Katy Perry , David La Chapelle, and GHD

I’m in love with these beautiful images of Katy Perry styled by Johnny Wujek and shot by the legendary David La Chapelle for her new campaign with GHD, the creators of hair straighteners and styling products. They created 3 looks..

Boho Chic

New Wave

They even made some great vids on how to get each look- like Boho Chic one  HERE.

Who knew a fashion show with wigs could be so much fun? Charlie Le Mindu rocked it out on the runway giving an otherwise dull category his signature touch.

Photo Credit: Getty
Photo Credit: Getty
I’m wearing this one right now.

Not into wearing a gas mask infused wig? Doesn’t matter because that isn’t the point, the point is to get our attention and put him on our radar. Mission accomplished.

You can see more fun photos from the show HERE


2010; Year of the Brunette

In recent years, blondes have ruled the celebrity roost. Marilyn, Madonna, Britney, Reese, it seems a first name is all you need when you’re a fair-haired beauty. In 2010 though, the brunettes came back with a vengeance – you know who I’m talking about…

Sandra Bullock:

It all started with her big Oscar win which flowed quickly into the meltdown of her worthless seemingly supportive husband and subsequent divorce, then finally she settled into her best role to date – mommy. I don’t know anyone who wasn’t cheering for Sandy to come out on top.

Photo Credit: DailyMakeover.com

Kim Kardashian

Even if you don’t own a TV, you know Kimmy K, and you’re lying if you say she isn’t drop dead beautiful. This girl is totally working the new rules of celebrity; first become famous, then make money from said fame. Looks like the only thing she hasn’t tackled is becoming a pop star, oh wait…never mind.

Photo Credit: Idolator.com

Kate Middleton

She not only wore the dress that caused an international riot, but she also proved that patience is more than a virtue when waiting years for her prince paid off. She’s young, down-to-earth, composed, and in-demand as ever.

Photo Credit: SassyHongKong.com

Jersey Shore Cast

They’re ratings gold and reportedly raking in up to $20,000 each for appearances, all without a blonde in sight.

TSA Approved Beauty Essentials

Happy New Year!

They say some 35% of people intend on traveling from now until the end of February to catch some post-holiday sun and relaxation. If you’re lucky enough to get away this winter, here are a few TSA-friendly finds that will hopefully make packing the least stressful part of your trip.

Evolution of Smooth, or eos as it’s known, is the most fun you’ll ever have using a lip balm. It’s a 95% certified organic paraben free formula with an application like no other. It’s a dome of balm that I twist onto my puckered lips and wiggle back and forth a bit until I can feel it’s worked in. Their twist apart design ensures that you don’t have to come close to touching anything inside (yuk airport germs), and since the entire balm is exposed it’s a snap to sanitize.

I’ve been carrying around a space-saving (about 2 inches in diameter) shea butter based Coola Hand Lotion Bar in my bag recently. Solid lotion bars are so concentrated that just a few swipes will do, without a hint of greasiness left behind.

I’ve had to check a bag because of my skin care, you might be able to relate? Murad has the cutest travel sized skin care in their new Sun Undone kit. You’ll get a Cleanser, Active Radiance Serum, SPF 30 Moisturizer, and Spot Lightening Gel with Vitamin C and Hydraquinone to lighten and brighten sun spotting and acne scaring so you can treat and repair your skin on the road.

It makes no sense to take along your regular sized shampoo and conditioner, but buying a small Pert Plus at the drugstore isn’t all that appealing either. Caviar by Alterna is one of the most popular hair collections of all time, known as the first anti-aging hair care. This Caviar travel kit is a popular pick complete with the iconic shampoo and conditioner, a mini hairspray and their new Overnight Rescue Treatment to renew and de-stress overworked hair while you sleep.

Airports = germs. I am obsessed with the new Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Cream from Clean. It’s an instant hand sanitizer disguised as a hand cream with 4 hours of germ defense. It leaves skin feeling neutral, not overly moisturized with no scent whatsoever.

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

Liz Earle, home of one of the best cleansers ever made is now giving hair care a whirl. I get a lot of hair care to sample, most of it is okay, largely spin offs of the same thing over and over, but this one is fantastic and couldn’t have come at a better time.

I was just off of a horrible experience where my hair fell out because of a shampoo/conditioner combo I was testing and I was a little leery about trying something else new (as you can imagine.) But my memory is short so I jumped right into using these two immediately (precisely the mentality that led to my hair loss.) Luckily this all-natural line delivers again with a perfect Botanical Shine Shampoo formulated to gently cleanse all hair types using Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and Essential Oils like Orange and Rosemary. You use just a dab because it’s ultra concentrated so this tube will last a long time. I really like its ability to clean completely without stripping softness away.

Of their 3 conditioner offerings, I used the one for dry and damaged hair (falling out is considered damaged right?) I gently work it into the lower half of my hair while  separating my strands so it gets an even drink. This stuff is miraculous.  Truly. It’s so softening but still allows my hair to retain some bounce and volume. Its ingredient listing looks like that of a recipe; apple, lemon, carrot, vanilla. It smells so yummy and fresh without the slightest scent of hippie.

It’s a U.K-based company but I believe their shipping to the U.S is just $7, well worth it especially if you’re getting a few things.

California Sues Brazilian Blowout Over Safety Concerns

I knew that some salons pulling the product was just the beginning…

Looks like the California Attorney General is suing Brazilian Blowout for not disclosing the use of formaldehyde in its ‘free of chemicals’ marketing literature. There are no disclosures inside the treatment for handling safety or who (if anyone) should be exempt from receiving the treatment.

Click HERE for a video report from ABC7 in San Francisco where they show stylists giving the treatment to informed clients with both wearing gas masks.