Keeping it Real at the 2013 Oscars

Standing out tonight against all the weaves and wigs (there’s more fake hair on that red carpet than the real stuff, let’s face it) were 3 beauties at the 2013 Oscars. Charlize Theron, Robin Roberts, and Anne Hathaway all looked so beautiful and classic without the long locks getting in the way. To you and I this doesn’t seem particularly noteworthy or special, but in Hollywood where everyone is painted, polished, and primped to perfection- all abiding by the same beauty rules, this is truly an act of bravery. Maybe in some small way it sends a message that unconventional is beautiful too and we can start to see more images of women that don’t all look the same.


And a shout out to Anniston for keeping it real rocking her signature hair style (which was by Chris McMillan who used Living Proof haircare btw.) Up-dos don’t work for me either, I always feel like I’m wearing a costume or something. Brides always tell me how they prefer their hair down but feel they should have it up for their weddings and this is the perfect example of how you don’t have to conform to a style you don’t like.  Stick to what makes you feel good, you’ll feel more comfortable and look happier (and better!) in your pictures.

jennifer anniston

Another Day Another Bride: Me at Work

Just a glimpse of me at work with a giant eagle watching over it all. No biggie. It’s actually taken at one of my very favorite wedding venues in Colorado, Crooked Willow Farms by one of the very best photographers around Travis Broxton. I’m putting together a look for a very sweet bride for her big day, in a photo where I believe I was newly pregnant.

I’d forgotten to share this a while back and I wanted to post it because I always think it’s interesting to see makeup used by artists at work. Oh, btw that’s Graftobian pressed powder and not Studio Fix of which I’m totally not a fan.



My Old Driver’s License Photo and the Importance of Even Brows

Since showing the world my placenta and many other unflattering pics, I decided this old drivers license photo from 8 years ago wouldn’t even be in the realm of embarrassing anymore. And really, the embarrassing stuff (relative to my new photo) has hopefully passed.

A few observations: the first being that my face was so much fatter fuller (30lbs-ish) that even my nose looks skinnier! How weird is that? Maybe (some) celebs are telling the truth when they say their noses are real when comparing past photos to now. Next, a new hair stylist taught me the value of a lowlight every now and again- bleach is a dangerous addiction. Lastly (though I could go on forever) but most importantly: brows. People, say it with me, I promise not to over-pluck and I will see a professional for some guidance. A trained Anastasia or Damone Roberts brow expert is great because they’re trained to pre-measure the brow and not remove too much. Big shout out to my brow ninja who got me all evened out, Carla Gray in Centennial who on our first appointment told me to not tweeze and come back in 3 months since there weren’t any brows left to shape.


Brows. They frame your face and make your eyes pop. Get yours evened out by a pro, the $40 or so is way worth it.

What’s In My Kit?

I snapped this pic with my phone a few weeks back capturing some things in my kit I was using. Anything look familiar?

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Makeup Before and After: Jane Iredale and the Case for Purple Shadow

Every now and again in this wedding makeup world of neutrals and more naturals, I’ll get a bridesmaid who’s ready to smoke it up. In this case, it was a purple-hued inspiration pic via Pinterest that lit her fire. You want purple? You got it girl, lets have some fun.

Smokey plums, black liner, big lashes, and pink lips was what made the look.



A little closer

Like most Makeup Artists, I I carry only the best in my kit which is typically professional lines, so having a mineral line in there is a big deal. Jane Iredale made the cut because of their Eye Steppes shadow palette in goCool, a compact containing 4 plums and a pink highlight that pop like crazy. Purples are beautiful. They’re the other neutral as far as I’m concerned and they look great on everyone. Grab a lavender shadow next time instead of another boring brown and see what a difference a little color makes.

Pure Gloss in Pink Candy is all I used on her lips. This color and Soft Peach are my two most used glosses that I order again and again. Full of pigment and just the right amount of moisture, they aren’t sticky and give a long wear time.

Makeup Before and After; It’s all About the Liner

There aren’t too many of us who wear a full face of makeup every day. In fact, I meet mostly mascara only girls when I’m beautifying brides and their maids for weddings. This particular girl was one such case from a wedding several weeks ago who wasn’t comfortable in a lot of makeup which I’ve learned translates to ‘don’t put a lot of eye shadow on me.’ No problem.

Bringing out the eyes doesn’t require a lot of shadow anyway, it’s icing on the cake once you get a good contrast going by using a rich liner and some lashes. Here’s how it went down;

Before: great skin and a cute smile, she’s already looking good!

After: Some rich black liner all the way around the eyes and a few coats of mascara on a false lash are really all it takes to get the relaxed look she wanted.

A close up of the liner kept neatly in her water line on the bottom. A smudgy look would’ve felt too heavy for a girl who typically keeps it pretty natural.

I used NYX Retractible Eye Liner in Black, a deep black that holds its depth even in the waterline.

She loved Hourglass Extreme Sheen Gloss in Fortune, just enough color and shine.

If you’ve never gotten into shadow (or just don’t understand how to apply it), ditch it altogether and focus on liner and lashes. Getting that combo down will give beautiful contrast and make all the difference.