Christina Aguilera 2010 Golden Globes

For the first time in about 5 years, Christina Aguilera doesn’t look like a tranny. When I think of Xtina, images like this come to mind.

Or more recently this.

Drawn-on brows, bad bronzer and gobs of foundation were all part of the general heaviness that comprised her trademark look. After seeing her at the Globes, it’s clear she’s turned the fashion page and toned down, well, everything.

She didn’t forgo her signature black liner, she just pressed the color in close to her upper lash line to create contrast so you see her blue eyes and not black liner. Her pink lips are my favorite of the look, they’re toned down from her usual red but punched up beyond a nude. More than the color though, take note of the consistency which is creamy and gloss-free for a more sophisticated approach to lip color.

Her perfectly balanced eyes are created using berry toned shadows which can be worn casually for every day, or mixed with gray and charcoal to lighten up a sultry evening look. I like L’Oreal Infinite Quad in Subtle Berries because the pinks aren’t cotton-candy stark pink so they can be warn on most skin tones.

If your routine includes heavy makeup, try bringing it down a notch for a change. Wearing the right amount of makeup allows you to look fresher and more polished. Too much can add years and take away from exactly what you’re trying to bring out.

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L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Lash Extension Mascara

You’re up to speed on ‘tube technology’ after I reviewed Blinc Mascara. Now L’Oreal takes a crack at using those tubes in their Double Extend mascara but with a few advantages over Blinc’s.

First, I like the brush better in the L’Oreal version- it’s fuller and fluffier grabbing every singe lash creating fullness which you’ll need since using a second coat once it dries is a big no-no in tube technology. I just re-curl once it’s almost dry and find the coverage to be more than enough.

Double Extend also includes a primer so you get the fattest lashes possible. Make sure you apply primer then mascara right after doing one eye at a time for the best results so it doesn’t dry in between.

More than anything though, I love that the price is less than half ($11 vs $24) for the very same, smudge and tear resistant, long-wearing formula. It’s even buy one get one 50% off right now at

L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Lash Extension Mascara

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L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara

Getting lashes just right is an art form. I’ve personally witnessed women use needles, paperclips, toothpicks, and homemade brushes to groom their lashes into long, swoopy perfection. Since the center lashes are easy to get to, it’s the outer corner of the lashes that we usually miss.

You may not have noticed, but your lashes are longest along the outer corner of the eye, so swiping each hair with a flash of mascara makes a huge difference in your lashes’ overall look and length. L’Oreal designed a mascara with this in mind knowing that a traditional mascara wand tends to miss that very important outer section. Telescopic Explosion Mascara is a good accessory mascara made for the area of lash that tends to get left out.

Its round applicator with firm bristles easily grab a hold of each lash and coat it with their creamy formula. Slightly pull the outside of your eye up and out just to make visible those long, outer lashes and wiggle the brush from the base of the lash line up to the tip. You’ll be amazed at how bringing out those few lashes makes such a big difference.

$7, Drugstores Nationwide,

L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara

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L’Oreal EverPure UV Protectant Spray

Keep that expensive color in tact longer, and visits to the salon fewer by using EverPure UV Protectant Spray by L’Oreal. Just a fine mist in the morning on wet or dry hair will shield your strands from harsh uv rays responsible for dulling, breakage, or worse.

Sun damage adds up slowly, hundreds of days worth of sun exposure breaks down the best of our skin, which is why we wear SPF in our facial care through our moisturizer or makeup. We often don’t think of UV protection for the hair to protect our color, but EverPure makes it so easy. Not only does the UV spray protect color and create a lot of shine, but it protects our scalp as well, an exposed and neglected target for painful burns and even skin cancer.

L’Oreal EverPure UV Protect Spray

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L’Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner

L’Oreal has made me very happy. Their new Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner gives the depth and glide of a cream or gel liner, (you know the ones that come in a pot and require a tiny brush and steady hands to apply?), with the absolute ease and precision you can only get from a pencil.

Since I apply eyeliner for a living, it’s pretty easy for me to use gel liners daily, which  I wear only for their long-lasting formulas. Sometimes though, it’s just so much quicker to use a pencil and the 16-hour wear time of this formula means I can trade the gel and brush for a pencil that glides on rich black, brown, and gray in one easy swipe.

3 Shades, $8.50, Drugstores Nationwide,

L’Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner

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Magnolia Hotel Denver Shoot and L’Oreal Infallible Lipgloss

I loved working with Ashley K Photography, one of Houston’s premier photographers when we shot promotional photos for the beautiful Magnolia Hotel (with a newly renovated ballroom) here in Denver. She did such a great job with their Houston hotel, they wanted her to work her magic here too.

Our model for the day was Saylee, who was beautiful and statuesque with distinguished features that were so easy and fun to bring out.

I used dusty grey and pinks on her sparkling blue eyes along with black liner, but using white liner on her lower waterline to maintain brightness and to keep it from being too dramatic.

When you have skin that’s olive, or tanned like Saylee’s, using brown tones on lips and cheeks tends to look muddy and doesn’t give that pop of contrast the way pinks do. Since the shoot spanned several hours in various parts of the hotel, I wanted her lips to really last. Touchups can affect the texture- piling on more gloss can look heavy and some glosses bleed so removing all color from the mouth is often necessary to apply from scratch.

I chose L’Oreal Infallible Plumping Lipgloss in 806 Plumped Tawny and crossed my fingers that it would just stay put since I loved how natural the lips looked with just the right amount of pink and the slightest touch of shimmer. Hour after hour, her lips remained fresh without needing to be touched-up. Best yet is the plumping formula without the intense stinging sensation that can be uncomfortable and annoying, you’ll just feel like your mouth is minty-fresh and incredibly smooth.

$10, 8 Shades,, Drugstores Nationwide has them buy on get one click below!

L’Oreal Infallible Plumping Lipgloss BOGO offer

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