Makeup Before and After: A Perfect Example of Why Not to Cover Up Freckles

Another day, another beautiful bride. Here’s a recent trial run with the low down on her look.

before and after


I combined a nude liner with tipsy, a LipSurgence light coral gloss from tarte to make her lips look a little fuller. These shiny glosses get a lot of use in my kit especially for girls who aren’t die-hard lipstick wearers but still need some color and shine.

tarte gloss


Just two days after Hourglass sent their Ambient Lighting Palette to me, I tossed out 4 other highlighters I was carrying in my kit. This one is incredible and all I’ll need. It’s this fine powder that isn’t heavy or shiny looking, almost  like a movie effect, or an Instagram filter, or a dusting of Photoshop for your real life face. Use it on cheekbones or wherever you’d like to highlight, since it’s so light it’s tough it over-do. Here I dusted some along her cheekbones so you can just see a glimpse of it from a forward facing angle. It’s a must-try for those looking for an instant boost to their complexion.



Her slight discoloration around the eyes was easily zapped using Miracle Skin Transformer’s Treat & Conceal concealer. I’ve used it off and on in my kit, but I’m personally on my 3rd tube since discovering it years ago on a California trip. I was having some issues with the concealer I’d been using for years attracting powder to it (shadows) thus causing darkness under the eyes about 20 minutes after I’d finished an application. The best thing about Treat & Conceal is its consistency which feels like a whipped primer – not heavy or overly creamy so it settles into skin quickly and completely leaving the surface feeling like there’s nothing there.



I never cover freckles. They’re adorable and such a big part of what makes someone look like ‘them,’ but it also adds some color so if you do try to erase them you’ll just end up looking pale. I use Koh Gen Do’s Maifanshi Moisture Foundation a ton because it makes skin look better, and not like a mask. This is a perfect example of evening out the skin without over-doing it to death. That’s why this is a great pro foundation and everyday choice too.

koh gen do

Make Your Own Touche Éclat With LORAC Oil-Free Luminizer

Of course I love YSL’s Touche Éclat, who doesn’t? For those who don’t know- it’s a concealer that’s a cult fave among celebs and Makeup Artists alike for the radiant glow it gives the skin – it marries luminosity with coverage. That said, I’m not paying $40 a pop for their little wind-up applicator that I’d go through in a month. What I’ve been using in my kit for years is Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in White Pearl that I mix with an eye concealer which gives the exact same effect as Touche Éclat. But I’m out of the Becca shimmer. And it’s $41.

Luckily I ran out around the same time as a Hautelook sale on LORAC rolled around, so I picked up  their version for $10. It’s an oil-free luminizer in the same pearly shade as Becca’s that I’ve been mixing into concealer to use under the eyes. A huge benefit in doing this is so I can use a heavier concealer that would otherwise look chalky to get the coverage without the heavy look or weight. It has been working great- making the eyes look so much more awake and vibrant. They say you can mix it in with foundation, but I never do. Dab it along cheekbones or mix it in with body lotion or a liquid bronzer to give skin a healthy glow. It’s one of those versatile things that you end up using way more often than you’d think.

It’s still on sale now HERE at for $10 which probably means it’s being discontinued so grab one soon before the sale (and the luminizer!) are done.


Jouer Luminizing Body Glow

After working with many faces over the years that have spent too much time in the sun, SPF is my BFF at all times. Because of that, I look like an extra from Twilight. It’s fine, I don’t often wear things that show a lot of skin but from time to time when I dare to dangle a little flesh out there I always use something to give my skin a little glow. Bronzers are fine, but sometimes look obvious and can rub off on clothes (or worse- the baby) so I’ve been using a really pretty Body Glow from Jouer. It has tiny flecks of gold and a subtle hue that gives skin a grown up glow that’s appropriate for day or night on declote, arms, and legs. Best of all is its yummy scent of gardenia, jasmine, and honeysuckle that’s subtle but really sexy. Check it-

A little dab goes a long way but to stretch its usage even further mix it with your favorite body oil for a glossy sheen. Over the summer I liked to use it with Hawaiian Tropic’s old school body oil so I smelled like flowers at the beach even though I was home in my sweats doing laundry. It’s the little things…

EYE M GLAM by Giella & Mario Dedivanovic

Last week I shared this vid from a workshop given by Mario Dedivanovic. I also mentioned one of his most loved products (that he himself custom blended) – EYE M GLAM, the super highlighting powder he developed with Giella and uses often.

I ordered. I tried. I like.

At first glance it’s just another warm toned highlighter, but it has an exceptionally fine texture with a balanced amount of pigment so it’s incredibly versatile and easy to wear. Its strength lies with its ability to morph into whatever texture you need. I like mixing a shot of it into my Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer so it has a greater intensity and staying power. I’ve also mixed in a dab with foundation to highlight cheek bones so it blends into the skin and doesn’t just sit on top – it makes for a more  subtle highlight.

Both a pro and a con is the larger jar. I had to break it down into 2 smaller jars for my own use as well as my professional kit so it didn’t take up too much space. I felt like I got my $40 worth, but I’d rather see it in a smaller container at a smaller price.

Click to enlarge


Mario Dedivanovic and Eye M Glam Highlighter

Mario Dedivanovic is the hot Makeup Artist of the moment thanks largely to his BFF Kim Kardashian who co-stars in his YouTube vids as his palette showing how he creates her signature smokey eyes. He’s talented, and so mesmerizing to watch. The vid below is from a recent workshop he gave to fellow Makeup Artists yearning to learn his technique.

What he’s using in the vid (and says he uses often) is Eye M Glam, a highlighter he’s using on her lids to make them sparkle. I just ordered it ($40 with shipping) and I hope it’s worth its price tag considering I love the buckets of highlighters I already own. See, even I fall for it- my wallet was out before I finished the video.

Eye M Glam

Tarte: Smooth Operator Illuminating Serum & LipSurgence

There was an Ulta right outside my yoga studio in CA, dangerous right? I’d stop in totally exhausted and sweaty from time to time and of course something usually caught my eye. To catch my eye is one thing, to move me to purchase quite another. For a few totally unique gems from Tarte though, it was an easy call.

You know I’m an illuminator fiend, especially when I find one like this that strikes the perfect balance of creating a special glow to the skin without looking glittery or frosty. Used on its own, Smooth Operator Illuminating Serum gives skin a fresh glow, used as a primer the Amazonian Clay absorbs oil for a longer foundation wear time, mixed in with foundation it boosts the look of radiancy.

Here’s a peek.

It’s a light to medium shade that blends into skin well. Deeper skin tones would want to mix it in or use as a primer.
See what I mean? It just gives some glow without a hint of sparkle for grown up radiance. 

I’m also a sucker for anything that goes on the lips, so I grabbed a LipSurgence twist up lip stain.  It’s an almost gel-like consistency that has a sheerness about it, a good pick for a lipstick-phobe who wants color without weight.  I’ve been using mine almost like a balm since it moisturizes well and isn’t sticky.

Crayon applicator with a twist up, no sharpening needed.

Shown in Charmed, a just-right pink that isn’t too Barbie. Just the color boost I needed.

Check out all things Tarte at HERE