Smashbox Spring 11′ Collection; In Bloom

I’m loving In Bloom, the spring collection from Smashbox that is filled with feminine, flirty, cheery shades that will slowly draw you in until you’ve nabbed the whole collection up.

I’m mostly obsessed with their Creamy Cheek Duo, one of the best cheek cremes I’ve ever used. Its sheerness allows you to build up mistake-proof color that’s flushy, natural, an super sexy. I’ve been dabbing a bit on my lips too for an easy monochromatic look, just add a few swipes of mascara and that’s all you need for an easy weekend look.

If you liked their Artificial Light lotion, then you’ll love the new powder version. A small, spongy applicator allows for precise application to the brow bone, cheeks, and your eye’s inner corners for a perfectly balanced sheen that tops off any look.

Check out this vid from Smashbox Lead Artist Lori Taylor who shows you how to get a look that’s In Bloom and just right for spring.

Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation & Argan Illuminizer

Josie Maran has quickly become known for her stellar Argan Oil which is starring in several new offerings like the beautifully simple Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation, an elegantly textured ‘smart’ foundation that manages to morph into your skin’s shade. For those who often feel overwhelmed choosing the right color of foundation, you’ll love your 2 choices; Light/Medium or Medium/Dark. It doesn’t seem like it would work out, but when a friend and I with drastically different skin tones both tried it, we looked as if we were wearing custom chosen shades. It’s a light serum that has medium coverage and a pretty, glowy finish. Great for sallow skin that might need a youthful boost.

Although I didn’t get any shots of the foundation on, I did get a few IPhone candids of her new Argan Illuminizer which I loved. The only reason I didn’t buy it is because I already own/use so many illuminators that you can probably see my face via Google Earth.  Ah, it’s a good one though.

It’s sheer, with a hint of bronze and packed with Argan Oil goodness. That’s her FYI on the right.
A look at a generous application so you can see the finish. Beautiful on cheek bones or mixed in with your foundation.

There are a few more things from the line I’m dying to try Argan Self Tanner anyone?), look for more Josie to come.

e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whip; Highlight Skin for $1

I’m totally impressed by e.l.f’s Shimmering Facial Whip, a tube of lightly shimmered cream to highlight cheeks and eyes. I have Lilac Petal, a champagne-neutral that doesn’t turn  ashy on the skin, but Pink Lemonade is the Allure Mag award winning color. The formula isn’t too shimmery or the lest bit sparkly, it gives its more expensive counterparts some stiff competition to rev up the skin with a beautiful glow. Oh, and I mentioned it’s just $1 right? Totally worth checking out.

e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whip

Highlight Lips, Eyes, and Cheeks with Laura Mercier’s Radiant Créme Cheek Colour

I talk a lot about adding radiance to the skin, it’s an important technique to learn because it adds a glow that’s healthy and young looking. Every woman should own something that gives radiance or highlights the skin. I’m still using Laura Mercier’s Radiant Créme Cheek Colour compact on my lids, cheeks, and inner corners of my eyes. It’s a creme to powder texture that stays in place and gives a glow to the skin without being too creamy which can tend to look greasy.

For normal to dry skin, rub a little of the peachy or berry color on the apples of your cheeks before applying foundation. You’ll notice a subtle hint of glow that you’ll want  daily. If you tend to be more on the oily side, chances are you don’t want any extra shine. Use the gold color in the inner corners of your eyes day or night to make your eyes sparkle. You can layer any of the colors on your lids to give powder shadows more dimension, or you can even add a dab to the center of your lips for a stand-out pout.

You’ll find the (limited edition) palette HERE while supplies last.

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Video: Facial Brightening and Highlighting with Carmindy

Bright, well-highlighted skin for me is both a goal and an addiction. Makeup Expert  Carmindy gives a brief tutorial on about getting the skin brightened, lightened, and awake looking using her Sally Hansen Natural Beauty line.

Just remember, if you’re adding a highlighter to the skin make sure your skin is freshly exfoliated. Using a scrub will allow for the highlighter to sit nicely on the face so you get the glow you want minus the uneven splotches. It sounds minor, but it makes all the difference when it comes to skin that’s healthy and glowing.

You’ll find the video HERE!

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Beauty Addicts

Makeup is fun, but it can also be confusing at times. Buying is the easy part but once you get it all home the biggest concern most women have is about putting it all on and having it look harmonious. How do you know that you’re wearing colors that compliment one another on your lips, eyes, and cheeks?

Beauty Addicts understands that women want makeup that’s both fun and straightforward. Their line offers neatly packaged palettes in color stories that go hand in hand to create an entire look without confusion.

Everything in their color line (even the lip liners) coordinate with one of four color families; Glow (icy, and cool), Express (nudes and neutrals), Motivate (berries and plums), and Seduce (sexy and smokey). Find the shades that suit you, and shop within that color family so you’re sure your look is seamless.

Beauty Addicts

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