Body Scrubs; Erno Laszlo, Caudalîe, La Mer

Body exfoliator is something you’ll always find in my shower. Keeping your skin young isn’t restricted to your face, so sloughing off dead skin so the new, bright skin underneath can show is as important to your routine as anything else. Plus it’s a totally relaxing spa-like experience, especially if you’re using something fantastic.

Erno Laszlo’s Gentle Body Exfoliator smells divine. When I use it, I typically skip scented lotions or even fragrance just so I can enjoy the subtle scent of this fresh, almost citrusy scrub. The granules sit within a moisturizing cleanser that foams up and offers the ultimate in a close shaving experience.

6.7oz $38, and various department stores including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Sacks Fifth Avenue nationwide

Resveratrol, the super antioxidant found in the skins of grapes (i.e. red wine), is front and center of Caudalie’s patented skincare. Over time, it’s believed that resveratrol can help with signs of aging and radiance. Their Crushed Cabernet Scrub is super dense and gives exfoliation that’s completely decadent, which is why it’s the signature scrub at their spa. Crushed grape seeds and brown sugar blended with honey make for a deep exfoliation experience while the juniper, lemongrass, and rosemary essential oils add a scent that’s both spicy and exhilarating.

7.8oz $35,, Sephora

Diamonds are a body’s best friend since The Body Refiner from La Mer contains over 1.5 karats in diamond powder combined with La Mer’s legendary ingredients to polish and buff your body in a way that only La Mer can. Sensitized and delicate skin won’t be overwhelmed by this gentle exfoliation, and you’ll enjoy seeing the shimmery diamonds on your skin as much as the smooth as glass feeling it leaves behind.

6.7oz $110, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and other fine department stores nationwide

La Mer The Powder


La Mer is known for a lineup of products that are both luxurious and highly effective, producing miracles one jar at a time. The Powder uses airspun seaborne particles which are incredibly lightweight on the skin helping foundation last all day without the slightest hint of chalkiness.

Unique to The Powder is its luminosity, which is almost undetectable offering the appearance of beautifully awakened and fresh skin. I’ve used it for a few weeks now on every face I’ve seen and it’s rested perfectly on skins of varying ages and conditions. The Powder would be ideal if you are dry and tend to shy away from powder, have any fine lines or wrinkles that powder tends to settle into, simply don’t like the heaviness of a powder but would still like the benefit of long wearing foundation or would just enjoy a hint of life in your skin.

La Mer The Powder