What I Ate This Week

Since my morning round the clock sickness has finally passed, I’m thankfully back to cooking (and eating) like normal. Here’s a glimpse of the yummy summertime meals I ate this week.

I chopped up some Beyond Meat, marinaded it in BBQ sauce and warmed it on the grill (on foil) for a few before adding it to a salad. More on Beyond Meat (my new obsession) next week.


I saw this recipe for portobello mushrooms in a gravy, wine sauce over polenta on Diners Drive-ins and Dives and had to try my own version. I used a vegetarian brown gravy mix (he used his own made from beef) and left the polenta creamy instead of making them into cakes. I also cooked the polenta in veggie broth instead of milk, butter, and cheese to lighten it up a bit. I was surprised at how well it turned out because I couldn’t find the recipe online so I didn’t measure anything – just followed along loosely from my TiVo’d show. Not too shabby..


Then we went out for Bun and Pho last Saturday for lunch. Viet Pho is near us but we just discovered them for the first time. It’s MSG free and all fresh and really good. This was my tofu noodle bowl, it’s so addictive we already went back again last night!


For some reason I would rather eat floor cleaner than tomato sauce this pregnancy. Sad I know especially since we love to grill flatbread pizzas in the summer. Instead of sauce, I made a parsley pesto with sunflower seeds, parmesan, and olive oil as the base, and then topped them with red peppers, farmers cheese, and spinach. Light and perfect for a quick summer meal.


Bowls. It’s what we eat most often for dinner. This one had quinoa, tempeh, spinach, cauliflower, zucchini, guacamole (fresh of course), and then topped with two homemade salsas. We change out the veggies depending on what we have in the fridge, but quinoa and tempeh are the mainstays. Other variations are grilled veggies using BBQ sauce or Asian bowls with stir fry veggies on top.


I made this Frozen Pink Cheesecake and our lives haven’t been the same. Mike and I agree it’s our favorite dessert I’ve ever made. It’s perfect for summer and it’s actually healthy- basically fruit blended with yogurt on a crust of almonds. It’s so easy to make and perfect for company since you just blend it all together and pop it in the freezer. Get the recipe HERE from my fave food blog Green Kitchen Stories and download their recipe app too.


The other Green Kitchen Stories recipe I made was for Banana Granola. I’ve been eating yogurt topped with fresh fruit and granola everyday and I didn’t want to keep buying the ready made kind laced with tons of sugar. This is lightly sweetened with agave, but the coconut oil, vanilla, and bananas give the real flavor.


Sarah Bland and the Latest in Nail Art

I almost never have polish on my hands, but that doesn’t stop me from obsessing over the Instagram photos posted by nail artist to the stars Sarah Bland. Glitter gels, ombré, patterns, and mismatched colors are the hottest in nail fashions and she does it all.




All photos are Sarah Bland’s via Instagram. Follow her and check out her site with more images and info on how to book with her in LA HERE.

Our Facebook Birth Announcment

Because most ultrasound pictures are just boring grey blobs, I wanted to spice up our recent Facebook announcement for the arrival of our daughter this fall (yay!) I was inspired by a PInterest photo (of course) that I put our own little spin on. Playing on the blue/pink boy/girl theme, I used Mike’s blue running shoes, my pink Manolos that I wear far too infrequently, Harper’s Converse, and a pair of her baby shoes that she outgrew many months ago. I think it turned out pretty cute. What a fun way to celebrate our growing family!


What is Cupping?

While this Jennifer Aniston pic circulates, so does talk of cupping and what it’s all about. The pic below her is of me several years ago when I first tried cupping treatments that would often supplement my Accupuncture. It’s used to treat pain, better circulation, and to just keep the general flow of energy in the body moving. My treatments were for my lower back which was trashed from hunching over too much while doing makeup.

A flame is quickly lit into the glass cup before the cup is put on your skin to create the suction. Your skin rises inside the cup as it reacts to the suction which doesn’t hurt at all. It’s this suction that improves the blood flow and energy as the cups stay on the skin for 10ish minutes. Check out this short vid which shows in more detail what it’s all about.

Cupping isn’t too pricey either, I remember it was around $20 added on to the price of Accupuncture, so on its own I can’t imagine it world be too much more.

My facialist does facial cupping (see here) to increase the circulation in the skin. It’s less intense (no fire!) than traditional cupping but you can often see rosier, healthy skin right after you’re finished. (Click here for a facial cupping vid.)

Cupping has been around since 3000 BC so it’s not something new. Find out more about cupping and its many uses here to see if it’s something that might help you.



Makeup Before and After: Coverage and Color From tarte

Of all the BB Creams I’ve tried so far, tarte’s is the only one I’d be able to actually use in my kit. Most BB’s are skin-enhancing, so they give some coverage but not nearly enough to get skin looking great for a long day and tons of photographs. Kelly, is the bride below whose trial run for her upcoming wedding I photographed for a before and after. I used tarte’s latest foundation on her and we were both thrilled with the results. Her skin looked so great that very little concealer was needed and it looked invisible both in person and on camera.

On her cheeks I used tarte’s airblush maracuja blush, which is my new go-to for an easy flush, and then their LipSurgence lip luster on her lips for a finished look that isn’t thick or heavy.



... And After

… And After! There was a slight change in the natural lighting, but the photo isn’t re-touched at all.

tarte bb cream

tarte bb cream

tarte airblush maracuja blush

tarte airblush maracuja blush

tarte lip luster in achiote

tarte LipSurgence lip luster in achiote

Casa Bonita

If you live in Denver (or if you watch South Park) you know about Casa Bonita, the 52,000 square foot Mexican restaurant/ cliff diving extravaganza that has been a fixture here for almost 40 years. The food is terrible but the sopapillas are amazing (they’re all I had for dinner) and everything is so dirty and glazed over with a fine mist from the water that every surface is sticky to the touch. Regardless, it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before so it’s worth a pop in especially if you have kids. The big draw is the cliff diving by high school kids mostly who put on little skits while being chased around by a gorilla and then dive into the the 14 foot pool below from 30 feet above. That part is cool- for all ages actually. The other fun part is the old-time photos that you can take. We took this just a few weeks ago when our good friends were in town, he grew up here so he wanted his family to experience CB. It wasn’t easy to get 4 adults and 4 kids into heavy, slip-on-over-your-clothes costumes (that I’m certain have never been washed) then stand there and sweat under hot lights in a cramped space until roughly 8 shots are snapped. But when it’s all said and done you walk away with a hilarious picture with your friends and family that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Totally worth it.

casa bonita