Makeup Before and After: How to Use Yellow Primer

I was dying to try Koh Gen Do’s Yellow Primer ever since I saw this now infamous photo of it slathered all over Kim Kardashian’s face. Though my technique isn’t the same as her MUA Mary’s, I use it all the time and am addicted to the gorgeous highlight it gives the skin. How did I ever live without it? Pre-foundation I apply a good amount of it under the eyes- all the way across like a half moon and down to the tops of cheeks, I also use it down the bridge of the nose, the center of the forehead, and also on the chin. There are many ways to highlight the skin, but this is how I use this product and get great results.  Because it’s a primer and not a foundation or concealer, the yellow pigment isn’t too dense which can make the skin look sallow.

I used Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation over the primer which has been a staple in my kit for years. As you can see the coverage is perfection and it’s undetectable so it doesn’t look at all heavy. It’s a staple for so many Makeup Artists, but you can use it as a daily foundation too.

After highlighting the skin, I needed to put some depth back in so I used a ton of Jouer’s Mattifying Bronzer aroud her hairline, cheeks, and even down her neck and decloté to give her a bit more color and ensure that her face would match up with her neck. I don’t like bronzers that have shimmer in them which I think give a really tacky Jersey Shore sort of look. Jouer’s are shimmer-free and give a subtle, natural looking glow which is why they’ve become the most used in my kit. This new formula mops up shine by keeping the skin matte, an unusual bonus for a bronzer.

One of my very favorite things I’ve tried this summer is Laura Mercier’s Kohl Liner Extreme,. The black is so rich and deep that a little goes a long way, but it’s the ease of application that I love best. The slightly creamy formula comes to a dull tip that’s a bit wider than a traditional pencil so it’s easy to draw a line on the lid or smudge it into your waterline. If you feel like you can never get your liner on right, you have to try this one out. It will make your liner application 10x easier.



Makeup I Use & Jane Iredale’s Latest

What you see below is the makeup I packed for our California trip (brushes and skincare not included obvs). All were things I bought (save for the CARGO bronzer and theBalm shadow) in spite of there being plenty of makeup scattered around my office sent by companies wanting me to review it all. I do have a Japonesque case filled with makeup that I love using when time allows and there’s a reason to doll up, but most days I edit down and use at least one or two things from this pile.

Bronzer: CARGO
Mineral Foundation: Jane Iredale in Warm Silk
Laura Mercier: Eyeliner for Tightline
White Eye Pencil: Jane Iredale
Lip Gloss: Jane Iredale in Soft Peach (my all time fav shade)
Lipstick: Aveda Oyster Pink (limited)
Cheek Color: Jane Iredale Parfait
Single Eye Shadow: theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
Shadow trio: Smashbox Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio in ‘Filter’
Foundation: Boscia BB Cream
Concealer: Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal
Not Pictured: Mascara CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion (the purple tube)

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I use the Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup over the BB Cream for a little more coverage. In a hurry, I just brush on the Iredale powder solo.

Speaking JI- their new Smooth Affair primer is amazing. It’s a light weight nourishing formula with good-for-the-skin ingredients and antioxidants that really help makeup stay put. I’ve even used it a few times in place of a morning moisturizer when my skin isn’t feeling dry because it’s the perfect amount of hydration and it makes my skin look and feel great. She also introduced a mineral BB Cream that will soon replace the Boscia I’ve been using once it runs out. It has tons of coverage and a beautiful finish. I like it better than the Boscia because of the natural ingredients and it comes in darker shade selections rather than just one ‘universal’ shade that really isn’t.

Smooth Affair Primer

Glow Time BB Cream

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint

Jouer is really an every-woman sort of line with genus ‘snap together’ packaging and colors for grown ups that flatter and work together in an effortless way. I wasn’t surprised that I really liked their new Matte Moisture Tint foundation, I liked it so well that it went straight into my personal kit. It’s something I’ll wear regularly and buy again once I’m out.

It’s an oil-free, mineral rich formula with big coverage that blended so completely into my skin that it was undetectable. It disguised red blotches and even darkness around my eyes so well that I didn’t need to use any concealer for my skin to look all glowy and perfect. All skin types can enjoy it because in this case oil-free doesn’t mean drying and it looked as perfect at the end of the day as when I first put it on without needing to set it with powder or any touch ups.

Find Jouer online HERE, or in select Nordstrom stores where we’ll hopefully be seeing more of them. soon

Makeup Before and After: Jane Iredale and the Case for Purple Shadow

Every now and again in this wedding makeup world of neutrals and more naturals, I’ll get a bridesmaid who’s ready to smoke it up. In this case, it was a purple-hued inspiration pic via Pinterest that lit her fire. You want purple? You got it girl, lets have some fun.

Smokey plums, black liner, big lashes, and pink lips was what made the look.



A little closer

Like most Makeup Artists, I I carry only the best in my kit which is typically professional lines, so having a mineral line in there is a big deal. Jane Iredale made the cut because of their Eye Steppes shadow palette in goCool, a compact containing 4 plums and a pink highlight that pop like crazy. Purples are beautiful. They’re the other neutral as far as I’m concerned and they look great on everyone. Grab a lavender shadow next time instead of another boring brown and see what a difference a little color makes.

Pure Gloss in Pink Candy is all I used on her lips. This color and Soft Peach are my two most used glosses that I order again and again. Full of pigment and just the right amount of moisture, they aren’t sticky and give a long wear time.

Glo Minerals Under Eye Primer

Under Eye Primer $24 from Glo Minerals is well worth a bonus step in your routine. It’s a lightly tinted silicone based primer for the area under the eyes to fill in fine lines and prime the skin so it can hold onto concealer and keep it looking fresh. I’ve been loving it on my clients with dry skin or anyone with slight (or prominent) crow’s feet to instantly freshen the look of tired eyes by blurring those lines and not allowing concealer to settle which accentuates everything. I have tons of primers in my kit that I’ve used around the eyes, but this one seems lighter and better suited to specifically improve this delicate area. It’s great investment if drawing attention to your eyes is your thing.

Alima Pure Let Them Eat Cake Collection

If you’re named after something it’s called a namesake, but if you’re named after a cake would it then be a cakesake? Namecake? Anyway…These 4 totally adorable shadows from Alima Pure’s Let Them Eat Cake collection are the ‘cakesakes’ of the yummy desserts they resemble. I like Alima Pure’s shadows – versatile with good pigment and with one of the cleanest formulations around. Each of these 4 shadows are of the everyday variety with the deeper shades allowing for some options in depth. Red Velvet reminds me of Stila’s epic Twig shadow while Angel Food gives a nude shimmer similar to their popular Kitten shade minus the orangy tint that can make Kitten a challenge on fair skin. Strawberry Shortcake is a delicate pink shimmer while Devil’s Food can be used for a punch of drama or as a liner.

Check it-

Left to right: Red Velvet, Strawberry Shortcake, Angel Food, Devil’s Food

I’m slowly transitioning into mineral formulas when I find ones with good pigment and wear time, not an entirely easy task but these 4 made the cut into my kit. You can use them wet to punch them up, or pat them right over a still-tacky layer of shadow primer for a better grab and a heightened look.