Jane Iredale Melon PureGloss & Brush-Me-Bronze

I use a lot of Jane Iredale. Day to day, it’s the bulk of what I use. Her innovative products keep me coming back for more which says a lot since my cabinets are fully stocked with everything you can imagine. Everything, apparently, except a bright corral gloss for spring. I typically wear a muted natural gloss, but since I’m starting to use more bronzer, I needed my lips to stand up to the added color in my face. PureGloss in Melon (pictured below) is sheer enough for even the biggest nude lip enthusiast without looking orangey.

Brush-Me Bronze is the bronze-filled version of Brush-Me Matte, the invisible mattifying powder I always keep my makeup bag. Twist the top piece to unlock it allowing the brush to fill with a small amount of mineral based bronzer and sweep it where you need a color boost. It’s not a glittery formula so you can’t see even the slightest shimmer even in the daylight which makes it more wearable (and more believable). I’m pretty fair and have the #2 so unless you’re incredibly fair (like alabaster fair) I’d probably lean toward the #2 as well.

With all of the new spring collections just remember that a few new things can be enough to keep you modern and, in this case, ready for spring.

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Jane Iredale Multi-Gloss For Lips

Of course I have to get this palette from Jane Iredale featuring their 5 best selling glosses right in a row. They’re still my most loved (and used) glosses, and I go through them like crazy.

Jane Iredale Multi-Gloss For Lips

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Jane Iredale ChocohoLICKs

You might buy them for a gift, but you won’t want to give them all away. Jane Iredale has created the perfect solid lip gloss set for those with a sweet tooth that are way too cute to not keep (at least one) for yourself.

ChocohoLICKs 4 glosses mimic a box of real chocolate candies with strawberry cream, truffle, chocolate orange, and carmel, they’re the exact scent replica of their namesakes. Coco and coffee seed extracts provide the lip licking flavor of real treats, while avocado and jojoba oil give hours of intense hydration.

I love the idea of a solid gloss- it’s the feel of complete moisture and the look of a sexy, shiny gloss all sweetly packaged in crimped paper cups just like real chocolates.

Jane Iredale ChocohoLICKs

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Easy Makeup Tips

5 Minute Makeup;

Anything cream-based is quickest because it can be applied with your fingers. Find something multi-use like Stila’s Convertible Color creme compacts- formulas meant for both lips and cheeks. The same is true for your eyes, cream shadows can be swept on using your fingers, and have better staying power than most powder shadows.

Youthful Looking Skin;

There is a formula to create youthful looking skin, and it starts with a lightweight, luminous foundation like Laura Mercier’s Illuminating Tinter Moisturizer especially when you’re dry- to add radiance to the face- a quality our skin starts to lose as we age. Skip the powder- you don’t need it- and use a cream blush in a bright-yet-sheer hue.

Makeup for Breakouts;

You want to cover the breakouts you have without exacerbating the problem caused by using foundations that heighten inflammation. Use what I typically do, Jane Iredale Pressed Base. All bad opinions of mineral makeup come here to die since JI’s version provides complete, long-wearing, natural looking coverage while blanketing the skin with ingredients that help it to heal.

Preventing Eyeliner and Mascara from Running;

Nothing works better than Benefit’s She Laq- it’s a one-of-a-kind liquid that seals makeup and prevents it from wandering off where you don’t want it to go. Sweeping it underneath the eyes will form an invisible seal that color won’t seep into. There’s nothing else like it.

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Everyday Essentials for Back to School

It’s that time of year again when girls head back to college filling their tiny bathrooms with too many products. I’ve found a few everyday essentials along with some multi-tasking space savers we can all afford.

Remember those old 2-in-1 shampoo/ conditioners that did neither well? Jane Iredale’s new Truly Pure Shampoo & Conditioner cleanses and conditions hair. Great for all hair types especially oily or fine when a separate conditioner might be too heavy.

$36, JaneIredaleDirect.com

Softlips Tinted Lip Conditioners are the newest addition to the Softlips collection. Day and night, you’ll use this lip balm/ SPF 15/ splash of color trifecta.

$3, 3 Shades, Drugstores Nationwide

Initially I just thought it was just a razor with a giant head on it, but Schick Intuition is the most innovative razor out there. Its blades are surrounded by a moisturizing solid that lathers up on contact right before and after contact with the razor, so there’s no need to use soap or shaving cream. Oddly, not having to prep legs before shaving them is a huge time saver, and the fragrance-free Sensitive Skin option is a must for those prone to razor burn.

$10 Drugstores Nationwide

Not just for acne, Clearasil Stayclear Deep Cleansing Scrub keeps skin clear and soft with exfoliating microbeads and 2% Salicylic Acid. It’s gentle enough for daily use and a great all-around cleanser and exfoliant combined.

$4.50, Drugstore.com, Drugstores Nationwide

I felt like a cheater when I tried Dove’s Ultimate Visibly Smooth just because I already use a deoderant I really love, and trying a new deodorant is just plain scary, but this new deodorant sounded almost too good to be true. I had to try it. Dove’s groundbreaking Pro-Epil Complex softens underarm hair making it less visible and easier to remove. Prickly underarm hair is softened making it less visible and the formula is hardworking. Kudos to Dove for creating a scent that isn’t trying to mimic a tropical vacation, Wild Rose smells soft and fresh without being perfume-y.

$3, Drugstores Nationwide

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Jane Iredale Dot the I

When it comes to all things beauty, it’s the fun extras that make the world go round. Jane Iredale continues churning out delightful originals like her latest creation Dot the I.

This container that can house your regular Q-Tips once it’s empty, holds 50 double ended cotton swabs with the middle portion containing a reservoir of a liquid made from natural botanicals to remove eye makeup smudges. Just snap off the marked end and the opposite cotton tip will fill with just the right amount of fluid to erase what they call ‘accidental smokey eye.’

I now have a few in my bag at all times, and use them a lot more than I thought I would. What I really love about the liquid is its ability to gently erase the smudge without affecting the entire area underneath.

Jane Iredale Dot The I

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