How to Apply False Eye Lashes

Click HERE to watch a video I finally made after being asked about it all the time – how to apply false eye lashes on  yourself. I have a few great tricks that make the process a whole lot easier. Enjoy!

How to Apply Fairy Princess Makeup for Halloween

I’m thinking that there will be a lot of Fairy Princesses knocking on doors for candy this Halloween. It’s always a popular choice with little girls, and 6 year old Rachel is no exception.

Click HERE to see a video on how I created this butterfly to make Rachel’s Fairy Princess costume a little extra special.

Learn How to Apply the Makeup You Have! It’s Learn and Swap Time!

I hope all of you Colorado girls are coming to my beauty event this Thursday that I’m co-hosting with The Swapaholics. You don’t want to miss it!!

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A Beauty Learn and Swap where you bring in all of your makeup, skin care, hair care, nail stuff, and body lotions you no longer use to trade for things you will use.

You’ll also see makeup demonstrations from the experts at my favorite makeup store in Denver, Makeup Mania. They’ll show you how to apply a gorgeous fall look as well as how to find and apply the right concealer (which is a pretty good thing to master).

We’ll also have the amazing Carla Gray on hand to show you how to shape your brows to best flatter your features.

I’ll be there too with my brushes all ready to answer your most pressing beauty questions by showing you how to apply the makeup yourself.


Studio Wed in Denver 4500 West 38th Avenue in Denver.


Me and the lovely swap-stresses from Boston of course, but you can also look forward to yummy food from Steuben’s, delicious cupcakes from Big Fat Cupcake and cocktails (duh?).


This Thursday the 23rd at 5:30


Click HERE to RSVP for the event via Facebook.

I can’t wait to meet you all!

How to Wash Your Brushes

If you’re reading this, you need to wash your brushes. It’s something we all forget to do, even me. I remembered to wash my own personal brushes yesterday because I was already washing the ones from my kit (which I do after every use). What really works for me is washing one or two at a time, just the really dirty ones right after I use them in the morning. You’ll get the worst ones taken care of first, then you’ll develop the pattern of washing brushes more often. I took a few photos of my brush washing session to show you how to really work the makeup out from your brushes.

Jane Iredale’s Brush Shampoo is what I use, but you can also use Baby Shampoo. Squirt a bit into a glass and fill it halfway with warm water.

Swish the brushes around in the soapy water for a few minutes but don’t soak them, you can get too much water into the brushes which ruins them.
An eyeliner brush, one of my worst offenders. Once they have too much product on them they don’t line evenly. Keep them really clean and you’ll have a perfectly straight line every time.

If I’m using a long-wearing or waterproof formula with my brush, it’s harder to work out with the soap alone. I’ll roll the brush tip into a dab of olive oil to work the formula totally out, then use soap after to wash the oily reside away.

All back to normal!

I rub each brush into my palm until it foams, then I put it under running water while rubbing the brush until it comes clean of makeup and soap. Don’t stand your brushes straight up (or else the water will go into them and they’ll crack), just lay them flat overnight and let them air dry.

…And the water afterward.

Dirty brushes aren’t just filled with makeup, they collect the oils from your skin (and dust from the air) which you put back into your makeup. It’s a really gross cycle. Take a few extra seconds and get your brushes as clean as you’d like your skin to be.

How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking

I love this girl.

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What Tattoo? Cover it With Cover FX

Maybe you weren’t thinking of your wedding day when you got that tattoo, but here it is and here you are, all dressed in white with a tattoo that looks out of place against the backdrop of the dress and the day itself. Covering tattoos on brides for their wedding is something I do a lot so having something on hand to make it easy to do saves me time and makes my job a lot easier.

Cover FX skyrocketed in popularity when it was used on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith to cover Angelina Jolie’s tattoos. Their Cover FX Cream Foundation (pictured below) is the  heavy-hitting tattoo cover specialist. Their site shows you what you need to cover not just tattoos, but vitiligo, birthmarks, eczema, and other skin discoloration issues.

I enlisted a volunteer so I could see for myself exactly how well it covers. I used their Foundation under the Cover FX Cream and set it with a little powder.


Although the color wasn’t a spot on match to her skin, you can see that the coverage is considerable enough to disguise the tattoo. Remember to set the creme with a powder for a long-wearing finish that won’t rub off.

Cover FX

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