How to Make Glitter Pumpkins

Seeing all of the pretty fall decorations on Pinterest inspired me to make glitter pumpkins for my fall mantle I put together every year at this time. It turned out to be so easy and I love the touch of sparkle they add to an otherwise dull palette. Here’s how I did it.


All you need is craft glue, a brush, ultra fine glitter, and ‘funkins’ which is what the plastic kind is actually called. I found it all at Hobby Lobby.

Use the brush to spread the glue on the pumpkin then sprinkle on a good amount of glitter to really coat it. Do it over a paper towel so when you’re done with each one you can fold the paper towel and dump the excess glitter back into the jar. The final step I didn’t show was painting the tip of the pumpkin stem black. Not a must but I had the paint sitting around and thought it would add some pop.

It took no time at all and wasn’t the mess I thought it would be.

There are so many ways to display them, but I wanted them on or in something to contain any glitter fall-out. I put two of them on pine cones in large vases and the others on top of a baking dish I turned upside down. I like the varying heights in the display so it’s perfect.



Be brave and try a little DIY for holiday decor. It’s not as hard as you’d think.

IKEA Rast Hack for a 2 Toned Contemporary Looking Nightstand

I knew when we started designing our bedroom that I didn’t want any matching furniture. I wanted a contemporary look with personal touches even if that meant we’d have to do some work ourselves. After combing through my fave app Houzz I saw a nightstand that I loved. A few days later on Pinterest I discovered the world of ‘Rast hacks’ (Google it!) and here we are. Check out our journey in making unfinished furniture into something really special and cool for our bedroom.

This was my inspiration, an overpriced nightstand I saw on Houzz.

And here’s the $35 Rast dresser (I don’t know why they call it that, it’s barely large enough to be called a nightstand) from IKEA.

What we used. I read that BIN was the best primer for the job so it’s what I got. The middle can is a white Benjamin Moore Paint, and Danish Oil stain. The small can on top is the polyurethane that you use over the stain to seal it- not a step you want to skip.

Mike put it all together before first  which you don’t have to do but we didn’t want to knick anything up after working so hard on it.

Take the drawers out and face the fronts up so you can easily paint them.

I used tape so I wouldn’t get primer and paint all over the inside. Don’t worry about painting in there, you’ll never notice it’s unfinished.

All primed! The drawer fronts were the easy part, just one coat of primer and 2 of the white paint. I used a roller instead of a brush so I wouldn’t get brush streaks, but I ended up with small bubbles that made the surface look textured so I used a light grit sandpaper to smooth it out before the second coat and then I rolled slowly. Ask someone when you buy the paint what brush or roller would work best so you don’t get streaks or bubbles.

Here’s Mike applying the first coat of the Danish Oil. He ended up using several more coats and then a different stain in a process that ended up taking a few weeks because we couldn’t get them as dark as we wanted.

After a little Googling and a lot of help from the paint department at Home Depot, Mike bought a third stain. We ran the risk of the stain not penetrating because of over saturating so he sanded them down first before adding a Minwax stain that would end up being just perfect. We were thankful it worked and they dried in just a few days. The nightstand on the left is what we had after trying the two stains and on the right is the final color. It looks black but it’s not, it’s a rich chestnut that matches our dresser perfectly.

Here it is! I haven’t finished accessorizing them yet (I’m focusing on the nursery.)

The ring pulls were from Horton Brasses, they’re the 1 7/8 size with a satin nickel finish. Yes, pricey but you won’t find something that looks this nice at Lowe’s or Home Depot (believe me I tried!)

Another look In our room.

A few takeaways:

These Rast nightstands are much shorter and more narrow than what we’ve had in the past. Measure what you already have in your room, then measure these to see how they size up. I didn’t mind the smaller size because they force me to de-clutter.

Because they’re so small, they aren’t terribly sturdy. Consider what you’ll be putting in them and if you have small children who climb all over things. Again, we haven’t had any problems but it’s something to think about.

If you aren’t getting the right color right away, go buy another stain because layering doesn’t increase the richness of the color by much.

Try the stain on just a small area instead of the whole thing. Doing that would’ve saved us a lot of time.

I’m so glad we took a chance with this project since we aren’t DIY people. They turned out perfect and gave us the confidence to do another project for the nursery that I’m so excited to share with you soon.

Helping the Colorado Flood Victims With JOHNSON’S Baby Cares Council

As a member of JOHNSON’S Baby Cares Council, I got to do something so fun and rewarding last night for their Cares program. I gathered up a small group of my sweet neighbors for a Care Card party where they helped me decorate and assemble packages filled with JOHNSON’S baby products as well as our notes of encouragement to send to families right here in our own community.  Boulder was especially devastated by the recent flooding here in Colorado and the families who are left without homes and stories of entire neighborhoods destroyed have weighed heavy on all of our hearts. We talked about families who were still living in shelters and had lost everything, and the babies born amidst the chaos and we hoped that the boxes we decorated would cheer them up knowing we were thinking about them.

This week I will hand deliver the packages to the Red Cross in Boulder to make sure they’ll be delivered personally to the families with little ones who need the essentials they didn’t have time to grab on their way out when they had to evacuate their homes.I’m so happy we were able to come together and do something for these families.

Here are a few pics from the evening.

Our packages! The containers are on the left, the boxes containing powder, body wash, shampoo, lotion, and Desitin are on the right, and the decorations we used tare in he boxes in the middle.

Another look.

What’s inside.

The blank cards were decorated then we all added personal messages to the families.

Here’s my husband and daughter. She loved scribbling on the cards with markers.

Our neighbors did such a great job. It was nice seeing them and catching up.

More decorating.



Reading our messages to the families.

Here I am with my husband and daughter. The packages are all filled and decorated and ready to be delivered!

If you’d like to send a Care Card with a message of encouragement to a mom you know, click HERE to use JOHNSON’S virtual app on their Facebook page.

Disclaimer: As a Johnson’s Baby Cares Council member, all of the care packages were sent to me to assemble. The photos, wording of the post, and charity choice were all my own. #ad

The Day I Met Joey McIntyre From New Kids on the Block

When my friend Jan sent me the ticketing info about Joey McIntyre’s one man show called The Kid coming to Denver, I snatched up tickets as soon as I could. We, along with my girlfriend Chris (who attends every NKOTB concert with me whenever they’re in town)  headed into the city for brunch and to check out our Joey Mac in a show we knew nothing about. Turns out it’s a coming of age musical about his family, growing up in Boston, and how NKOTB came to be- then ended- then back again- in a developmental performance where they take your input at the end and adjust things accordingly in hopes that it will one day be on Broadway.

The basic rundown of the show:

Alcohol wasn’t allowed. This was especially weird since the theater’s bar is such a great one. And after all, wouldn’t you want people loosened up for a one person performance?

There is a piano on stage although he doesn’t seem to know how to play. He used it twice and only played a few basic chords while singing. We found this to be odd.

He can actually sing. I know that sounds like it would be a given, but it’s so rare to hear someone’s voice live in a small setting where it’s pure and stripped down without 4 other guys chiming in and the sound of girls screaming in the background.

There wasn’t nearly enough NKOTB stuff in the play, which overall was a bit disconjoined and slow to start.

After the show Chris saw a small line form and figured out (it wasn’t announced) that he would be taking pics with those who stayed behind which was only about 20 or so people. There were probably fewer than 100 at the performance anyway, and most left not knowing about the photo opp which left us part of the lucky few to snag a picture and a few moments of his time. We were so excited! Then they came out and announced that he was ‘working on the show’ and wouldn’t come out. In a flash we went from the most excited we’ve ever been to the most disappointed. Long story short, we decided to go back to the Galleria that Wednesday after his next show and just hop into line hoping he’d be more in a picture-taking mood that night. Our gamble totally paid off as we entered the theater a few minutes before 9:30 when the show ended. A small line started to form, he was on his way out, it was happening!

The lowdown on the meeting:

He absolutely didn’t want to do the photo opp and had someone from the production use a ‘house camera’ where they would uploaded the photos themselves to the venue’s Flickr (see HERE) because they wanted to ‘speed things up.’ Um, there were only around 30 people in line, let’s be realistic on how much longer this would actually take using your own camera. This especially sucked for us because Jan is a photographer and brought her fancy camera so we’d get the best quality pics we could. We scrambled for a plan, but ended up taking turns using her camera anyway off to the side (why you don’t see us looking directly into the camera) which I’m glad about since the ones they took didn’t turn out that great.

I don’t remember him saying anything to me or anyone else really. He’d respond with a quiet ‘thank you’ to compliments, but he really seemed tired and totally not into it at all which was awkward since the girls in line were so totally excited to be there and were all realizing their childhood dreams of meeting him. The energy between him and the fans was unbalanced.

He smelled good.

He was shorter than I thought he’d be.

I didn’t care that he didn’t want to be there. This was on my bucket list and not his, he was only a prop for my dream that was 25 years in the making. And it was awesome.

Our tickets and program from the show.

Paparazzi! Here I am snapping as many pics as I can.

The money shot. Here we are! It’s a framer!

Chris, straight from kickboxing. Her pic turned out really cute.

I love this one with Jan. They look like old friends.

Just us 3 moms out later than usual on a Wednesday night. I’m 8 months pregnant here too.

Thanks to my girls for a fun night!

I’m In the September Issue of People Style Watch!

I’m so thrilled to be featured in the People Style Watch September issue- their biggest of the year! It’s a 3 step Weekend Chic look using Almay that’s bold and simple. Check it out on stands now!



Mally: The Perfect Bright Lip Kit

Girls who always wear lipstick: I salute you.

I’ve never been one to wear a lot of color on my lips even though I know it livens up your face, adds brightness, and just makes you look more polished especially when you aren’t wearing much makeup otherwise. I always look at women who are wearing lipstick during the day like they know something I don’t. They just look so put together like they have really important jobs and a perfect house and dinner already marinating in the fridge that they’ll cook promptly after their gym session which they never miss. *Sigh* Have you ever noticed? It’s hard to look sloppy when you’re wearing lipstick.


I can’t say that I did anything amazing today while wearing Mally’s The Perfect Bright Lip Kit in Frisky Fuchsia, but I felt a lot more put together in my workout pants (I didn’t work out today) and maternity shirt at story time and the grocery store.

Not sloppy from the neck up.

I’m loving this lip pencil. It’s creamy and light like a good lip balm so I forgot I was wearing it until I accidentally wiped half of it off with a napkin when I was eating so I looked like The Joker for probably several hours until I even noticed. Other than that- it didn’t bleed out and stayed bold and bright the whole time. It has the staying power of a long-wearing lipstick without the dryness and weird feel those formulas often have. The lip liner glides on so easily that I had to put it in my kit. It’s made to plump and not settle so it creates a good barrier that won’t allow the color to bleed out.

Click to enlarge

My pink lips were a good reminder that bold colors should see daytime every now and again. It was nice to catch little glimpses of my fuchsia pout during an unglamorous day filled with diaper changes and errands. We all deserve to at least look like we might be doing something really fabulous later.