Makeup Before and After; Pin-Up Girl Red Lips

I can’t imagine a better way to break in my new L’Oreal Infallible LIpcolour collection in new sexy celebrity-inspired colors than to use them on the gals modeling for a recent pin-up girl shoot. Beyonce Red is that true blood red shade that you think of when you think about red lipstick.

Check it out in action.


And after with sparkling red lips, big false lashes, and even a little beauty mark.

Lipgloss applicator with creamy color on one side and a top-coat on the other.

See, it’s the ideal red with an all-day wear formula.
This one is Kate del Castillo’s Plum #790, a brick, maroonish plum.

And Diane Keaton’s Tuberose #290, a neutral pinky color with some depth that flatters most skin tones.

When you’re wearing a light lip color it isn’t as important that it stays put, but darker shades require more staying power so it doesn’t slide outside of your lip line, or worse, wear onto your teeth.

The No-Makeup Bride & The Wedding Makeup I Did in Mexico

You’d be surprised how often I hear it, ‘I hate wearing makeup, but I want to hire you!’ Girls who favor the more natural look end up being my easiest brides to work with. Using airbrush and professional makeup are key in getting color without heaviness since weight is the last thing you want when you’re sweating in a hot dress and taking photos outside.

Katie, the beautiful bride who hired me to do makeup for her wedding in Mexico, (the trip I took in May where I was sneaking photos of Heidi and Seal) was the typical anti-makeup girl. She warned me ahead of time that she may want to wipe the makeup I applied off if she didn’t feel comfortable since she didn’t wear makeup ever.

After we chatted a bit about how exactly she wanted to look, I started by evening out her skin with Dinair airbrush makeup which gives undetectable coverage, and then I went to her eyes. I wanted them to stand out without using a lot of eye shadow so I used a Loose Shimmer Powder from BECCA which gave a light sparkle and color. For her eyeliner I made a slim black line on the upper lid only for some contrast that also disguised where the false lash met the eye. I used my go-to Ardell #110 lashes which blended perfectly with hers once I curled them and added L’Oreal Double Extend mascara so smudging wasn’t an option. I airbrushed her cheek color as well using water-resistant Dinair so her face wouldn’t have anything powdery on it, key for natural looking photos taken outside in the hot, humid weather we had in Costa Careyes. Lastly, we used a light lip stain with just a hint of gloss for natural looking pout with a kick.

Here are a few snaps of her, you can see why she doesn’t wear (or need) a lot of makeup.

I love the white space in the photo.
You can just see a hint of depth on her lash line from different angles. I also love that whatever was hanging on the wall in the background gave her sis the illusion of a cone hat.
This is why you want to wear false lashes. Just a hint of a swoop from the side is so romantic and pretty. The day before this she swam in them all day and they didn’t budge. Oh, and those are her sweet doggies Chuy and Taco. 

There isn’t just one way to wear makeup for your wedding. I always tell girls that their face should be as dressy as the gown and the day itself, but that doesn’t mean piles of thick color. Don’t be talked into a look that isn’t you, Katie didn’t want something heavy and we came up with a look that was perfect for her – and she loved it.  If you don’t like it in person you won’t like it in photos, don’t believe the hype that something photographs so differently that you’re talked out of how you don’t like what you see. It’s your face, your day, and your dollars. Get exactly what you want.

I also have to say that I was so incredibly happy to meet and work with Fer Juaristi, a fantastic photographer from Mexico who travels all over the world capturing weddings and events. He was as nice as he was talented and his photos are incredible.

You can see more breathtaking (their reception was at the same spot where Heidi Klum and Seal have their annual event) photos from the wedding HERE.

To learn more about Fer click HERE.

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Facial Scrubs; Dense, Denser, and Densest

Whether you realize it or not, you choose a scrub based on its density, or how packed the formula is with the scrubbing particles. You either like the feeling of a lot of little scrubbers, or you don’t. If your skin is mature, thin, or sensitive, you probably like a lighter exfoliation but if you have dry, oily, or troubled skin, you’d want something dense with beads to really sweep away dead skin.

I’m surprised I have any skin left after trying out these scrubs, but at least I can tell you which ones are the densest right?

L’Oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Exfoliating Scrub

Density Score: 2 out of 5

I hate gimmicky stuff, so I was fully expecting not to like the little scrubber thing that rests in the open cavity of the bottle for L’Oreal’s 360 Scrub. It’s job is to give a little extra exfoliation beyond the light smattering of beads in the cleanser. It’s a formula that’s great for all skin types because the scrubbing beads aren’t very dense so there’s more cleanser in there to cushion the exfoliation.

If you’re feeling like you need a little more oomph, pop out the scrubber and let the little rubber-tipped points massage your face. It isn’t harsh at all, it’s actually super relaxing and leaves skin so soft.

Mmmm doughnuts…
Not a ton of beads, but the little scrubber kicks it into high gear.

Naturopathica Oat Facial Polish

Density Score: 3 out of 5

The Oat Facial Polish from Naturopathica uses jojoba beads encased in Apricot Kernel oil and Oat Beta Glucan to polish and hydrate. It’s a best seller for the line because of its ability to soothe the skin while exfoliating, a difficult thing to pull off. You’ll be able to feel the fine beads buff the skin in a ratio of about 50/50 beads to creamy skin nourishers. It’s not overly scratchy but it certainly gets the job done.

SkinMedica Skin Polisher

Density Score: 4 out of 5

SkinMedica is a professional line, so when they create a  Skin Polisher it’s one that really polishes. It has a unique feel for a scrub because it completely coats your face in tiny jojoba beads but it doesn’t feel the least bit abrasive. I loved how completely soft my skin felt after I used it which helped my makeup to smooth right on.

Tiny little beads

DERMAdoctor Physical Chemistry

Density Score: 5 out of 5

It’s not just buffing, it’s renewing your skin. DERMAdoctor’s Physical Chemistry is the densest scrub of the bunch with a thick consistency and tons of polymer beads to remove your skin’s top layer of dead cells. You’ll feel a little somethin’ extra going on because of their Multiacid Resurfacing Complex – a cocktail of Glycolic, Lactic, Azelaic and Beta Hydroxy Acids to combat an uneven skin tone and fine lines.

Ooh thick

It stayed this way until I used it again

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Review; L’Oreal Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Skin Perfecter

Looks like L’Oreal just gave Clarins a run for its money. I’ve been a long-time fan of Clarins’ Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch to smooth out the skin by filling in wrinkles and  texture imperfections before applying makeup. It gives one of the prettiest finishes of any primer I’ve used because of its cushy consistency and immediate results. L’Oreal just came out with a similar version of their own- it has the same consistency and benefits, but for less than half of the Clarins version.

Rub a little around the eyes, mouth, and into large pores or areas with uneven texture. You’ll see an instant smoothing of the skin that gives almost a blurred effect. Since it sinks into wrinkles and fills them up, makeup sits higher on the skin and doesn’t fall into (and emphasize) imperfections. Great for everyday use on all skin types.

L’Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base

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Review; L’Oreal True Match Roller Foundation

Click HERE for my review of L’Oreal’s True Match Roller foundation. It just might surprise you.

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L’Oreal HIP Shadow Duos

Bright, fun eye shadows are a great thing to have on hand for the times when you’re feeling a little froggy. They aren’t something you’d wear daily so paying $20 a pop doesn’t really make sense.

L’Oreal’s HIP (high intensity pigments) shadows are packed with rich color in a formula that rivals professional lines. They’re meant for the adventurous girl who is looking to make a splash without spending a fortune.

Below are a few duos from their matte line, but there are HIP color collections in Brights and Metallics, and then a few for everyday wear as well.

L’Oreal HiP Shadow Duos

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