Bare Escentuals I Love BE Grand 9-piece Color Collection

Keep it all for yourself, or break it up to share but Bare Escentuals fans won’t want to miss out on their new 9 piece collection. All of the color pieces in the kit are new shades and exclusive to QVC up until the dates specified. Here’s what you’ll enjoy in the collection and where to find it.

bareMinerals SPF 15 foundation with Click, Lock, Go sifter–full size

RareMinerals Skin Revival Night Treatment–full size

NEW Soul Eye Color, a light cream linen

NEW Heart Eye Color, a light violet rose

NEW Charcoal Big & Bright Eyeliner–exclusive to QVC until May 15

NEW Love Radiance allover face color, a hint of apricot pink–exclusive to QVC until June 1

NEW Heartcake 100% Natural Lip Gloss, a rose pink–exclusive to QVC until June 1

One handy buki brush with extended handle

One contour shadow brush

Bare Escentuals I Love BE Grand 9-piece Color Collection

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Jane Iredale ChocohoLICKs

You might buy them for a gift, but you won’t want to give them all away. Jane Iredale has created the perfect solid lip gloss set for those with a sweet tooth that are way too cute to not keep (at least one) for yourself.

ChocohoLICKs 4 glosses mimic a box of real chocolate candies with strawberry cream, truffle, chocolate orange, and carmel, they’re the exact scent replica of their namesakes. Coco and coffee seed extracts provide the lip licking flavor of real treats, while avocado and jojoba oil give hours of intense hydration.

I love the idea of a solid gloss- it’s the feel of complete moisture and the look of a sexy, shiny gloss all sweetly packaged in crimped paper cups just like real chocolates.

Jane Iredale ChocohoLICKs

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Best Bronzers

Summer has gone away, but the bronzy glow can be here to stay using the right bronzer for your skin type (and budget).

Here are a few of my favs.

Best Bronzer for Deeper Skin Tones; Black Radiance Mosaic Bronzer in Bronzing Shimmer $5 Walgreens, Drugstores Nationwide

Add contrast and warmth to deeper skin tones with Black Radiance, the leading cosmetic drugstore line for African-American women. Bronzing Shimmer gives you 4 shades to create a rich sunny look with a little bit of glow.

Best Budget Mineral Bronzer; Everyday Minerals Everyday Bronzer

Not only is the price right, but you can try it first in a (rather large) sample size for just $2.50 to make sure the color works for you. Same goes for their wildy popular mineral foundations, cheek colors, and select eyeshadows.

Best Bronzer for Photography; CARGO blu_ray Bronzer
$30, Sephora,,

When it’s the photos that count most, you want something designed specifically for the lens where imperfections are often amplified. With light-diffusing particles that scatter and blur light, it gives a much softer appearance in a one-shade-suits-most color.

Best Bronzer for Dry Skin; Lancome Tropiques Minérale Smoothing Loose Bronzer
$38,, Department Stores Nationwide

Lancome’s aloe-infused mineral bronzer smoothes over fine lines instead of settling into them avoiding that dry, cakey appearance some powders can give. Give this giant jar a second job by scooping a little powder out to mix it into your body lotion for instantly bronzed arms, legs, and declote.

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Easy Makeup Tips

5 Minute Makeup;

Anything cream-based is quickest because it can be applied with your fingers. Find something multi-use like Stila’s Convertible Color creme compacts- formulas meant for both lips and cheeks. The same is true for your eyes, cream shadows can be swept on using your fingers, and have better staying power than most powder shadows.

Youthful Looking Skin;

There is a formula to create youthful looking skin, and it starts with a lightweight, luminous foundation like Laura Mercier’s Illuminating Tinter Moisturizer especially when you’re dry- to add radiance to the face- a quality our skin starts to lose as we age. Skip the powder- you don’t need it- and use a cream blush in a bright-yet-sheer hue.

Makeup for Breakouts;

You want to cover the breakouts you have without exacerbating the problem caused by using foundations that heighten inflammation. Use what I typically do, Jane Iredale Pressed Base. All bad opinions of mineral makeup come here to die since JI’s version provides complete, long-wearing, natural looking coverage while blanketing the skin with ingredients that help it to heal.

Preventing Eyeliner and Mascara from Running;

Nothing works better than Benefit’s She Laq- it’s a one-of-a-kind liquid that seals makeup and prevents it from wandering off where you don’t want it to go. Sweeping it underneath the eyes will form an invisible seal that color won’t seep into. There’s nothing else like it.

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Laura Mercier Mineral Illuminating Powder

Glowing skin is an always modern for both day and night. Laura Mercier makes healthful looking skin so easy with their new Mineral Illuminating Powder offered in 2 delicate shades meant to highlight beautifully and not overwhelm.

Use it to highlight your brow bones, or sweep it over your cheeks either on top of foundation or just on bare skin. Bring life to your lips by dabbing it on over your favorite lip color, or even lip balm. I use a ton of it over the declote area, arms, and legs either dry with a big fluffy brush, or mixed in with a little body lotion.

Highlighting the skin gives a glowing, sexy look that works for all ages and skin types. It’s not a matter of if this powder is right for you, simply where you’ll find it works best on your face and body.

Nordstrom, Sephora, and $32

Laura Mercier Mineral Illuminating Powder

Add the Illuminating Powder to a few other Mercier must-haves totaling $125 to receive this gift with purchase which includes one of my fav cheek colors ever, Amberstone. All gift details can be found here. Offer good until April 15, 2009 while supplies last on only.

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Best Foundations for Medium to Deep Skin Tones

Too many cosmetic lines are missing the boat when it comes to a full line of foundations for all women. Here are a few companies whose offerings of foundations for deeper skin tones are right on the money.

MAC’s Studio Sculpt SPF 15 foundation is a gel based formula that offers great medium to full coverage that’s water-resistant and very long wearing. Available in 23 shades, $28, online or in stores.

Jane Iredale’s premier line of mineral makeup is award winning year after year for a reason. It’s a great product. Their line has the deepest shade range I’ve seen in a mineral line, and the colors are fantastic. 10 shades available for medium to deeper skin, $48, or in select spas.

Bobbi Brown was among the first to create foundations that were skin tone correct, meaning they had yellow based undertones that looked more like skin than formulas prior. Soon after, other lines took notice and put a halt (for the most part) in creating peachy and pinky foundations that didn’t look like skin and didn’t blend. Bobbi has 7 different foundation formulas that contain deep shades including her new Skin Foundation SPF 15 with a technology that gives the appearance of skin and not makeup. $45,, and select department stores.

If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with Iman, a line designed with women who can’t find a foundation to match their skin in mind. 4 different formulas include an oil-free stick foundation that’s virtually undetectable on the skin. $15,, and select stores.