M.A.C Cosmetics Black Collection

Mark you calenders because it will sell out. On September 24th, M.A.C will roll out their highly anticipated Black Collection featuring an unapologetic lineup of blacks for the woman who loves a smokey eye and bold new looks.

I’ll no doubt use the nail lacquer for my toes in the fall, and the Glimmerglass shades for a glossy twist on a charcoal eye, but the Cream Colour Base is probably the most versatile to create deep black on the eye, or as a base to give lighter, shimmery shades a whole new dimension over top.

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Best Full Coverage Foundations; Laura Mercier Silk Creme and M.A.C Studio Sculpt

Sometimes, we just need a little more. If you’re like me, you have a few foundations in your arsenal you can change out depending on the occasion, or condition of your skin. My #1 foundation addiction is Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme, a super concentrated, oil-free, all-day formula that I defy you not to purchase after seeing it on your skin. If you have redness, discolorations, or if you just like a polished look, this will give the illusion of perfection.

$42, 10 shades from fair to medium deep, Nordstrom, Sephora, LauraMercier.com

Although ‘full coverage’ isn’t a new concept for M.A.C, a gel based foundation like Studio Sculpt is. You’ll find the weight and feel of it to be a nice departure, especially if you have issues with shine. This is the first foundation from M.A.C in a long time that I’ve really liked enough to recommend for daily use, the SPF 15 is just icing on the cake.

$28, 23 shades from fair to very deep, M.A.C.com, Nordstrom, Macy’s

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3 Great Lipsticks

How many times have you gone to a cosmetic counter searching for a lipstick, but instead left frustrated after rummaging through way too many choices that didn’t seem to work. I’ve chosen 3 that I often use on shoots and on brides that wear well and stay true, so maybe you can have a few options before you’re at the store making life a little easier.

Twig is a color I’ve used for years. It’s versatile and doesn’t turn orangey like some neutral pinks can. It’s a winner every time on women who are fair to medium, but skin that’s darker than olive, or women who have a lot of natural color to their lips might find they need something deeper.

Looking for something with medium intensity that’s almost a neutral plum? If you find that lip colors tend to turn orangey on you, Bobbi Brown’s Slopes (pictured middle) is a great bet. It manages to maintain the difficult balance of being sheer and moisturizing at the same time. It’s one of the few go-to shades I have that looks great on all skin tones.

Red is a shade all women want to wear until they have it on. True fire engine reds are hard to pull of, but deep reds mixed with a little plum or brown to make it more of a brick red are a lot more forgiving on the complexion. Daring fair haired beauties can wear M.A.C Dark Side (pictured right), as well as olive skin and deeper skin tones. Dubonnet from M.A.C is a really versatile brick red for all skin tones when Dark Side is a bit too plum

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Best Foundations for Medium to Deep Skin Tones

Too many cosmetic lines are missing the boat when it comes to a full line of foundations for all women. Here are a few companies whose offerings of foundations for deeper skin tones are right on the money.

MAC’s Studio Sculpt SPF 15 foundation is a gel based formula that offers great medium to full coverage that’s water-resistant and very long wearing. Available in 23 shades, $28, online or in stores.

Jane Iredale’s premier line of mineral makeup is award winning year after year for a reason. It’s a great product. Their line has the deepest shade range I’ve seen in a mineral line, and the colors are fantastic. 10 shades available for medium to deeper skin, $48, Beauty.com or in select spas.

Bobbi Brown was among the first to create foundations that were skin tone correct, meaning they had yellow based undertones that looked more like skin than formulas prior. Soon after, other lines took notice and put a halt (for the most part) in creating peachy and pinky foundations that didn’t look like skin and didn’t blend. Bobbi has 7 different foundation formulas that contain deep shades including her new Skin Foundation SPF 15 with a technology that gives the appearance of skin and not makeup. $45, BobbiBrown.com, and select department stores.

If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with Iman, a line designed with women who can’t find a foundation to match their skin in mind. 4 different formulas include an oil-free stick foundation that’s virtually undetectable on the skin. $15, Walgreens.com DuaneReade.com, and select stores.

Hello Kitty Comes to M.A.C

Just a small taste of the Hello Kitty for M.A.C collection that will no doubt be sold out in the blink of an eye in just a few short weeks. Check out the Preview at BellaSugar and stop into your M.A.C counter now just to get the goods on when you can be a part of the action since there is already a wait list.

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Dear Carissa- Eyeshadow Trouble

Hey Carissa,

My problem is with shadow. I feel like I’ve tried EVERYTHING imaginable to try and get my shadow to stay on all day, but haven’t had any luck yet. Help!


Hey there Cover_Grrrl,

I have a few go-to’s in my bag of tricks that are sure to get shadow to stay on for hours (literally, my girls can keep their same makeup for days after a good application).

But first let’s talk basics.

When is the last time you washed your brushes? Get a bottle of baby shampoo (just the cheap stuff) and shampoo all of your brushes until the water runs clear when you rinse them out. Gently squeeze the brushes and lay them flat to dry overnight. When you can see the brushes are coated, wash a few of them in the morning right after you use them just to keep them in good shape.

Don’t use eye cream or moisturizer on your lids in the morning.

Use a primer first. Give the powder shadows something to stick to with a cream primer.

I like, (from left to right), Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow, M.A.C Paint.

Only Shadow Insurance is a true primer, but the other two are great to grab on to shadows and hold on to them for a full creseless day.