Virtual Hollywood Makeovers

You HAVE to try out the virtual Hollywood Makeover application at but I’ll warn you from now- it’s a time trap! I had so much fun choosing various hair styles (top to bottom: Reese Witherspoon, Kira Sedgwick, and Anne Hathaway) after I found a shade of red lipstick I liked.

Find a photo of you where your hair is at least somewhat back and is taken head on for best results (finding one where you’re holding a trophy from winning a faux shuffleboard contest- optional).

Try on celebrity hair styles, as well as eye shadow shades, lip colors, even eye liner and different eye colors! Hollywood Makeover

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A big thank you to Beth at for this fantastic Q&A we did where I share how I started blogging, makeup bag essentials, trends, pulling off black lipgloss(!), and more. It’s a fun read with some great info.

Check it out HERE!

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Allure’s Cheap Thrills

Check out Allure’s Cheap Thrills list of their best beauty bets for just a few dollars.

Allure Cheap Thrills

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Self Magazine Eyeshadow According to Eye Shape

I’m asked about applying eyeshadow all the time. It seems most women struggle with pretty much every aspect of eyeshadow; color selection, placement, what’s appropriate for day versus nighttime. It’s all just a blur.

My thought is simple, eyeshadow isn’t about colors, it’s about placement. Sure women stick with shades they feel work best with their eye colors and skin tone, but it’s based on opinion and comfort and less about what truly looks good.

Real understanding of eyeshadow application comes when you know the recipe for balance that suits your particular eye shape. It’s basically learning what goes where. Once you know how to make the most of your eyes whether they be small, almond, or hooded (having extra skin that folds over the lid) your routine will be quicker and you’ll be more confident to try new colors and looks.

Self magazine has a fantastic article explaining first how to identify what your eye shape is, then giving tips on where to apply different shades of shadow, and most importantly- why.

Self Magazine Eyeshadow for Every Eye Shape

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Allure Beauty 101 Mineral Foundation

If your attempts at applying mineral makeup are met with splotchy, uneven results, check out Allure’s Beauty 101 video on how best to apply mineral makeup. You’ll find great tips to help your mineral experience be its very best.

How to Apply Mineral Makeup

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Women’s Health 365 Days of Beauty

Women’s Health has tips for staying beautiful throughout the year, season by season.

Tips include keeping hair shiny hair during the cold winter months, and when the best time is to try a new foundation.

Check it out

Also worth a glance is their best beauty finds.

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