Still Loving: Jane Iredale PureLash Extender and Conditioner

There are so many products that come and go in my bathroom, but then there are the staples that are as regular to my routine as brushing my teeth. Jane Iredale’s PureLash Extender and Conditioner ranks up there as one of the few things I’ve used daily for 5 years now that I always buy more of when I’m out and never replace with something else. It’s how I plump my lashes everyday under mascara and then I use it again at night on clean lashes to moisturize and protect. It’s a natural formula with beeswax and algae instead of harsh chemicals so it’s gentle which is why I recommend it to women who are post-chemo to start building up lashes again.

I know I’ve reviewed and raved about PureLash before, but after trying dozens of primers over the years I can say that this is one the best one around.


Jane Iredale Roses & Lollipops Compact to Benefit Living Beyond Breast Cancer

There are a lot of products out there this October claiming to support various breast cancer causes. I’m pretty cautious about Pinkwashing, the newly coined term for companies who schlep products to ‘support’ breast cancer when it’s something like junk food or chemical-heavy cosmetics – you know, the things that are directly linked to the disease itself. One company that I do like and trust is Jane Iredale and their Roses & Lollipops compact, a best selling lip color and gloss in a cute mirrored compact with a key chain. Iredale donates 100% of the sales profits (not the same as total sales, but still a fair amount) to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a charitable organization you can learn more about HERE that donates 84 cents on every dollar to their cause.

It’s a cute compact with a universal appeal, great for a gift.

2 wearable pink shades.

I’m a sucker for pink gloss.

You can check out a poignant piece on Pinkwashing HERE at Support a great cause, but know where your money is going first.

Powdered Eye Liners

Eye liner; friend and foe. Perfectly lined eyes are so beautiful and the cornerstone of most looks, but getting it on evenly is the bane of most women’s morning routines. This new generation of powdered liner is easier to apply than a gel or a pencil because they don’t slip around. You won’t get a completely precision look like a liquid liner gives, it’s much more of a laid back, casual look that’s quick and simple to maneuver. Here are a few powdered liners to check out.

Jane Iredale can pretty much do no wrong as a line as far as I’m concerned. It’s a personal fav and a go-to for a lot of my daily routine. Their new Mystikol dual ended powder liners give bold, rich color on an easy-to-draw sponge tipped applicator on one side, and a highlighter shade on the other to fire up your inner corner or brow bone.

Novice liner gals will love their ease, but I think their strong suit is their total blendability from a liner into a smudgy shadow.

Color Options:

Malachite: A sparkling moss with buttery beige

Amethyst: Royal purple with luxurious pearl

Dark Topaz: Rich brown with velvet rose

Lapis Lazuli: Vibrant blue with shimmering ivory

Onyx: Otherworldly black with creamy pearl

In Bloom Soft Focus Powder Eye Liners from Smashbox use precision wand applicators to apply soft shades effortlessly without any dragging along the lid. They’re available in day-friendly shades for a lighter look that isn’t harsh, if you’re not a fan of the black eye liner look then these are for you.

Color Options:

Dark Brown


Guerlain’s Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Liner has a fine tip wand for a thiner line and some pretty fiery shades with just a dash of glimmer for the ultimate in sexy eyes.

Color Options:


Brun (with golden flex)

Blue (teal)

Mirage (dark neutral brown) limited edition

Shades of Grey; Buying the Same Colors Over and Over Again

My day makeup routine is surprisingly sparse and muted, but for the occasional night out I like to punch it up a little. I had about 10 minutes to freshen up last night and I didn’t feel like going the distance with a smokey eye so I decided on a bold pink lip with a flushy matching cheek. I was a little surprised because when I looked for a brighter lip color (which I rarely wear) in my personal arsenal, there were very few choices. What I did have though, were many versions of neutral pink and beige. Here’s what I’m talking about.

With a few exceptions, it all basically looks the same.
Whew – I remembered that I had this Jane Iredale Lip Fixation in ‘Devotion.’ 

I paired the bright pink with a neutral beige liner to tone it a bit.

Ta da. I’m wearing very little eye makeup actually and let the lips and cheeks do create the look.  Oh – an no those aren’t false lashes (like everyone asks) I’m still using Latisse

I’ve already written about Iredale’s Lip Fixation long wearing mineral lip color/gloss but I really want to drive the point home that there isn’t another long-wearing naturally formulated solution that works this well. I only added a bit of gloss midway through the night, the color stayed on perfectly and kept its intensity so well that it needed to be removed with my other makeup before bed.

Last night yielded two thoughts: One, I’m banned form buying another pink or beige gloss – I have more than enough. Two, punching up a look isn’t just about the eyes.

How to Wash Your Brushes

If you’re reading this, you need to wash your brushes. It’s something we all forget to do, even me. I remembered to wash my own personal brushes yesterday because I was already washing the ones from my kit (which I do after every use). What really works for me is washing one or two at a time, just the really dirty ones right after I use them in the morning. You’ll get the worst ones taken care of first, then you’ll develop the pattern of washing brushes more often. I took a few photos of my brush washing session to show you how to really work the makeup out from your brushes.

Jane Iredale’s Brush Shampoo is what I use, but you can also use Baby Shampoo. Squirt a bit into a glass and fill it halfway with warm water.

Swish the brushes around in the soapy water for a few minutes but don’t soak them, you can get too much water into the brushes which ruins them.
An eyeliner brush, one of my worst offenders. Once they have too much product on them they don’t line evenly. Keep them really clean and you’ll have a perfectly straight line every time.

If I’m using a long-wearing or waterproof formula with my brush, it’s harder to work out with the soap alone. I’ll roll the brush tip into a dab of olive oil to work the formula totally out, then use soap after to wash the oily reside away.

All back to normal!

I rub each brush into my palm until it foams, then I put it under running water while rubbing the brush until it comes clean of makeup and soap. Don’t stand your brushes straight up (or else the water will go into them and they’ll crack), just lay them flat overnight and let them air dry.

…And the water afterward.

Dirty brushes aren’t just filled with makeup, they collect the oils from your skin (and dust from the air) which you put back into your makeup. It’s a really gross cycle. Take a few extra seconds and get your brushes as clean as you’d like your skin to be.

Jane Iredale Perfectly Nude Collection

You always hear that a ‘natural look’ works well on everyone, but what does ‘natural’ mean? Literally, it’s the colors that are found in nature. Browns, greens, even copper- it’s the shades you see all around us that translates into color easily worn on the skin. Now when you get into the neon pink and hot yellow category, that the line for what’s easily worn becomes a bit more blurred.

When it comes to makeup, a nude palette will always be in style, you’ll never look back at a photo of yourself and think ‘wow, what was I thinking wearing that taupe eye shadow?’ If I’m addicted to natural looking makeup, then Jane Iredale’s new Perfectly Nude collection is my drug of choice. It’s my favorite collection of hers to date because of the universally wearable color selection and introduction of all new products.

Look for her dual ended Lip Fixation Lip Stain/ Gloss to become and instant hit. It’s the first lip stain from a natural or mineral line that I know of with a complimentary shade of gloss on the other end. Of course it isn’t the super duper stay on your lips until the end of time kinda stain- those types of ingredients are a no-no in a natural line- but it’s an incredibly satisfying way to get a long-term lip color result in a safe formula.

You will use every color in their Nude Eye Shadow Kit. What’s not to love about 5 neutral, but not muted shades of nudes with a kick of copper and bronze thrown in? At first glance it might appear conservative and ho-hum, but on the skin you’ll find a look that blends and compliments all skin tones and eye colors. They bring eyes to life and are super easy to work with and blend.

Eyes? Check. Lips? Check. Beautifully bronzed and glowing skin? Absolutely. So-Bronze 3 falls right on trend by combining a blush with a bronzer in the same compact (something I’ve seen a lot lately). You can use the matte bronzer around the framing of the face and add some contrast and dust the lightly shimmered blush on the cheeks. There isn’t a hint of orange to the bronzer and the look of the two together goes perfectly.

If you’ve used the legendary mineral foundation from Jane Iredale, but not their color this is a great place to start. I’ve never met an Iredale product that I didn’t like and Perfectly Nude is no exception.

Jane Iredale Perfectly Nude

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