Shape Magazine Beauty Awards 2009

I’m painfully addicted to these best of lists mags put out at the end of each year, I like to see what different readers and editors think is the very best in beauty. Shape’s list has some lines we aren’t used to seeing like Shiseido, along with a great deal of natural and drugstore lines.

Click below for their best selections of makeup, skin care, and hair care for the year.

Shape Magazine Beauty Awards 2009

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Wearing Bold Eyeshadow

Take a que from Jessica Stroup who found a way to use a bold shadow in a beautifully understated way. Black eyeliner is key here, drawn around the entire eye to separate her eyes from the color making it less edgy. You don’t want colors competing, so avoid additional eye shadow which might cloud the statement and look too heavy.

Read more about the look HERE

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Allure Best of Beauty 2009

Time for the Superbowl of beauty- Allure Magazine’s Best of Beauty giving you 189 products chosen by editors and readers alike that rise up above the rest to meet all of your beauty needs.

Find the winners HERE!

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Allure Top 10 Fall Beauty Trends

Looks like glam makeup is back with a vengeance! Allure has the top 10 beauty trends for fall’s arrival which include red lips, bold cheeks, and some eye shadow creativity.

10 Fall Trends

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Kelly Clasrston Photoshop Debate

If you haven’t already heard the buzz about Kelly Clarkson’s heavily touched-up cover for Self magazine, you can get all caught up Here.

All photos we see in magazines are touched up (except for the ones where they want celebs to look bad) in some way and it’s getting to the point where they all look the same. Kelly Clarkson aside, how would we respond to truly undone photos of women on magazine covers? Have we become so used to the perfect aesthetic that seeing ‘real women’ on the cover would be a turn-off?

Uber photographer Peter Lindbergh was so sick of seeing images that he thought made women look like ‘objects from Mars’ that he shot this breathtaking series of photos using some of the most beautiful faces in the world and leaving them just as they are.

What do you think about Kelly’s cover?

Stumble It! Virtual Hollywood Makeovers

You HAVE to try out the virtual Hollywood Makeover application at but I’ll warn you from now- it’s a time trap! I had so much fun choosing various hair styles (top to bottom: Reese Witherspoon, Kira Sedgwick, and Anne Hathaway) after I found a shade of red lipstick I liked.

Find a photo of you where your hair is at least somewhat back and is taken head on for best results (finding one where you’re holding a trophy from winning a faux shuffleboard contest- optional).

Try on celebrity hair styles, as well as eye shadow shades, lip colors, even eye liner and different eye colors! Hollywood Makeover

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