Latisse Week One

Starting point

After 1 week

It’s official, Latisse works. The first and only FDA approved treatment to give longer, thicker, darker lashes does just what it claims to do in a short span of time.

My prescription was $100, insurance of course doesn’t cover it (check around for rates at different pharmacies), but it’s less expensive than some popular over the counter formulas. I’ve been using it nightly as directed, just one drop per eye brushed along my upper lash line before bed. There haven’t been any side effects other than a little itching shortly after I apply it, but it’s really minor.

My baseline photo wasn’t the greatest, but you can tell that my blonde lashes are darker, thicker, and more noticeable in just one week. I’ll get some better photos next time.

I’ll continue to use it nightly until I get to where I’d like to be, then use it once or twice a week for maintenance.


This is another photo from the week one series- I had some emails asking for a photo of the same eye. The lighting is a little better and you can see that my eye color hasn’t changed! I PROMISE better quality photos next week.

**UPDATE** RevitaLash, Maximumlash and other companies have people who comment regularly on various Latisse posts, so take the comments attached with a grain of salt, they are just a commercial in disguise.

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Latisse; The First and Only FDA Approved Treatment to Grow Your Lashes

Some of the best things are created by accident, take Latisse for example; it was once a glaucoma treatment, but now it’s the first FDA approved treatment to grow thicker, fuller, and even darker lashes.

That’s right- FDA approved for growing lashes.

Brought to you by Allergan (the same pharm company that also carries Botox), this incredible revolutionary product can be prescribed by any doctor, and has been used to treat the eye area for many years, so getting it in the eye isn’t a concern like with other lash formulas. It’s actually meant to be there. Doctors started to notice that patients who were using the formula to treat glaucoma were experiencing a side effect of longer lashes.

So now we do have a solution for women to grow and darken their lashes safely and effectively without any major risks. Only 4% of those in the study say they experienced minor itching right after the application, but that was really all.

The before and after photos speak for themselves, but I might just have my own trial complete with photos so you can see the difference first hand.


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