Josie Maran; Argan Oil, Eye Shadow, Fingerpaints

The popularity of Moroccan Oil has brought argan oil into the limelight, which is odd because women have been using argan oil for centuries on their, hair, skin, nails, babies, and even food. Yup, they eat it. And why wouldn’t they? It’s high in vitamin e, essential fatty acids, and holds up to oxidation better than olive oil.

Even better, argan oil (the authentic stuff) is only made by women . Berber women from west Morocco work by hand to break down the nuts from the argan tree into an raw oil, the purest and most coveted form typically used in skincare. This oil is a one-size-fits-all treatment for the skin, known to benefit dryness, acne, psoriasis, eczema, and wrinkles.

Pre Moroccan Oil madness, Josie Maran learned first hand through her travels how argan oil could directly benefit the skin and decided to put it in her line of cosmetics as well as offer it on its own, the way she’s long been using it.

She even offers a 100% organic Argan Oil (that’s its 1 and only ingredient), and now a new Argan Oil Moisturizing Stick .

Now on to the goods.

She touts her line ‘beauty without baggage’ formulated with natural, organic, paraben-free ingredients that are free of toxins, petrochemicals, and other skin irritants. Not that you’d notice, her chic packaging would never give away the fact that she’s a tree-hugger in disguise, and neither would the makeup’s performance.

Her 20 shades of velvety wet/dry shadows give a strong performance with a glide and blendability you’d expect from a professional line, and her pale pink metallic packaging with generously sized mirrors inside are among the cutest I’ve seen.

Often attempted, but rarely well-executed are her Fingerpaints which make creating her Luminous Face look a snap. These highlighting quads have such a sheer, glowy look to them, you can’t over-do it or get it wrong.

I could go on..

Explore Josie Maran for yourself and find your new beauty go-to in a sea of beauty bliss.

Josie Maran

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Stop and Smell the Roses with; Weleda, The Body Shop, and Sanitas

I think it’s time to take a moment to stop and smell the roes, one of my favorite scents and best loved ingredients with benefits too vast to list. Here are a few products containing this flower of love that smell as great as they work.

Weleda slowly became an obsession, drawing me in with their slick natural-chic packaging, I’d pick something up every now and again shopping at Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage and found their line to be consistently good. Some natural lines don’t pack a moisturizing punch, but their Wild Rose Night Cream nourishes skin overnight with intense moisture and organic rosehip seed oil giving it a beautifully light true rose scent and a visible radiance you’ll wake up loving.

1oz, $30, Natural Markets and Drugstores Nationwide

Rose scented makeup might sound a little hokey, but the Roseflower line from The Body Shop has some real winners. First, their Radiance Stick is a fantastic highlighter for eyes, lips, cheeks, and declote since its non-greasy (almost powdery) formula gives it such versatility with a subtle rose scent. The blush and shadows (also scented) are velvety to the touch with pretty feminine colors and a generous amount of product in each clear (so you can see the rose imprint) compact.

Radiance Stick $11, Eye Colors $7

Sanitas Skincare’s Rose Facial Scrub combines tiny silica crystals (rounded so they don’t hurt the skin) inside of a thick, pink, rose scented creamy cleanser meant to soothe and sweep away dull skin. It’s gentle enough for most skin types and is one of the few exfoliants that doesn’t leave my skin the least bit red or irritated afterward.

5oz, $30, Sold in Spas and Salons Nationwide

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Anastasia Matte Highlighter

Using the Matte Highlighter from Anastasia for the brow segment last Monday on Fox, I realized how dynamic it was.

Since the days of using white shadow to highlight the brow bone are o-v-e-r, a quick swipe of this cream-to-powder stick can create a brow shape even if there really isn’t one and give a little boost using skin tone correct shades. Run it along your brow line giving a more defined look, or use it under lipstick for longer wear. You can also use a bit on your lower lash line to add brightness and look less tired if your mascara runs.

The unique feature here is that it’s matte, which I love. I’m a big fan of leaving the shimmer on the lid and matte only up top. It’s modern and easier to pull off so you don’t inadvertently look like a disco ball.

$21, 6 Shades,, Sephora, Nordstrom

Anastasia Matte Highlighter

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Eye Brighteners

Laura Mercier Eye Brightener

Jane Iredale Active Light

So many women apply makeup for no other reason other than to avoid looking tired. Just the smallest amount of eye brightener under your usual concealer can make the biggest difference in your overall look and diminish tired eyes.

What makes the brighteners unique is the color and added luminosity. Since it’s specifically for the eye area, they have a pinky or peachy hue which assists in disguising the blue tone of dark circles. Luminosity is another added benefit, like in the case of the pens highlighted above, to give a look of brightness and to neutralize dark circles so your concealer won’t have to work so hard. Use the smallest amount on hydrated eyes under concealer.

Hourglass Cosmetics Creme-To-Powder Bronzer Duo

If you’ve yet to try Hourglass Cosmetics, you’re missing out on a fun, fresh, innovative line with beautifully packaged one-of-a-kind products. For those who RSVP ‘no’ to the bronzer party, be ready to change your mind.

2 Silky, lightweight, non-greasy cream pans fill a gorgeous compact with a swiveling mirror. The bronzer seems to just evaporate on the skin allowing for total control and blendability. The highlighter shade is something of an anomaly adding brightness and luminosity to the complexion without a hint of glittery shine found in some highlighters. One quick swipe over the cheeks and face adds subtle radiance, or you can build up the bronze for added glow. You’ll love the color and versatility without a powdery mess or any trace of orange.

Hourglass Cosmetics Creme-To-Powder Bronzer Duo

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector

This incedibly georgous photo was shot by (seriously amazing) Colorado wedding photographer extrodinarre Frances Marron at the Ritz Carlton Denver to highlight their beautifully unique wedding facility.

One of the things I love most about this photo is her absolutely glowing skin. I achieved this look on Anne by mixing 1 part BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl, with 3 parts liquid foundation (M.A.C. Studio Fix Fluid) and just spread it evenly on the face. The result is skin that literally looks glowing and can be used on legs and declote’.

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector