Make Up FOR EVER for Thuy Fall 2010 Fashion Week NYC

I was disappointed this year when I realized I’d be in California during Fashion Week because I wouldn’t be able to cover the shows again. I had such a blast last February when I went backstage and saw all that goes into getting those girls ready. I found the backstage stuff to be more exciting than the shows themselves, which is why I especially love seeing these pics of the Makeup Artists working on the models and close-ups of the final look.

Make Up FOR EVER created this look for Thuy’s 2010 fall show bringing bright lips, luminous skin, and shimmering eyes to the runway.

Here’s what their lead artist, Lottie, used on the girls:

Foundation:  HD Invisible Cover foundation

Cheeks:         Mar Bronze #2 to create a contour and a little on the apples of cheeks

Powder:         Super Matte Loose Powder #12 to set on the t-zone

Eyes:               Star Powder #920 to the whole lid, Pan Cake Foundation #3 on the temples for an illuminating glow,

Lashes:           Smoky Lash Mascara on the top and bottom lash

Lips:                 Flash Color #1 mixed with a little Flash #17 for a matte red patted into lips using fingers

You’ll find a complete set of backstage photos HERE.

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Make Up FOR EVER Aqua Eyes, Grammy Style Studio 2010 and Adam Lambert

Today I was lucky enough to go to the Grammy Style Studio at Smashbox Studios in Hollywood. It was a gorgeous event complete with designers, champagne, and of course makeup. I was there to check out Make Up FOR EVER and see first hand what the line was all about.

Couldn’t you just play for hours?

The candy color makeup for which they’re known served as decor.

They had 4 stations set up with their best artists giving complete makeup applications to Grammy nominees and press.

And then there he was. American Idol star and the latest ‘it’ pop sensation Adam Lambert checking out Make Up FOR EVER and chatting with the artists about how he loves their HD Microfinish Powder.

So in person, he’s pretty much the way you see him on TV. Lots of makeup, jet black funky hair, and piercing eyes. He was reserved and quiet but took time to talk with people and take photos. Really sweet.

Ok, now for the goods. Here’s me after the application. Wow right? So it’s way more than I normally do (which was the point) but it was fun. Aqua Eyes was the clear winner for the best do-it-all in a snap product that makes appliying eye makeup much easier. You can use them for lining or for shadow and they’re a true waterproof (and smudgeproof) formula that glide on easily and blend in well. I wore 12L a blueish green that gave a ton of intensity and bold color on top and on the lower lash line. In the inner corner I wore 17L Pistachio, a light green with a hint of pearl to it that I was so infatuated with I smeared a little on the back of my hand (it’s a makeup artist thing) to see the color more clearly. With all of the commotion, I forgot to take it off before I left and then tried unsuccessfully to rub it off in the car several times. It wouldn’t budge or smear. I’ve never come across a pencil that was soft, blendable and a long-wearing. I can’t wait to get a few of them in my kit. 

They’re available in 25 shades, and 4 are brand new. I’ll be getting 23L Champange to brighten up the lower waterline and inner corner, and also Forrest- the most perfect deep green since green liner is so sexy and wearable.

A big thank you to Make Up FOR EVER for the invite to the Style Studio which left me scratching my head yet again wondering how I got so lucky to have this amazing job.

Aqua Eyes

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When it comes to makeup application, I always try to use as little powder to set the foundation as possible. Too much powder looks heavy on the skin, and isn’t very modern looking. The more you can see skin showing through, the fresher (and younger) you’ll look.

MAKE UP FOR EVER has an alternative to powder when it comes to setting makeup, it’s undetectable on the skin and creates a barrier between the makeup and external factors like pollution and heat that take away your makeup’s ability to last.

I just mist the face completely (even eyes to help shadow stay) from about 10 inches out and press the liquid into the skin with my fingers or a sponge. Doing so sets and keeps the makeup looking fresh for an entire day. No fading, no streaking, no separating, it just holds your foundation perfectly in place. It can be used everyday or just for weddings, special events, photo shoots, or when you really need your makeup to last.

$28, 4.22oz, Sephora and


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The darker the shadow, the more precise it needs to be. Black shadow is often unforgiving which leads some women away from attempting the ever elusive smokey eye. Black shadow is universally flattering and a sexy, a bold choice for dressy evenings out, so finding a product that makes it easy is imperative.

Layer a black, or dark shadow with Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Black for easy blending and a lasting waterproof finish. You’ll love the ultra intense black pigment and the cream’s ability to move and blend where you need it to. Once the look is in place, it’s guaranteed to stay there since the waterproof formula won’t budge. Add a flash of it to your lash tips with a fan brush for long looking, waterproofed lashes.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Black

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Build up your puny lashes with Make Up For Ever’s Lash Fibers which coat lashes using tiny fibers to give a bold effect and bigger eyes. Mascara has more to cling to so you’ll use less while enjoying the immediate gratification of fatter lashes.


Make Up For Ever Lash Fibers

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