Earth-based ingredients that make positive changes in the skin.

Their website is information disguised as art, it’s beautifully done and brings to life an understanding of what their products can do for your specific skin type. One of my favorites is their Balancing Day Lotion ($32) for all skin types- even breakout-prone, and sensitive. Its consistency packs more of a punch than a usual lotion, and my skin drinks it right in.

Even though it seems like it would make the problem worse, using their Moisture-Balancing ($30) oil on skin that’s troubled or oily can slow (or even stop) excess oil production to eliminate unwanted shine and even breakouts.

For skin that’s mature or is showing some signs of aging, their award-winning Renewal Bio-Resurfacing Facial Peel uses plant-based enzymes along with vitamin c to exfoliate dull skin while creating a bright, new complexion. It’s a one-of-a-kind because of its effectiveness using an ingredient lineup that’s clean and green.

You can learn more about Sukí and purchase products HERE on their site.

It’s also sold HERE at SaffronRouge.com