MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Complexion Travel Kit

If you love MAKE UP FOR EVER, it’s probably because of their color selection. Their eye-catching display of brightly colored makeup is hard to miss at Sephora, and it’s always really well-reviewed. I think a lot of the magic of the line lies with their HD basics though, namely their High Definition Primer, Elixir, and Powder because of their light-yet-powerful approach to getting the skin looking good.

If you haven’t tried this skin and makeup perfecting trio, here’s your chance. Their HD Complexion Travel Kit is a steal at $30 and includes good sized portions for you to try. I really like their light-as-air Elixir serum because it increases skin hydration by 520% after 15 minutes and locks moisture in so makeup looks fresh and doesn’t drag onto the skin.

Natural Looking Brows: MAKE UP FOR EVER Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector

Once you start adding color and shape to your brows, you won’t leave the house without doing it. Although I have full brows (technically ‘brow’ but it’s regularly shaped into two), adding color and definition to them ranks up there in importance equal to mascara. It polishes the face and anchors your eyes, but I’m not talking drawn-on old lady brows so ditch you can ditch the pencils.

MAKE UP FOR EVER has a genus little tube of waterproof brow cream that darkens the skin behind the brows as well as the hairs for a more natural, filled in look. You just need the tiniest amount and a few times using it under your belt to wonder how you ever lived without it.

You can check it out at Sephora online right HERE

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Before and After Photos; Makeup in Your 20’s

Life got a little overwhelming recently, so I decided to take on an intern. This is Danielle, my right hand gal. She’s as sweet as she is beautiful and I couldn’t wait to get her in my chair so I could highlight what makeup in your 20’s should look like.

Think about enhancing, and not covering. You’re looking for a little boost of color with evened out skin. It’s a look that’s youthful, casual, pretty, and really easy. I used some of my favs on Danielle and showed her how to pull off a 5 minute makeup routine that she can wear daily.

Danielle before. I told you she was adorable.
…And after, in natural light

And with a flash

I started by evening out her skin using HD Invisible Cover Foundation from MAKE UP FOR EVER because it’s rich in pigment and easy to blend with a finish that has some luminosity to it so it doesn’t just sit flat on the skin. I also used some around her eyes to cover slight darkness but she didn’t need a separate concealer. If you do wear concealer, apply it on discolored areas before using this foundation so you don’t cover up its finish, a big reason why it looks so great on the skin.

Next I gave her eyes some definition. You’d be shocked at how much pigment and staying power is in Wet N Wild’s ColorIcon palettes. I used the top left shadow as a base shade all over her lids, then I mixed the middle left one with the lower right one for her lower lid only blending it into her natural crease. The result was a little contrast without looking too dark or heavy for a girl who doesn’t usually wear shadow.

It’s also a good lesson on not spending a lot on something you don’t use very often. You can have eye shadow on hand for special events or nights out, but you won’t feel guilty when you don’t wear it daily because they weren’t expensive. If you don’t wear it a lot, don’t spend a lot. Save the cash for something you use all the time.

I couldn’t be more obsessed with Tarte right now. Their EmphasEYES waterproof clay-based shadow/ liner has surpassed Bobbi Brown’s pot liner in my book for a few reasons. It’s a natural formula that’s without Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Petrochemicals, and Phthalates which isn’t easy to fine. But even more importantly, it’s a heck of a lot easier to apply. I think the clay-based formula gives the liner a firmer texture that lays down more precisely and doesn’t slip around as easily as the BB one does. It comes with a dual ended brush that has a liner brush on one side and a smudger one on the other so you can create both a precise line and a smokey eye.

I gave Danielle a precision look along her upper and lower lash line to define her eyes. I didn’t want a harsh look, so I used the liner in Brown instead of black. For a look that’s less intense for daily use, you can also use navy or plum.

On to the cheeks, more Tarte. Totally obsessed. I haven’t reviewed a lot of cheek stains because I think they’re notoriously hard to use. Most begin to dry the second you apply them and can stain in streaks before you get a chance to blend. Instead of packaging their stain in a tube or something small, Tarte opted for this small deodorant looking push up applicator that just happens to be the same width as the area on your cheeks that you’d want to be covered with color. Trust me, the packaging seems bulky but once you use the stain, you understand why it’s made that way. The color essentially applies itself exactly where it should go and you have plenty of time for blending.

I used this shade called Natural Beauty, a sheer berry on her cheeks. It gives one of the most natural looking flushes to the skin there is and the color lasts such a long time. I’ve always been a fan of non-powder cheek colors because they stay on the skin so well, but stains take the lasting power to the next level and this one does so using a natural formula that stands alone.

A little color on the lips and we’re all done. Philosophy’s popular Kiss Me is a hydrating lip balm that boasts a high SPF of 20 as well. Although it gives a somewhat glossy look, its purpose is to give some casual color to the lips that’s light weight and moisturizing.

I just popped the color straight onto her lips without using a liner or lipstick first. It looks bright in the tube, but it sheers out to a light berry glaze that’s just a shade deeper than her lips naturally are. It’s just what you want for casual daily color that feels great on your lips so you don’t forget to reapply.

When you’re 20-something, your routine should be easy and fun. It’s the perfect time to experiment with colors and to find a routine that brings out your best features.

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Set Your Foundation Like the Pros Do; Best Professional Setting Powders

Since the 90’s powdery revolution, matte skin has been a thing of the past. Don’t confuse those old powders with today’s versions which invisibly set foundation and can even be used on dry skin. If you want your foundation to last hours longer, look into a setting powder that’s used by Makeup Artists for a professional looking result. Here are a few I carry in my kit.

KohGenDo has a big celebrity following (I hear it’s a favorite of Sarah Jessica Parker) and I like everything I’ve used from the line. In my kit, I have their Maifanshi Face Powder which lightly sets makeup, reduces shine, and matches all skin tones since it’s invisible on the skin (an important thing for a setting powder to be). This loose formula even works with dry skin because it’s infused with hyaluronic acid so it mattes and sets without creating dryness.

If it’s good enough to be used with airbrush foundation, it’s good enough for your foundation too. Kett has a generously sized Kett Sett Powder that was designed to maintain the integrity of foundations under hot lights and tell-all HDTV cameras. It’s invisible on the skin and keeps even the creamiest eye concealers from creasing and sliding around.

It’s a common marketing tactic for mainstream lines to announce their products to be for Makeup Artists, but they rarely are. MAKE UP FOR EVER is an exception. M.A.C isn’t a line that I would suggest women (or Makeup Artists for that matter) use, and most Makeup Artists I know agree it’s not that great.

But I digress.

The point is, MUF’s HD High Definition Powder is a solid choice for setting makeup because it lightly mattes out shine without looking powdery on the skin and it allows the natural texture of the face show through so you don’t look like a corpse. It gives the face a soft focus look that’s so pretty, women wear it solo on days when applying foundation isn’t in the cards.

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Best of MAKE UP FOR EVER Limited Edition Kit

For a limited time only at Sephora, MAKE UP FOR EVER if offering a Best of kit that allows you to try their best selling HD Primer, HD Powder, Sens’Eyes Waterproof Eye Cleanser, Smoky Lash mascara (full size), and Aqua Eyes pencil in black (full size). It’s valued at $91 but you can grab one for $49 either in stores or right HERE.

Also, watch out for some great makeup in the new movie The Runaways staring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning out in March. Robin Mathews created their looks for the movie using MAKE UP FOR EVER shadows for eyes that scream pure 80’s rock.

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My Spring Wish list; Créme Colors that Pop

I can’t keep up with all of the new, cool things that are being introduced for spring. Here are a few on my wish list that I can’t wait to have.

Laura Mercier’s Radiant Créme Cheek Color compact gives you 3 easy-to-wear shades to highlight and add radiance to your cheeks, eyes, and face. The formula isn’t too creamy and dries to an almost powdery finish so you could even use it on the inner corners of your eyes to give a  pop of shine for day or night.

Looks like I’m not the only one who can’t wait to have Stila’s new Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner- it’s sold out on their site. This thin pen holds a lasting formula and a fine tipped applicator, a winning combination for an evenly placed line that stays in place.

MAKE UP FOR EVER has a perfect compliment to their best-selling HD Foundation, an HD Blush. It’s a creamy, easy to blend cheek color in a pump tube that dispenses exactly the right amount for each application. Choose from 14 shades that range in vibrancy and tone to suit any skin tone and preference.

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