What I Use Every Day

Since I truly own, try, and like every single item I write about, it’s obvious that I can’t use it all daily. During the upcoming holidays my friends and family will appreciate this limitation.

Even though I can’t use it all, I can certainly keep the best of it for my daily routine. Here is a quick run down of what I use each and every day.

Mineral foundation; Either Being TRUE pressed in Medium 2, or Jane Iredale Pressed Base in Warm Silk. Also- make sure to check out Jane’s new website- their new Mineral Makeover Room is way too addictive. You select a woman whose coloring matches yours and put makeup on her to see what it would look like on you. The options are endless and it’s so much fun.

Pur Minerals Marble Powder Blush is a perfect everyday shade to add a hint of flush to the skin without being too overwhelming. It’s also easy to blend and build.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance is still tops on my list for en everyday shadow primer that keeps my shadow from creasing and isn’t the least bit heavy or visible.

Jane Iredale’s Brown Sugar Triple Eye Shadow has two perfect plumy brown shades that I mix together and apply from my lash line to the crease. The shades are perfect for day and really bring out blue eyes.

Laura Mercier’s Caviar Eye Liner is such a dynamic product. I slightly dampen an angled eye liner brush (you really aren’t supposed to, but it’s pretty dry here in Denver), and smooth the line on. No smudging, and the consistency lends itself to the stability of the line since it isn’t goopy and you can’t put too much on the brush.

No I don’t Tight Line my eyes daily, but when I do- it’s only with Laura Mercier’s Eye Liner which is specially designed for this delicate area.

More Great Companies Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

Smashbox’s Pink Power Eye and Lip Kits (Eye Kit shown) are just the right shades to suit ever taste packaged in sleek pink compacts. With each sale, Smashbox will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Young Survival Coalition which focuses itself on young women with breast cancer.

Jane Iredale serves up In The Pink, my favorite gloss formula in a shimmering pink shade that works beautifully alone or over your favorites. Jane donates $2 for each gloss sold with a guaranteed minimum donation of $25,000. Her charity of choice is Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a non-profit dedicated to educating and enhancing the lives of women with breast cancer.

The ultra adorable Noodle & Boo (you have to check them out) have a Love Light candle that’s makes the perfect office gift this holiday season-not too personal, but so dolled up she’ll think you got it just for her. Essential oils blended with soy burns a light fresh scent on a 100% cotton wick. 50% of the proceeds from the sales will go to the Breast Cancer Research Fund.

Eye Brighteners

Laura Mercier Eye Brightener

Jane Iredale Active Light

So many women apply makeup for no other reason other than to avoid looking tired. Just the smallest amount of eye brightener under your usual concealer can make the biggest difference in your overall look and diminish tired eyes.

What makes the brighteners unique is the color and added luminosity. Since it’s specifically for the eye area, they have a pinky or peachy hue which assists in disguising the blue tone of dark circles. Luminosity is another added benefit, like in the case of the pens highlighted above, to give a look of brightness and to neutralize dark circles so your concealer won’t have to work so hard. Use the smallest amount on hydrated eyes under concealer.

Jane Iredale Magic Mitt

Sometimes it’s the most simple things that make me so happy. Take Jane Iredale’s Magic Mitt for example, what appears to be a cloth mitt your hand slips into, is really a microfiber miracle that removes all traces of dirt and makeup without the use of cleanser. Just run it under warm water and wipe everything away.

Along with not needing a cleanser and saving time, sensitive skin can benefit by maintaining the integrity of an in-tact barrier, dry skin will feel clean but not stripped, and oily or troubled skin will feel completely cleansed without the use of harsh cleansers.

I use mine in the morning when a cleanser isn’t really needed since I always wash my face at night, but if you’re one of those girls who isn’t as faithful to a nightly cleansing ritual, maybe this is just the cure.

Jane Iredale Magic Mitt

Best Tinted Moisturizers

Hot weather and heavy foundation do not mix and spending more time outdoors means switching to a lightweight, less visible makeup with an SPF. Here’s a few tinted moisturizers for the more casual summer months to keep your face flawlessly protected.


Laura Mercier’s best selling Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 has been a staple of mine for years, but now I can enjoy an oil-free version. Humidity and outside activity take their toll on the longevity of makeup, but Mercier’s version doesn’t budge and provides a natural cover and finish.


Jane Iredale weighs in on the tined moisturizer category with their new Dream Tint tinted moisturizer that provides a chemical free SPF 15. Fantastic if traditional sunscreens tend to be too heavy or cause breakouts and the oil free formula stands up to even the heaviest humidity.


Not willing to budge an inch from your old favs this summer? Give those favorites a boost with Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF 30. It’s meant to be mixed, add just a few drops to your moisturizer to give it an instant SPF makeover.

Best Eye Shadow Palettes

Palettes used to be where cosmetic companies would discard their least popular shades in hopes of making them more desirable among a tapestry of colors. Eye shadow palettes today are big business whether you choose the colors to customize your own, or it comes complete with complementary shades, palettes seem to be springing up everywhere so let’s look at a few that I feel give you the most bang for your buck.


Dior’s 5-Colour Eyeshadow compacts have always been a favorite among the serious eye shadow connoisseur. These palettes have quickly become the focus of the shadow line for Dior because they wear well, come is beautiful shades, and have a silky smooth finish. (Pictured; Golds 569)


I remember a time when mineral lines weren’t thought to have the vast shade selections or staying power to hang with the cool kids of color. Jane Iredale proves that theory wrong with her Triple Eye Shadows. This delightfully smaller sized compact houses color combinations we can all use while remaining crease free in all weather. (Pictured; Khaki Craze)


Everything Cle De Peau is my latest obsession and their Eye Color Quads are no exception. These ultra luxurious shadows range in shade from shimmering jewel tones to matte neutrals and contain beneficial ingredients that soothe, moisturize and treat your lids with anti aging properties while remaining 100% crease free. (Pictured; 17)