I (Still) Love LUSH Solid Shampoo Bars..

As you can imagine, I have a lot of stuff. My house is a virtual Sephora filled with every beauty product imaginable waiting on me to sample, approve, and blog the results. Admittedly, it’s the best job ever.

It isn’t until I’m *gasp* out of something completely that I think about what I’d buy with my hard earned cash, something that gets the job done for the best value. What I’ve discovered is that when I need to buy a shampoo, it’s typically a Shampoo Bar from Lush. I’ve tried almost all of them but my fav is the Godiva because it gets foamy, but not overly so and it doesn’t leave any trace of residue. I don’t love the jasmine scent, but it mostly fades away yielding only a slight pouf of floral goodness from a quick head toss from time to time which I can live with.

For $10, it’s hard to beat this travel-friendly little bar that cleanses and softens hair beautifully.


Now you know I love me some Costco, especially their health and beauty section that rivals most department stores for their high-end products and much lower prices. Next time you’re there pick up some Sebamed, a totally unassuming cult fav for pH balanced skin basics. I prefer their Moisturizing Cream over Cetaphil’s to calm sensitized skin and not just deliver moisture. If Sebamed’s modest packaging makes you a little unsure of its efficacy, browse their glowing reviews at drugstore.com or the ones at amazon.com, which is what I typically do before dive into a line I don’t know much about. But if you really want proof of their popularity, just look at their signature Liquid Face & Body Wash or Everyday Shampoo, both offered in huge 1 Liter sizes. If you have a big family or just really want a good deal, this is one of those perfect all-in-one things that you stick in the shower for all to use (and enjoy.)

Glisten Hair Charms

I’m not a fan of hair feathers, or the pieces of tinsel that started the decorative hair trend a few years back, but these new Glisten Hair Charms are kinda cool. Now I don’t know if it’s something I’d rock personally, but I’d rather see sets of pretty crystals over bright pink feathers in someone’s hair any day of the week. Check out the video and decide; are you a hair charm kinda girl?

Trend Watch: Hair Feathers

Remember last year’s Bling Strand trend, those threads of tinsel that would catch light  in hair a’la Adrienne Maloof? Well, that’s so over. Tinsel has been quickly replaced  by feathers thanks to stars like Stephen Tyler and Ke$ha who are seen rockin the look.

The only man alive who can resonably wear feathers in his hair.
Ke$ha. Nothing she wears surprises me.

If it’s not a subtle statement you’re looking to make with your hair, you an check out the colorful hair accessories right HERE. My question though is are they synthetic or are they real? If so how are they harvested? If they’re plucked from the birds, then count me out.


I just heard about a great new website that has an Overstock meets Drugstore.com feel called Stockn’Go. It’s a huge selection of hair and skincare offered at a discount, you can check it out HERE.

Katy Perry , David La Chapelle, and GHD

I’m in love with these beautiful images of Katy Perry styled by Johnny Wujek and shot by the legendary David La Chapelle for her new campaign with GHD, the creators of hair straighteners and styling products. They created 3 looks..

Boho Chic

New Wave

They even made some great vids on how to get each look- like Boho Chic one  HERE.