Laura Mercier Lip Plumper

Perfectly pouty lips without the stinging effect have officially arrived in the form of Laura Mercier’s new Lip Plumpers.

Mercier’s new idea behind the look of fuller lips is to stimulate collagen, cool lips, and fill and lines giving a glassy, fuller effect for up to two hours. The grapefruit scent is a nice change from the usual mint and the idea that your lips don’t have to be in pain for a fuller effect is a nice change.

Pink Pearl and Peach Glow are my favs, out with their spring collection, perfectly pink and peach tones that flatter all.

Laura Mercier Lip Plumper

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MVP’s of 2008

2008 came and went leaving me with a bathroom full of goodies I was happy to discover. Here are my absolute favs that I couldn’t live without.

Nude Skincare Cleansing Facial Oil; Pre-cleanse your skin to remove dirt and makeup while adding tons of moisture and healthful ingredients in the process.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance; Hands down the best I’ve tried for keeping shadows vibrantly in place all day with zero creasing.

Bubble & Bee Organic Pit Putty; My new fav that I encourage everyone to try. Not only is it the hardest working deodorant I’ve experienced, but it’s also 100% organic containing only 4 ingredients.

Jane Iredale Extender & Conditioner; I wish I had a dollar for every time I was asked if I was wearing false lashes this year. I wear this faithfully under my mascara and overnight on clean lashes, the result is noticeable.

Laura Mercier Eye Liner; Perfecting the tight lining technique is one of the easiest ways to get instantly sexy eyes, and using an eyeliner that’s formulated to do exactly that is crucial.

Clinique Lash Powder Mascara; Zero smudging and you can pile it on without clumps. It’s still what I use every single day.

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Laura Mercier Burnished Eye Shadow

It’s not just the packaging for the eye shadows that’s changed over at Laura Mercier. The formulas are improved as well and come in 3 different finishes.

Burnished is a Sateen finish, which is in between a matte and a more frosted looking Luster. In my opinion it’s the easiest to wear and it feels almost creamy on the skin, not the least bit dry, and without a hint of creasing.

I tried to photograph the color to show its dimension and uniqueness, but this doesn’t quite capture it. The shade is this perfect coppery color without any hint of orange or redness, and the color stays true all day long.

I use it from my lash line to just above my eye’s natural crease with a little black liner. It really makes my blue eyes pop and just the smallest amount gives you huge color.

Laura Mercier Eye Shadow in Burnished

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Laura Mercier EyeBright

Don’t overlook the newest member of Laura Mercier’s Eye Basics family just because it’s baby blue, the result couldn’t be prettier.

This shadow primer is also an anti-inflammatory great for those with puffy lids and tired eyes, and it’s also full of antioxidants. Blend in a little from the lash line just up into the eye’s natural crease, and you’ll see the color sheer out while making the whites of your eyes brighter and more awake. You can add shadow over top or just enjoy the brightening effect on its own.

Laura Mercier EyeBright

Laura Mercier Eye Color Quad in Tuxedo

It’s been pure torture having this palette for a while now- just waiting for the launch to tell the world about its many wonders.

Well the time is now.

Laura Mercier’s Tuxedo quad is basically perfect in every way. I just used it again at a shoot yesterday and just marveled at how rich the colors were, how little you need to use to get the richness, and the longevity.

I used the matte black to trace over liquid liner to achieve a precision line, and the matte white and pearl shades for accents and also to lighten places that were too dark. My true love though, is the black with micro glitter- the glitter isn’t bold, it’s just a different tone of beautiful rich black for lining and super smokey night eyes.

You will love it, you will use the whole thing, and unfortunately it is limited- so grab one while you still can.

Laura Mercier Eye Color Quad in Tuxedo

What I Use Every Day

Since I truly own, try, and like every single item I write about, it’s obvious that I can’t use it all daily. During the upcoming holidays my friends and family will appreciate this limitation.

Even though I can’t use it all, I can certainly keep the best of it for my daily routine. Here is a quick run down of what I use each and every day.

Mineral foundation; Either Being TRUE pressed in Medium 2, or Jane Iredale Pressed Base in Warm Silk. Also- make sure to check out Jane’s new website- their new Mineral Makeover Room is way too addictive. You select a woman whose coloring matches yours and put makeup on her to see what it would look like on you. The options are endless and it’s so much fun.

Pur Minerals Marble Powder Blush is a perfect everyday shade to add a hint of flush to the skin without being too overwhelming. It’s also easy to blend and build.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance is still tops on my list for en everyday shadow primer that keeps my shadow from creasing and isn’t the least bit heavy or visible.

Jane Iredale’s Brown Sugar Triple Eye Shadow has two perfect plumy brown shades that I mix together and apply from my lash line to the crease. The shades are perfect for day and really bring out blue eyes.

Laura Mercier’s Caviar Eye Liner is such a dynamic product. I slightly dampen an angled eye liner brush (you really aren’t supposed to, but it’s pretty dry here in Denver), and smooth the line on. No smudging, and the consistency lends itself to the stability of the line since it isn’t goopy and you can’t put too much on the brush.

No I don’t Tight Line my eyes daily, but when I do- it’s only with Laura Mercier’s Eye Liner which is specially designed for this delicate area.