Estée Lauder Pretty Naughty 2013 Spring Collection

Spring is around the corner so it’s the perfect time to grab some vibrant shades of pinks, plums, blues, and greens to add to your probably too-brown makeup arsenal. Lauder is bringing full-on feminine front and center with their Pretty Naughty spring line. Just little pops of color like this can make a big difference in updating your look so take the plunge and try a new color or two this spring.


Their gelée formula blush is so easy to apply. Use the sponge in the compact to ‘dot’ on where you’d like the color to go, then blend it in using your fingers. Creme blushes tend to look more natural on the skin and wear longer, they also don’t collect on fine hairs on the face (photography tip!) so when you’re outside or in bright light, your makeup is undetectable

Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelée Blush $40

Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelée Blush $40

I’m dying to try their Sheer Matte Lipstick since matte formulas are often heavy and thick. I’m hoping this one gives coverage and color without the weight.

Pure Color Sheer Matte Lipstick in 'Demure' $25

Pure Color Sheer Matte Lipstick in ‘Demure’ $25

Lately, Lauder’s shadows are rivaling Dior’s iconic palettes in terms of great color combos. That cool brown and charcoal will anchor any look from casual to evening by using them on the lid or as liners. Use the pink, purple, and blue either on the lid (when in doubt just keep the color below the crease), or you can smudge them under your lower lash line, or even dot your eye’s inner corners. If you’re using them to line under your eyes, use a black liner in your water line to give the look a more modern spin.

Five Color EyeShadow Palette $48

Five Color EyeShadow Palette $48

Don’t forget the nails. I’m obsessed with purple, so I’m always happy when it’s on-trend. A great polish on your nails goes a long way in looking more put together. Since I’m pretty casual anyway, getting my nails to a more fashionable state might be just the easy spring update I need.

Pure Color Nail Lacquer in 'Insatiable' $20

Pure Color Nail Lacquer in ‘Insatiable’ $20

Pantone’s Color of the Year: Emerald

Emerald 17-5641

Emerald is Pantone’s newly named the color of the year, so you’ll be seeing sparkling shades of rich green in shoes, shadows and pretty much everything in between. The easiest way to be on-trend this winter is to find an emerald polish and let your nails be bold. It’s a color that looks great on every skin tone and is especially fitting right around the holidays, Here are a few green polishes that have caught my eye.

butter Henley Regatta

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Electric Emerald

butter British Racing Green

China Glaze Emerald Sparkle

Zoya Nail Polish in Suvi

Fall’s Hottest Nail Design Featuring Estée Lauder Nail Lacquer

You have to check out this sponge-tipped mani using Estée Lauder lacquer and rich fall tones. It looks pretty easy and what a fun departure from the soft summer shades I’ve been wearing – I cant’ wait to give it a try.

My Shellac Manicure Day 16

Since I didn’t get a pic on day 14, here’s what it looked like on day 16.

The good news: the color didn’t chip which I expected, but what I didn’t expect is for the color and shine to stay as brilliant as the day it was applied. I wash my hands a lot with the baby and especially when I work so a typical mani usually lasts only a few days, Shellac is the only polish that’s worth it for me to get because of its staying power. It’s a mani that lasts, period.

The downside: The outgrowth. It’s the nature of it, I know. Instead of chipped ends you get a colorless cuticle, it’s like another version of chipping. Not as bad though because it grows out evenly, but still not the painted perfection that days 1-9ish (depending on how quickly your nails grow) yield.

Being at the mercy of a salon visit might just be the biggest pro/con combo; you’ll be forced to go regularly so your nails will look great, but you’ll be forced to go…

Ultimately, it’s the best mani I’ve ever had.

Click HERE to find a salon near you that offers Shellac.

My Shellac Manicure: Day 1

CND was the company to launch Shellac, original ‘no chip’ polish collection that wears like a day one mani for several weeks. I finally got my first today, so lame considering my sister works for CND and has been whipping up perfect Shellac nails for a while now. It looks great, my soft pink custom combo of Strawberry Smoothie topped with Romantique, but how will it look in a few weeks? Will the outgrowth at the cuticle drive me nuts? Will the color fade? Stay tuned, I’ll take another shot in a week to compare, but for now let’s marvel at my mani in all of its day one glory.

Glossybox & Zoya Polish

I loved everything in my last Glossybox (Burberry lipstick!), but I was most excited to try out Zoya polish known for its natural formulations and long wear. Lara was the shade I got, it’s a really fun pink that I wouldn’t normally choose due to my addiction to powdery nude shades which means I have about 15 variations of essentially the same color. Lara is a shimmer-free, perfect for summer color that I know I’ll use over and over.

A look at May’s Glossybox

My Zoya polish in Lara

Check out Glossybox HERE to learn more about their monthly beauty-in-a-box subscription service.