Mally: The Perfect Bright Lip Kit

Girls who always wear lipstick: I salute you.

I’ve never been one to wear a lot of color on my lips even though I know it livens up your face, adds brightness, and just makes you look more polished especially when you aren’t wearing much makeup otherwise. I always look at women who are wearing lipstick during the day like they know something I don’t. They just look so put together like they have really important jobs and a perfect house and dinner already marinating in the fridge that they’ll cook promptly after their gym session which they never miss. *Sigh* Have you ever noticed? It’s hard to look sloppy when you’re wearing lipstick.


I can’t say that I did anything amazing today while wearing Mally’s The Perfect Bright Lip Kit in Frisky Fuchsia, but I felt a lot more put together in my workout pants (I didn’t work out today) and maternity shirt at story time and the grocery store.

Not sloppy from the neck up.

I’m loving this lip pencil. It’s creamy and light like a good lip balm so I forgot I was wearing it until I accidentally wiped half of it off with a napkin when I was eating so I looked like The Joker for probably several hours until I even noticed. Other than that- it didn’t bleed out and stayed bold and bright the whole time. It has the staying power of a long-wearing lipstick without the dryness and weird feel those formulas often have. The lip liner glides on so easily that I had to put it in my kit. It’s made to plump and not settle so it creates a good barrier that won’t allow the color to bleed out.

Click to enlarge

My pink lips were a good reminder that bold colors should see daytime every now and again. It was nice to catch little glimpses of my fuchsia pout during an unglamorous day filled with diaper changes and errands. We all deserve to at least look like we might be doing something really fabulous later.

The Pic Collage App is Helping Me Decorate My House

For whatever reason I decided to rip the house apart a few months ago. What started as a simple bathroom remodel turned into a refresh that includes renovating 3 bathrooms, new furniture in our bedroom, the living room, God only knows what in the kitchen at this point, and of course a new nursery.Did I mention a whole house paint too? Yea, and I’m 7 months pregnant. It’s literally a race right now to see what I’ll finish up first.


My addiction to all things Jeff Lewis has me wanting a more contemporary look with patterns and color. I’m sick of a brown/taupe/beige/neutral/blah house! I think designing Harper’s nursery gave me the confidence to try out some bolder colors throughout the rest of the house since that’s easily my favorite room now. The problem is, well, I’m not always good at choosing decorations and furniture. When I’ve done this in the past, I returned as many things as I kept. Colors look different in my head than in real life and sometimes I forget what’s already in the room or what I actually need or why I’m standing in the store. It’s so confusing! I’m really hoping my Pic Collage app will help me with this whole process since I’ll be able to see what I already have in the room for reference. It seems complicated but it’s not, I just take a screenshot of the things I have in the room (I use images from the company’s website but you can take photos too) then I add them to a board for each room. Just looking at everything together helped me to decide the what throw pillows to get (yay Etsy!) because I could see the patterns and colors together in the actual room. I’m hoping this will save me from trips back and forth to the store while also helping me ‘try on’ those bold colors I’d be too scared to buy.

I’ll post a complete board when I’m finished along with before and after photos of the actual room. Cross your fingers that the afters will be an actual improvement…

What I have in my actual living room so far..

Our Anniversary

Today was our wedding anniversary! Married for 7 years (together for 12!) Because it fell on a Monday, we have a 1 year old in tow, and I’m 7 months pregnant- we packed up and headed over to Dove Valley to check out a Denver Broncos training camp. Perfect family activity.

Well not quite, but it would’ve been perfect if they had bleachers. Or shade. Or parking. But all that aside, there was free football to watch! Not that I did.


I was chatting with my friend Chris and her kids which was much more entertaining.


Later Mike, Harper and I had pizza on a patio and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. It was exactly the low-key day we needed.


Happy Anniversary to the best person I know. Our girls are so lucky to have such a great dad.


What I Ate: Eating Out Edition

We’ve had such a fun, busy summer and being out means eating out so I wanted to show you some things I’ve eaten in the past few weeks while we’ve been on the go.

We met family at our local Vietnamese place Viet Pho and I had hot soup in 90° heat. It’s alway pho weather as far as I’m concerned.

We shopped and ate with friends last Saturday at the Boulder farmer’s market. The Greek stand had breakfast gyros with eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, and yummy tzatziki. It was a perfect snack. Strange fact: I hate eggs unless I’m pregnant then for some reason I can eat them.

It looks like it’s from a restaurant because it’s so pretty but the pasta dish was a special lunch Mike whipped up last week. It’s brown rice pasta with roasted red peppers, spinach, and our fave vegan sausage Field Roast.

Last Thursday we met friends for Greek at a little place called Tzatziki’s and stuffed ourselves with hummus and falafel. Harper loves falafel and had a great time trying new things. We also polished off two baskets of fries in full disclosure but they didn’t photograph as nicely.

It was all about a Mexican place in Denver called Blue Bonnet when I met high school friends for lunch last week. I could’ve eaten 3x what was on this plate but held back. I have a weakness for enchiladas.

After we took Harper to her first Colorado Rockies baseball game we stopped at Sweet Tomatoes for a quick dinner. I wish I had a salad bar at home, I’d have a huge salad like this twice a day. It’s all that chopping and prep work that drives me crazy.


4th of July 5k Run

Over the 4th while you were hopefully sleeping in or having a breakfast filled with mimosas, I squeezed into my workout gear and high tailed it over with Mike and Harper for a neighborhood 5k run.

I understand that this is a totally unremarkable feat for most but considering (excuse alert!) I haven’t ran in at least 2 years and I’m almost 6 months pregnant, it was a somewhat big deal. Mike was totally surprised when I even brought up the possibility of running it and immediately jumped online to get us registered. Well shit. ‘Now I have to do it’ was my only thought. Since Mike runs marathons, short races like these aren’t interesting to him, but he was so excited that I wanted to do it and we could take Harper who loves being in her stroller. Family run on a beautiful day right?

Um no. Although I’m not huge (yet) I’ve of course gained weight and I could really feel those extra pounds I was dragging. It’s like on The Biggest Loser at the end when they make the contestants strap on all the weight they lost and run around. That’s how I felt even though it really wasn’t even in the realm of that at all. Anyway, running is hard. And although I walk 2-3 miles most days with the baby (I’m most comfortable when I’m moving these days), it’s still not the type of endurance you need for running, especially the mental aspect of being uncomfortable but keeping up the pace anyway. It makes me really appreciate Mike’s daily runs and marathons, I can’t imagine enduring that type of discomfort for hours and 26 miles! I know this wasn’t an Ironman or anything people, but it was hard for me ok?

So, we ran. while the baby looked around and made her sweet little sing songs as we call them, and Mike talked the whole time which always pisses me off because I’m dying and he’s totally fine. But it was fun and I’m glad I did it.

Here we are are before and then finishing. My hair flying around makes me look so fast so I kept it down.

I think I’m done running for the rest of this pregnancy, the ecliptic and walking suit me just fine, but I love our little family doing active things together. It’s exactly who we want to be.


My Washington Post Mention About the RG3 Wedding

Who knew my post about doing makeup for RG3′s wedding would get so much traction?

I was thrilled and honored to be featured in a write up today by Dan Steinberg in his DC Sports Blog in the Washington Post. Normally a blogger focused on athletics, Steinberg delicately balanced the sports aspect with the obvious interest in RG3′s new wife Rebecca with humor and wit.

You check it out HERE