glo minerals Pressed Base, the Cure For Your M.A.C Studio Fix Addiction

I think I finally found the perfect detox to quit a serious M.A.C Studio Fix Powder addiction – that foundation we’ve all tired for its coverage but quit wearing it because of what it does to your skin (many experience small bumps that are difficult to chase away), and also because of how dull and chalky it can leave skin looking. Pressed Base from glo minerals is a complete coverage foundation with mineral benefits and a pretty finish that isn’t harsh or heavy. I feel like it was so thoughtfully created to be a good makeup first and foremost – it’s essentially a full-coverage foundation that just happens to be mineral-based.

If you lean more toward a liquid to get your coverage, you have to check out their Protective Liquid Foundation available in either a satin or matte finish. It’s the best liquid mineral foundation I’ve ever tried, hands down. The coverage is outstanding, it glides right into the skin, gives a natural looking finish, and it lasts all day.

Also well worth checking out is this Corrective Camouflage Kit, the first of its kind where I’ve actually used all colors involved especially the lavender. Just a little of this light purplish cream over cheekbones or anywhere you’d want to highlight the face adds a brightness and vibrancy that’s hard to beat.

glo minerals

Alima Pure Mineral Makeup

Using 4 or fewer ingredients for most of their formulations, Alima Pure is an incredibly clean mineral makeup.  (Check out their safety scores from I was so enchanted by their equally clean website that I scooped up a ton of $1.50 sample jars. I love when companies sample, it just says to me that they’re confident in their products and know you’ll come back for more. And I will…

Foundations etc: They offer dozens of colors to ensure a perfect match. It’s not a heavy formula but it’s certainly buildable, especially when you use it with their Primer Powder (great to block shine), and buff a Finishing Powder over top. I’ve also been using the Lavender Color Balancing Powder on my forehead and upper cheek area for some added brightness. It sounds like a lot to put on, but it really works together and never gets heavy or cakey. I like to spray a little Avene Thermal Spring Water over top and press it into the skin with a Beauty Blender for a natural, undetectable finish in any light.

Balancing Primer Powder in Light, Concealer in Beige, Satin Matte Foundation in Beige2, Color Balancing Powder in Buttercup, Color Balancing Powder in Lavender

Cheeks: I’m in love with their Bronzer, it isn’t the slightest bit shimmery and it’s a perfect warm shade. I wanted more from the Luminous Shimmer Powder though, it’s just okay – the shimmer isn’t special enough to move me to a purchase because it’s so slight and flakes away.

Satin Matte Blush in Bisque, Luminous Shimmer Powder in Luna, Bronzer in Mauna Loa

Eyeliner: You can’t see it well from my photo, but the black is deep. Use it wet for a liner, or dry to smoke out any look. Illusion is a pretty shade, I like it best for a shadow. If you like a rich, pigment-dense look from your shadows, use a liner as a shadow or choose colors slightly deeper than you normally would.

Satin Matte Eyeliner in Black, Luminous Shimmer Eyeliner in Illusion

Eyeshadows: I found the finish of the Pearluster and Shimmer shadows to be almost identical, and using them wet gives a more intense metallic gleam. Stick with their matte formula if you have more mature lids, it isn’t totally flat and its lack of sheen won’t settle into lines or extenuate dryness. As with any shadow, I’d recommend using a primer first so the powders have something to cling to. I liked their color selection and formula. I wish I’d chosen some brighter shades though, why do I always do neutrals?

Satin Matte Eyeshadow Chocolat, Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow Tigereye, Pearluster Eyeshadow Taupe, Pearluster Eyeshadow Grace

Eyeshadow Swatches: Same order as above. Matte, Shimmer, Pearluster, Pearluster.

Satin Matte Eyeshadow Chocolat, Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow Tigereye, Pearluster Eyeshadow Taupe, Pearluster Eyeshadow Grace

Sample Jar Sizing: You could get a few months out of the sample jars since just a small amount does the trick.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced color line with safe ingredients, Alima is as pure as it gets. Check out their site and wrangle up a few samples of whatever strikes your fancy, $1.50 is a heck of a deal.

Alima Pure

Powdered Eye Liners

Eye liner; friend and foe. Perfectly lined eyes are so beautiful and the cornerstone of most looks, but getting it on evenly is the bane of most women’s morning routines. This new generation of powdered liner is easier to apply than a gel or a pencil because they don’t slip around. You won’t get a completely precision look like a liquid liner gives, it’s much more of a laid back, casual look that’s quick and simple to maneuver. Here are a few powdered liners to check out.

Jane Iredale can pretty much do no wrong as a line as far as I’m concerned. It’s a personal fav and a go-to for a lot of my daily routine. Their new Mystikol dual ended powder liners give bold, rich color on an easy-to-draw sponge tipped applicator on one side, and a highlighter shade on the other to fire up your inner corner or brow bone.

Novice liner gals will love their ease, but I think their strong suit is their total blendability from a liner into a smudgy shadow.

Color Options:

Malachite: A sparkling moss with buttery beige

Amethyst: Royal purple with luxurious pearl

Dark Topaz: Rich brown with velvet rose

Lapis Lazuli: Vibrant blue with shimmering ivory

Onyx: Otherworldly black with creamy pearl

In Bloom Soft Focus Powder Eye Liners from Smashbox use precision wand applicators to apply soft shades effortlessly without any dragging along the lid. They’re available in day-friendly shades for a lighter look that isn’t harsh, if you’re not a fan of the black eye liner look then these are for you.

Color Options:

Dark Brown


Guerlain’s Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Liner has a fine tip wand for a thiner line and some pretty fiery shades with just a dash of glimmer for the ultimate in sexy eyes.

Color Options:


Brun (with golden flex)

Blue (teal)

Mirage (dark neutral brown) limited edition

Mineralogie Get Started Kit

One of my favorite mineral lines, Mineralogie shows Bare Escentuals that there’s more than just one kit out there that highlights the best of the line. You can check out my review of the foundation HERE where I highlight my favorite qualities of the makeup – mainly its coverage, SPF 26, and water-resistant formula. I find the coverage to be complete but not heavy like Bare Escentuals – a makeup that I can spot on girls a mile away.

All mineral foundation goodness aside, I love their mineral-based cream concealer. It’s a rare find, especially one this perfect that blends in nicely especially around the eye area where a powder can settle into fine lines and make you look older.

Their Get Started Kit ($35) has a big sized foundation (shade of your choice), a bronzer that compliments your skin tone, cream concealer, and a fluffy brush perfect for a seamless application. It’s labeled a 60-day kit, but it should last well beyond 2 months.

It’s a salon/ spa line with tons of nationwide locations where you can go in and have a professional help you with color selection. Click HERE for their store locator.

Jouer Cosmetics

Super cool website aside, Jouer is a top notch makeup range. They’ve taken the guesswork out of ordering color online by allowing you to virtually try it on. This picture is on each page that sells color (shadows, lipsticks, blush) so when you mouse over a certain shade, you can see how it looks on each skin tone. Brilliant right? It’s a software that will eventually be on every site where cosmetics are sold, but they’re one of the few who has it right now.

If you’re choosy about shadows, this formula will blow you away. Their powder shadows almost feel creamy because they’re so soft and pigment-rich and they don’t cause that flakey, powdery fall-out that happens under your eyes. They have 20 shades of mattes and shimmer shadows that cover every shade you’d ever need, it’s a grown up line that (thankfully) omitted the wild colors most women don’t use anyway. And it’s not only the shadows that rival big department store lines, all of their formulas are so soft and perfectly pigmented that they make application incredibly easy.

Notice the little notches on the sides of the compact? Their packaging all interlocks together so that a few loose shadows can easily be turned into a clever custom palette using as many or as few as you’d like. You can also connect together their cheek colors, concealers, powders, and even glosses so nothing gets lost in the bottom of your bag.

Here is a gloss, bronzer, and two shadows- you can leave them all separate if you’d like.

Here’s the shadow compact up close so you can see the notch used to slide everything together.

All locked together!

You can see the labeling and know what each one is for without having to memorize color names.

Everything you need, right in a row.

Bottom line; Jouer is a chic line minus the needless trends some cosmetic companies get hung up on. Their hip approach to organized beauty is refreshing and the products are high quality. You can check em for yourself out right HERE

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Jane Iredale Melon PureGloss & Brush-Me-Bronze

I use a lot of Jane Iredale. Day to day, it’s the bulk of what I use. Her innovative products keep me coming back for more which says a lot since my cabinets are fully stocked with everything you can imagine. Everything, apparently, except a bright corral gloss for spring. I typically wear a muted natural gloss, but since I’m starting to use more bronzer, I needed my lips to stand up to the added color in my face. PureGloss in Melon (pictured below) is sheer enough for even the biggest nude lip enthusiast without looking orangey.

Brush-Me Bronze is the bronze-filled version of Brush-Me Matte, the invisible mattifying powder I always keep my makeup bag. Twist the top piece to unlock it allowing the brush to fill with a small amount of mineral based bronzer and sweep it where you need a color boost. It’s not a glittery formula so you can’t see even the slightest shimmer even in the daylight which makes it more wearable (and more believable). I’m pretty fair and have the #2 so unless you’re incredibly fair (like alabaster fair) I’d probably lean toward the #2 as well.

With all of the new spring collections just remember that a few new things can be enough to keep you modern and, in this case, ready for spring.

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