Laura Mercier Baked Eye Color Palette and Petite Eye Palette

Tis the season to get new makeup! Even pre-Thanksgiving you’ll find that most cosmetic lines have their Holiday ’09 value sets out on the counters looking for new homes for a fraction of what they’d sell for separately.

Laura Mercier’s eye palettes were just too cute to pass up, here are the ones that I nabbed.

Mercier’s Baked Eye Colour Palette has the best 5 shades to grace an eye palette for maximum wearability. They’re all limited shades, meaning they aren’t already part of their shadow collection, and best of all- they’re wet/dry. With the recently re-formulation of LM’s shadows came the implicit instructions not to wet them, but these are H2o friendly for optional heightened drama. Expect a hint of shimmer and a grittier texture that gives bold, blendable color- especially wet. I found the standout shade to be Mink (pictured in the middle), a rusty brownish shade that makes eyes completely pop with sultry romance.

You’ll also love the double ended brush that’s included, one side for dry use and the other for wet.

$48, 5 Shades and Double Ended Brush Included, Limited Edition, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Sephora

Available in both Warm and Cool, LM’s Petite Eye Palette offers their most flattering shadows in each category to give you a complete wardrobe of color for the storage-challenged, and the jet-setter alike. Priced for both gift-giving and gift-keeping, you’ll find this little mirrored palette gives you the right amount of shadows to hold you over until next year’s money-saving sets are out.

$28, 4 Shades, Warm and Cool Palette Options, Limited Edition, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Sephora

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Gaston Photography Shoot Part 2

The term ‘smokey’ doesn’t begin to describe the look I created for Logan. I wanted something young and fresh with a little edge, maybe more like smudgy and undone.

Here’s how to get the look;

I layered the medium tone from Smashbox EYELIGHTS in Smokebox with Laura Mercier’s Metallic Créme Eye Color in gold on top of black shadow to create a rich, chrome-like effect.

After using black liner to rim the entire eye on the top and bottom, I took a mascara wand and pressed it right into her lid and under her eyes. I also used the mascara wand from Estee Lauder’s TurboLash in Gold Effects under her eyes to press in bits of random gold. I did it on the top lashes and lid as well. Now, I’m not talking about using the mascara wand to just the lashes, but on the actual skin- that’s what I used under her eyes, mascara right off the wands!

I wanted a really shimmery gold body effect, so I took a body gloss and pressed it into her neck, arms, and declote then I used a big fluffy brush to dust Estee Lauder’s Opulent Shimmer Powder over top so certain sections caught heavier shimmer than others and it wouldn’t look uniform.  I also used the shimmer powder (which is fantastic, really fine, pretty, wearable shimmer) over her lipstick, I just used my fingers to press the powder over the center of her lips so they would catch the light without using gloss.

A look this bold needed a big, full lash, so I used Ardell Strip Lashes in 120 for a look filled with drama. I curled her lashes into the false ones once the glue dried so it would look more natural and then I added about 4 coats of mascara.

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Easy Makeup Tips

5 Minute Makeup;

Anything cream-based is quickest because it can be applied with your fingers. Find something multi-use like Stila’s Convertible Color creme compacts- formulas meant for both lips and cheeks. The same is true for your eyes, cream shadows can be swept on using your fingers, and have better staying power than most powder shadows.

Youthful Looking Skin;

There is a formula to create youthful looking skin, and it starts with a lightweight, luminous foundation like Laura Mercier’s Illuminating Tinter Moisturizer especially when you’re dry- to add radiance to the face- a quality our skin starts to lose as we age. Skip the powder- you don’t need it- and use a cream blush in a bright-yet-sheer hue.

Makeup for Breakouts;

You want to cover the breakouts you have without exacerbating the problem caused by using foundations that heighten inflammation. Use what I typically do, Jane Iredale Pressed Base. All bad opinions of mineral makeup come here to die since JI’s version provides complete, long-wearing, natural looking coverage while blanketing the skin with ingredients that help it to heal.

Preventing Eyeliner and Mascara from Running;

Nothing works better than Benefit’s She Laq- it’s a one-of-a-kind liquid that seals makeup and prevents it from wandering off where you don’t want it to go. Sweeping it underneath the eyes will form an invisible seal that color won’t seep into. There’s nothing else like it.

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Line High/ Low: Laura Mercier

I’ve used a ton of Laura Mercier, both personally and professionally so here are the products I love (and buy) along with those that just missed the mark.


Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer is probably their most recognizable product out of the bunch due to its many accolades over the years from magazine editors and real women alike. It maintains the impossible balance of weightless coverage that all skin types can enjoy.

Tight Lining is a technique I use all the time on myself as well as most girls in my chair because it’s an undetectable way to make eyes pop and lashes seem longer. Mercier created the technique and the Eye Liner specifically for it.

Satinée Crème Eye Colours are suitable for all women. On the go? Swipe em’ on with your fingers. Want staying power? Layer them with powder shadow. Mature eyes, young eyes, and everything in between, they will settle and wear perfectly.


I totally get what they were trying to do with their Flawless Fix Pencil- make an easy concealer for touch ups and also hard to reach areas like around the mouth for bleeding. Unfortunatley the consistency is too dry to blend into blemishes, and too creamy for along your lower waterline to brighten eyes like the one I use.

Their Mascaras aren’t horrible, but they aren’t great either. With nothing that special about either formula, why spend $20 when you can choose from several stellar drugstore finds for well under $10?

I’m all for some pretty, well-placed shimmer from time to time, but their Shimmer Bloc (and Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Bricks) are a shimmery nightmare waiting to happen. Pair this compact with a woman who hasn’t been shown how to use it, and the result can be a disaster.

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Best Full Coverage Foundations; Laura Mercier Silk Creme and M.A.C Studio Sculpt

Sometimes, we just need a little more. If you’re like me, you have a few foundations in your arsenal you can change out depending on the occasion, or condition of your skin. My #1 foundation addiction is Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme, a super concentrated, oil-free, all-day formula that I defy you not to purchase after seeing it on your skin. If you have redness, discolorations, or if you just like a polished look, this will give the illusion of perfection.

$42, 10 shades from fair to medium deep, Nordstrom, Sephora,

Although ‘full coverage’ isn’t a new concept for M.A.C, a gel based foundation like Studio Sculpt is. You’ll find the weight and feel of it to be a nice departure, especially if you have issues with shine. This is the first foundation from M.A.C in a long time that I’ve really liked enough to recommend for daily use, the SPF 15 is just icing on the cake.

$28, 23 shades from fair to very deep,, Nordstrom, Macy’s

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Laura Mercier Mineral Illuminating Powder

Glowing skin is an always modern for both day and night. Laura Mercier makes healthful looking skin so easy with their new Mineral Illuminating Powder offered in 2 delicate shades meant to highlight beautifully and not overwhelm.

Use it to highlight your brow bones, or sweep it over your cheeks either on top of foundation or just on bare skin. Bring life to your lips by dabbing it on over your favorite lip color, or even lip balm. I use a ton of it over the declote area, arms, and legs either dry with a big fluffy brush, or mixed in with a little body lotion.

Highlighting the skin gives a glowing, sexy look that works for all ages and skin types. It’s not a matter of if this powder is right for you, simply where you’ll find it works best on your face and body.

Nordstrom, Sephora, and $32

Laura Mercier Mineral Illuminating Powder

Add the Illuminating Powder to a few other Mercier must-haves totaling $125 to receive this gift with purchase which includes one of my fav cheek colors ever, Amberstone. All gift details can be found here. Offer good until April 15, 2009 while supplies last on only.

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