How to Do a Marble Manicure (tips and tutorial video)

Although it’s totally not my style (the tutorial is done on acrylic nails for God’s sake), I had to at least try to do a marble nail mani and I’m sure you will too after you see the tutorial. Now the video isn’t by me because mine looked like shit (I should’ve taken pics of my failed attempts but my fingers were covered in tape), so I’ll leave it up to the manicurist in the video who has wrangled up over 2.6 million views for her deceptively easy looking and really cool tutorial.

Before you bust the tape, a few tips that I learned the hard way:

– Room temp water is vital.

– Use polish with a thin texture, thick ones won’t spread out in the water the way hers do which makes a goopy mess.

– Close the windows and turn off any fans or else the polish will dry quickly in the water before you have a chance to dip.

I used thick polish and freezing cold water outside where it was breezy, so you can see that I was fighting a losing battle. I wish you better luck.

Review: Peacekeeper Nail Polish

I had to walk past the Peacekeeper polish display at Sprouts about 100 times before I actually bought something. I’m pretty picky about my polish because I usually opt for a home pedicure (I rarely bother polishing my fingers) and I go for fun colors that stay put so I can get at least 2 weeks wear. I recently bought their Nail Polish Remover ($10), Bottom & Top Coat ($8), and a Nail Paint in Paint Me Stunning ($8) with little expectations on how well the polish would perform. I knew I’d like the remover (I’m not a fan of traditional removers because of the horrible scent and nasty ingredients and theirs is a synthetic and vegan formula so it smells less severe and works great. Don’t get me wrong, it still has something in there to remove paint so it’s not exactly edible – but I feel better having this on my hands versus a Cutex or whatever.

As for the polish, I’m going on 2 1/2 weeks and my pedi is still in tip top, shiny and new as the first day and without a chip. With only 7 shades offered, my biggest gripe is the lack of color selection but the ones they do have are great basics that will give you a good alternative to what you already own.



Nail Polish Makes a Perfect Gift

I love giving nail polish for gifts. The bold colors and sometimes silly names are so easy to match up to your girlfriend’s personalities. You can never have too many nail polishes, and you’re probably due to say goodbye to a few old ones anyway.

Estée Lauder’s Nail Lacquers are perfectly packaged for gift giving, their fun candy colors are surrounded by thick glass cubes. My home pedi using Mega Fuchsia (I’ll spare you the photo of my feet) is entering week two totally unchipped and bright as ever.

Left to right: Oyster Cult, Sizzling Taupe, Shimmering Bronze, Mega Fuchsia, Fuchsia Flame

Estée Lauder Nail Lacquer

Dior Spring Nail Collection; Rock Your Nails

If you rock dark hued polish year round like I do, you’ll be happy to see that Dior’s spring nail collection doesn’t in any way resemble an Easter basket. Check out their freshly released shades for spring.

Dior Vernis Gris Montaigne from their ‘Gris City’ collection
Dior Vernis Blue Label from their ‘Rock Your Nails’ Collection
Dior Vernis Purple Mix from their ‘Rock Your Nails’ Collection

I also have Bond Street (similar to Blue Label) and NY 57th (steely graphite) from the ‘Gris City’ collection, both of which I love.

One application note; Dior polish in general is a bit thicker in its consistency which gives it a richer, more opaque coverage but can make a D.I.Y mani/pedi a bit more challenging especially if polishing isn’t your thing. On the plus side is their wider, slightly pointed brush that covers most of the nail in one swipe and allows you to get close to the nail’s edge easily without a lot of mess.

Color, Color Everywhere

Maybe it’s my spring fever that has me totally inspired and seeing pops of color everywhere, but I had to bust out the camera and catch a few things I’m loving lately.

Top left; My careless application of SpaRitual polish in Spellbound, a classic Ruby Slippers shade that gleams in the sun and beckons tons of compliments.

Middle Left; Iman Cosmetics Luxury Liquid Liner in Onyx too pretty to save for special occasions, so just in case you’re wondering yes that’s me buying bananas at Whole Foods with my glitter liner blazing.

Bottom Left; My 17″ MacBook Pro that I look at so much I had it colored a slightly sparkly lavender shade with a graphite apple.

Right; NYX Cosmetics Grinding Blush in English Rose, a sheer enough shade that’s a perfect pink for all skin tones (and ages).

Click to enlarge

essie Polish; My New Shades for Spring

I spotted essie at Walgreens the other night and had to nab up a few new shades for spring. I’ve been seeing all different versions of the color I’m sporting right now, it’s a new take on last fall’s greige (grey + beige) craze. It’s more of a plum grey. Prey? Grum? Maybe not as catchy, but it sure is pretty.

Grum nails for spring anyone? It’s actually called Chinchilly.
I can’t ever pass up a good pink, this one is Pink Diamond.
Just enough pearl so it isn’t a cream, but not so much that you look like you’re 100. Super frosty shades are the worst.

Check out essie’s new collection as well as their best-sellers right HERE