Highlight Lips, Eyes, and Cheeks with Laura Mercier’s Radiant Créme Cheek Colour

I talk a lot about adding radiance to the skin, it’s an important technique to learn because it adds a glow that’s healthy and young looking. Every woman should own something that gives radiance or highlights the skin. I’m still using Laura Mercier’s Radiant Créme Cheek Colour compact on my lids, cheeks, and inner corners of my eyes. It’s a creme to powder texture that stays in place and gives a glow to the skin without being too creamy which can tend to look greasy.

For normal to dry skin, rub a little of the peachy or berry color on the apples of your cheeks before applying foundation. You’ll notice a subtle hint of glow that you’ll want  daily. If you tend to be more on the oily side, chances are you don’t want any extra shine. Use the gold color in the inner corners of your eyes day or night to make your eyes sparkle. You can layer any of the colors on your lids to give powder shadows more dimension, or you can even add a dab to the center of your lips for a stand-out pout.

You’ll find the (limited edition) palette HERE while supplies last.

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Stila One Step Makeup

I haven’t given the green light on a Stila liquid foundation in the history of HOB. I like their Illuminating Powder Foundation, but haven’t tried a liquid one of theirs since the long discontinued Complete Coverage. The buzz alone on One Step was enough to get me to try this foundation which has quickly changed my tune about Stila’s ability to give good face.

One Step is a revolutionary new foundation that gives the benefits of 4 products in one; primer, foundation, concealer, and powder. It has a really unique consistency that’s almost like a mousse with a light powdery feel and coverage that can be built from medium to full.

For a little more coverage after you’ve used it as a foundation, use a concealer brush to dab it over blemishes and red spots to get a concealer effect because of its rich density.

Does it take the place of a powder? No, it isn’t drying on the skin, but using a powder to set the makeup and keep it in place isn’t necessary. It primes the skin, covers what you need it to, and sets itself.

In true Stila form, the color has a tinge of luminosity to it, nothing harsh though, just enough to where it isn’t flat looking on the face, and having a silicone-based primer built right in helps with the appearance of fine lines,

My skin tends to be normal to slightly shiny in my t-zone and I felt the formula was well suited for me. If you struggle with overly dry skin, you might find the formula a little drying, but I can see most skin types being able to wear it.

Bottom line- One Step gives complete coverage and a pretty finish, all in one little bottle.

Stila One Step Makeup

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Boscia Sheer Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

I’m always happier to see a skin care company introduce a tinted moisturizer than a cosmetic line coming out with one. Getting the color right is easy, but it’s the moisturizer itself that really counts. Boscia’s Sheer Tinted Moisturizer is the only color item in a sea of skin care- it’s makeup that ‘acts’ like moisturizer.

I’m always presenting products for skin that needs help, but for women whose skin is mostly fine- this will provide a little evening out with a boost of hydration and SPF for daytime. No confusing regimen, no heavy coverage, just a pretty, natural look that’s easily applied and blended with your fingers.

Since Boscia leans toward the natural side of skin care, it’s without fragrance, alcohol, and animal ingredients which makes it easier for all skins to wear without allergic reactions. Their shades are all skin tone correct- yellow based to conceal redness and look as natural as skin itself.

Bottom line: you’ll love this pretty, luminous, soft looking tinted moisturizer that’s easy to wear and priced just right.








$35, 4 Shades, BosciaSkincare.com, Sephora

Boscia Sheer Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

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Weleda Almond Facial Oil

Weleda has managed to turn the most potent ingredients cultivated by nature into a best-selling hit for natural grocers like Whole Foods. By now I already know that anything I try from Weleda I’ll really like, which is made easier by their often single-digit ingredient lineup. You know exactly what you’re getting right off the bat.

Almond Face Oil has exactly 3 ingredients; Sweet Almond Oil, Plum Seed Oil, and Blackthorn Flower Extract that make an oil that’s lighter than most and absorbs lightning fast. I understand that when they named it a ‘Facial Oil’ they were just trying to convey that it’s multi-purpose, but in doing so I think its actual value might be minimized.

Although I mostly use it for an eye makeup remover, or as an all-over facial pre-cleanse to break down makeup, it’s also a dry skin savior this time of year. Just a few drops under your moisturizer day and/or night will give your moisture barrier a boost to get rid of that annoying tight feeling our faces dread in the winter.

For sensitive skin, it’s incredibly soothing when your face becomes red and irritated from the cold. You’ll see an immediate calming of the redness with zero irritation since it’s fragrance free and high in natural antioxidants.

Or, skip your face altogether and add a shot of it to your lotion to really tame dry hands and cuticles- I can use it while I’m typing without making a greasy mess out of my keyboard.

Weleda Almond Facial Oil

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Josie Maran; Argan Oil, Eye Shadow, Fingerpaints

The popularity of Moroccan Oil has brought argan oil into the limelight, which is odd because women have been using argan oil for centuries on their, hair, skin, nails, babies, and even food. Yup, they eat it. And why wouldn’t they? It’s high in vitamin e, essential fatty acids, and holds up to oxidation better than olive oil.

Even better, argan oil (the authentic stuff) is only made by women . Berber women from west Morocco work by hand to break down the nuts from the argan tree into an raw oil, the purest and most coveted form typically used in skincare. This oil is a one-size-fits-all treatment for the skin, known to benefit dryness, acne, psoriasis, eczema, and wrinkles.

Pre Moroccan Oil madness, Josie Maran learned first hand through her travels how argan oil could directly benefit the skin and decided to put it in her line of cosmetics as well as offer it on its own, the way she’s long been using it.

She even offers a 100% organic Argan Oil (that’s its 1 and only ingredient), and now a new Argan Oil Moisturizing Stick .

Now on to the goods.

She touts her line ‘beauty without baggage’ formulated with natural, organic, paraben-free ingredients that are free of toxins, petrochemicals, and other skin irritants. Not that you’d notice, her chic packaging would never give away the fact that she’s a tree-hugger in disguise, and neither would the makeup’s performance.

Her 20 shades of velvety wet/dry shadows give a strong performance with a glide and blendability you’d expect from a professional line, and her pale pink metallic packaging with generously sized mirrors inside are among the cutest I’ve seen.

Often attempted, but rarely well-executed are her Fingerpaints which make creating her Luminous Face look a snap. These highlighting quads have such a sheer, glowy look to them, you can’t over-do it or get it wrong.

I could go on..

Explore Josie Maran for yourself and find your new beauty go-to in a sea of beauty bliss.

Josie Maran

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Everyday Essentials for Back to School

It’s that time of year again when girls head back to college filling their tiny bathrooms with too many products. I’ve found a few everyday essentials along with some multi-tasking space savers we can all afford.

Remember those old 2-in-1 shampoo/ conditioners that did neither well? Jane Iredale’s new Truly Pure Shampoo & Conditioner cleanses and conditions hair. Great for all hair types especially oily or fine when a separate conditioner might be too heavy.

$36, JaneIredaleDirect.com

Softlips Tinted Lip Conditioners are the newest addition to the Softlips collection. Day and night, you’ll use this lip balm/ SPF 15/ splash of color trifecta.

$3, 3 Shades, Drugstores Nationwide

Initially I just thought it was just a razor with a giant head on it, but Schick Intuition is the most innovative razor out there. Its blades are surrounded by a moisturizing solid that lathers up on contact right before and after contact with the razor, so there’s no need to use soap or shaving cream. Oddly, not having to prep legs before shaving them is a huge time saver, and the fragrance-free Sensitive Skin option is a must for those prone to razor burn.

$10 Drugstores Nationwide

Not just for acne, Clearasil Stayclear Deep Cleansing Scrub keeps skin clear and soft with exfoliating microbeads and 2% Salicylic Acid. It’s gentle enough for daily use and a great all-around cleanser and exfoliant combined.

$4.50, Drugstore.com, Drugstores Nationwide

I felt like a cheater when I tried Dove’s Ultimate Visibly Smooth just because I already use a deoderant I really love, and trying a new deodorant is just plain scary, but this new deodorant sounded almost too good to be true. I had to try it. Dove’s groundbreaking Pro-Epil Complex softens underarm hair making it less visible and easier to remove. Prickly underarm hair is softened making it less visible and the formula is hardworking. Kudos to Dove for creating a scent that isn’t trying to mimic a tropical vacation, Wild Rose smells soft and fresh without being perfume-y.

$3, Drugstores Nationwide

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