My Hair Is STILL Falling Out: Living Proof Haircare & Sibu to the Rescue

Of course I’ve totally fallen in love with Living Proof haircare – it’s expensive and I have to go to Ulta or Sephora to get it. However it’s one of those rare lines I want to shout from the rooftop about because it’s so crazy good. It’s magic, a game changer in the industry, and something you should try. In the short time I’ve used it my static is gone, my hair looks fuller, and I have to remind myself when it’s been 3 days to wash it because it always looks (and smells!) freshly washed. Their technology is so advanced that their shampoos help hair to repel dirt and oil so it stays cleaner longer and the conditioners improve hair’s health over time. This stuff isn’t just to wash and style, it’s a long term solution to get your hair healthy and looking great.


And speaking of hair…

Mine is totally falling out still. In huge clumps. Everyday for 4 months. Last time (meaning last time I had a baby which was just a year and a half ago) it fell out for 6 months. It was just starting to grow back when I got pregnant again so it never fully recovered which makes this current loss even worse.

Here’s a shot of me from last weekend (left) and one from just a few years ago. Such a difference in the texture, sheen, and thickness of my hair. You can see around my part how thick it once was. *Sigh*


Instead of relying on topical treatments alone, I’m also starting to take Sea Buckthorn from Sibu – the makers of that oil I use on my face. Their liquid supplement and Cellular Support with Omega 7 softgels both use sea buckthorn berry which is naturally rich in vitamins and omegas to nourish skin and promote growth of hair and nails. Ever since Dr Oz talked about its ability to signal the body to stop storing fat- making it a natural weight loss aid of sorts- sea buckthorn has become hugely popular.

So, longer hair, healthy skin, strong nails, and it melts fat? It’s like Gisele in a bottle. Bottoms up.


The Simple Thing You Can Do to Take 10 Years off Your Face

Set aside a few minutes to read this article about a woman who shed years from her face in just 1 month by upping her water intake. Those of you who don’t drink enough will be inspired to take before and after pics and try the very same.


4th of July 5k Run

Over the 4th while you were hopefully sleeping in or having a breakfast filled with mimosas, I squeezed into my workout gear and high tailed it over with Mike and Harper for a neighborhood 5k run.

I understand that this is a totally unremarkable feat for most but considering (excuse alert!) I haven’t ran in at least 2 years and I’m almost 6 months pregnant, it was a somewhat big deal. Mike was totally surprised when I even brought up the possibility of running it and immediately jumped online to get us registered. Well shit. ‘Now I have to do it’ was my only thought. Since Mike runs marathons, short races like these aren’t interesting to him, but he was so excited that I wanted to do it and we could take Harper who loves being in her stroller. Family run on a beautiful day right?

Um no. Although I’m not huge (yet) I’ve of course gained weight and I could really feel those extra pounds I was dragging. It’s like on The Biggest Loser at the end when they make the contestants strap on all the weight they lost and run around. That’s how I felt even though it really wasn’t even in the realm of that at all. Anyway, running is hard. And although I walk 2-3 miles most days with the baby (I’m most comfortable when I’m moving these days), it’s still not the type of endurance you need for running, especially the mental aspect of being uncomfortable but keeping up the pace anyway. It makes me really appreciate Mike’s daily runs and marathons, I can’t imagine enduring that type of discomfort for hours and 26 miles! I know this wasn’t an Ironman or anything people, but it was hard for me ok?

So, we ran. while the baby looked around and made her sweet little sing songs as we call them, and Mike talked the whole time which always pisses me off because I’m dying and he’s totally fine. But it was fun and I’m glad I did it.

Here we are are before and then finishing. My hair flying around makes me look so fast so I kept it down.

I think I’m done running for the rest of this pregnancy, the ecliptic and walking suit me just fine, but I love our little family doing active things together. It’s exactly who we want to be.


What is Cupping?

While this Jennifer Aniston pic circulates, so does talk of cupping and what it’s all about. The pic below her is of me several years ago when I first tried cupping treatments that would often supplement my Accupuncture. It’s used to treat pain, better circulation, and to just keep the general flow of energy in the body moving. My treatments were for my lower back which was trashed from hunching over too much while doing makeup.

A flame is quickly lit into the glass cup before the cup is put on your skin to create the suction. Your skin rises inside the cup as it reacts to the suction which doesn’t hurt at all. It’s this suction that improves the blood flow and energy as the cups stay on the skin for 10ish minutes. Check out this short vid which shows in more detail what it’s all about.

Cupping isn’t too pricey either, I remember it was around $20 added on to the price of Accupuncture, so on its own I can’t imagine it world be too much more.

My facialist does facial cupping (see here) to increase the circulation in the skin. It’s less intense (no fire!) than traditional cupping but you can often see rosier, healthy skin right after you’re finished. (Click here for a facial cupping vid.)

Cupping has been around since 3000 BC so it’s not something new. Find out more about cupping and its many uses here to see if it’s something that might help you.



Best Cleanses for Detoxing

Happy New Year! I’m sure you’ll be trying, like me, to undo a little too much festive eating whether it’s dropping a few pounds or just getting back to eating in a more healthful way. Detoxing is a great way to give your system a much needed rest. When you’re eating all the time (and eating things that take a lot of effort to digest) your body is focused only on digestion and not important things like healing. Instead of doing something mindless like starving yourself or boycotting bread, check out these cleanses that focus on overall health and wellness and not just a short term fix.

A quick Google of the Clean Program yields countless celeb endorsements from Gwyneth to Demi touting its 21-day reboot to better health. I did the cleanse a few years back and plan to do it again when I’m through nursing. It’s simple as can be offering smoothies in the morning and night with a light lunch and supplements to help your body clear out toxins. The very best part is the support you get from the Clean team. In all of my years blogging and working with countless companies, the Clean team were hands down the nicest people I’ve worked with to date. They believe so strongly in Dr. Junger and Clean that they don’t just offer support by way of phone, email, and a huge online community of over 42,000 members, they love talking you through the process and giving encouragement. I thought their help was as valuable as the cleanse itself which I wouldn’t have done without expert supervision. Check out their comprehensive site or just call them and get all of your questions answered to see if it’s a good option for you.

dr junger

Juicing is a good way to fill your body with much needed phytonutrients. I loved this movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (which you can watch HERE for free). It’s so inspiring to see these two men fight to get their health back and it’s pretty amazing to see how much can change when you fill your body with good things.

fat sick and nearly dead

Earth Day Extravaganza!

For Earth week, I’ll feature beauty products that are free of all the nasty things we’re trying to use less of. In the meantime, here are a few Earth-friendly products I use every day that are as efficient as they are green.


Boasting only 12 plant based ingredients, Ecover preserves your colors as well as your skin.


This was probably the hardest find for me on my quest for protection sans aluminum chlorohydrate, I used so many brands that just didn’t cut it. So here’s the thing, there is no such thing as a ‘natural antiperspirant’ since they’re comprised of a chemical that clogs your sweat glands. Nature’s Gate Deodorant Stick is simply a deodorant meant to keep that bacteria away that is the actual cause of the odor. At first I found that I did sweat a little more, but my body quickly regulated itself and now I stay dry all day long.


Getting used to a natural toothpaste is a little tricky, they taste so blah at first. Try it for a week and then go back to whatever you were using and it tastes so sickeningly sweet that you won’t return. Surprisingly, toothpaste has some of the nastiest stuff in it that you wouldn’t believe. I’ve tried most of the Tom’s line, but I really like the Whole Care Gel in Spearmint the best.


Seventh Generation Free & Clear Natural Fabric Softener gets its softening power from canola. Another bonus for those with sensitized skin that tends to be red and itchy, using this softener completely free of dyes, fragrances and petroleum might actually send rough skin packing.