How to Get Demi Lovato’s Bold Lips

If you’re loving the bold lip look Demi Lovato has been sporting on the X Factor, check out Hourglass’ new Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipsticks. They’re really like nothing I’ve tried in the past- the color is pigment rich with a matte finish applied with a wand. I love this look a lot. It’s classic, attention grabbing, and works on everyone once you find a shade you love.

Here’s a snap of Demi at the X Factor premier party with a bright red/coral lip, a color similar to Hourglass Riviera shown below.

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Her pink lips (and hair) were gorgeous on the first episode. The shade reminds me of Ballet (below) which I’ve been experimenting with lately.

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I’m such a slacker when it comes to wearing lipstick, but these inspire me. There’s just something about a woman wearing lipstick that screams ‘I have my shit together,’ it looks so polished.

Check out the collection HERE at or Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman, and Space NK

And Speaking of Sephora..

While I was at the JC Penny opening at Park Meadows I couldn’t help but to fall in love with a few things that I’m sure I’ll pick up during my next Sephora outing.

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Josie Maran Bronzing Argan Oil: I put a few drops on my fair skin and watched the shimmering bronze color melt. giving way to a natural looking tan glow. Just a few drops gave rich, natural color and a ton of moisture. I’d use it solo or mixed with another body oil to tone the color down a bit and make the bottle last longer.

I know I’ll be picking up a few Aqua Shadow Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils (pictured top middle) from MAKE UP FOR EVER, a line I love and carry a ton of in my kit. Just the slightest sweep of the pencil gave big color that was hard to remove and easy to layer. They seemed perfect for laying down color on the eyes and are formulated to resist creasing or smudging.

Aqua Rouge Lip Colors (middle, bottom) are another stay-in-place staple that I’ll grab. MUF’s Aqua line is a long-wearing collection that really delivers. I have a ton of MUF Aqua stuff in my kit because it’s the real deal- bold colors that blend and wear like nothing else.

And of course another fav line of mine, Tarte. They just launched a new foundation Maracuja (middle, center) which includes the nourishing oil of the same name to reduce inflamation, hydrate, and give skin a healthy glow. I’ve always had good luck with Tarte- nothing in the line has ever disappointed me or made my skin angry.

Another Tarte offering caught my eye, their new trio of Clean Slate primers (pictured right.) One for the eyes and two for the face; one to brighten and the other for perfecting the look of pores. I’m always up for a new primer- anything to make my skin look better.

Bite Beauty: The Best in Lip Color

It’s not often I deem something to be the ‘best,’ with a vast beauty landscape and differeing tastes my best may not be the same as yours. But you’d be hard pressed to find better lip color than what Bite Beauty has to offer.

I’ve tried their scrub, primer, lipstick, gloss, and tint and each one blew me away. You almost forget that their formulations are natural because the modern packaging and professional performance could take on any artistry line that graces Sephora’s busy shelves. Their Primer absolutely keeps color on longer and diverts feathering while smoothing using argan and other natural conditioners. It’s the perfect first step for those who love their lip color.

For just a hint of color with a lip balm feel, check out their Lush Lip Tint. It’s like lipcolor for the lipcolor-phobic, it’s a just-right amount of pigment with a big dose of moisture that I’ve been using way more than my trusty lip balm. The outside color portion is rich with vitamins, fruit butters, and argan while the ‘B’ in the center contains super antioxidant Resveritrol to protect that delicate skin from environmental damage.

Not to mention all formulations are free of parabems, GMO’s, and synthetics.

Next time you’re looking for a lipcolor, you have to check out Bite, a line I promise you’ll love.

Skinnygirl Lip Care and Tinted Moisturizer

I was so happy when my good friend Bethenny Frankel finally came out with cosmetics and body care adding to her Skinngirl empire. Oh wait, I don’t actually know her do I? Well I feel like I do (don’t you?) which is why I’m extra glad that the line is actually pretty good. I’ll have a post later this month where I used her Tinted Moisturizer for a video which will air on, but just know that it’s probably one of the better tinted moisturizers you’ll find especially for the $11 price. Known for her signature red lip, it’s no wonder her lip care products are so right on. For a softer version of her firey pout, check out her Tinted Lip Balm in Red Ruby $5. For a more subtle daytime shade, I’ve been loving her Shimmer Balm ($5) with Shea Butter and a great scent packaged thin enough to slip in your pocket when you’re out and about sans purse.

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream

Xtreme Lip Cream $6 from NYX is pretty fantastic; high pigment, rich, creamy, and a gorgeous gloss-like shine. I’m addicted to mine, and I don’t usually like to wear lip color. There’s just something about the way the cream makes my lips look that I really love and I get an easy boost of much needed color.

11 shades available

The one I have is this one- Nude Peach Fizz, it looks a little darker in the photo.

It reminds me of the same color Pamela Anderson (and every other playmate) is known for wearing – a peachy-pinky nude.

Kim Kardashian also rocks that slightly-deeper-than-nude shade that I love.


On the lips.

Although this shade is my fav, the whole collection is like a best-of for the sexiest and easiest to wear lip colors around. Do the ol’ wet toothbrush on your lips to exfoliate them before gliding it on, its dense formula works best on soft lips.

Bubble & Bee

I’m literally mid-order for a few things from Bubble & Bee right now which I think says a lot about the line. I don’t buy a lot of products since it’s part of my job to receive stuff so I can review it all for you. And it’s not like I don’t have a body wash or 10 sitting around, but I just love their Squeezed Lime scent made from organic saponified oils (along the lines of Dr. Bronners) with a smell that literally makes my mouth water. It’s so fresh and clean that I just love it.

Also in my order is their Peppermint Vanilla Salt Scrub that I’ve described as feeling a cool, minty tingle long after you use it on your skin. The combo seems like a weird one, but it just works.

Their USDA organic lip balms are hard to beat too for long lasting moisture, so I grabbed a few while they’re on sale today.

I’ve tried dozens of natural deodorants, but always go back to their Geranium Lime Pit Putty which now comes in a cream with added baking soda for more protection. I grabbed a sample size for $4.

But wait. What the hell is a Soap Nut? They also sell these unrelated to bath and body care, but totally fascinating dried berries from the Soapnut Tree (which apparently is a real tree..) that give off natural saponins – basically nature’s way of making a soap that so many labs recreate using harsh chemicals. Check em out HERE along with a short video showing them in action. Apparently you can reuse just 4-5 of them in your washer several times giving your laundry an added boost of natural cleansing.