Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Powder

Having fine lines and shine is a common problem for women since powders can exaggerate wrinkles by settling into them. Peter Thomas Roth has created a powder using anti-aging peptides, neuropeptides and antioxidants to create a super fine finishing powder that eliminates shine without appearing heavy or cakey.

Peter Thomas Roth

Stila Hydriating Primer SPF 15 and Hydrating Finishing Powder

Stila has always been a pioneering line. They understood very early the concept of having fun with makeup, not taking it too seriously, while still churning out products to be loved and imitated for years to come- like this gloss packaging which has turned up in virually every drugstore line since its birth at Stila. And like any pioneering line, you need to know what you’re missing and fill in the blanks accordingly.

Stila found their nitch early by perfecting a lightweight and universally flattering line of illuminating foundations, so creating a few friends to get the most out of those foundations was a good call. The Hydrating Primer stands apart from the pack with its SPF 15, and skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, which is time released to keep skin looking fresh all day.

The anti-oxidant packed Hydrating Finishing Powder may sound like an oxymoron, but it manages to both absorb oil while keeping the skin at an ideal hydration level so it doesn’t appear chalky.

Stila’s Complexion Perfection

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder


Most of us aren’t getting enough sleep, hydration, or time away from whatever it is that’s bringing us undue stress. All of these factors (along with genetic ones) contribute to darkness around the eyes, a common complaint from many women I see. While there are many concealers available, all boasting the same magical erasing powers, I’m most amazed by Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder which is dusted over eye concealer.

Using the micronized transparent white powder sparingly in the inner corner of the eye where you experience dark circles adds instant brightness and luminosity, also setting your concealer for the day. Some extra steps are worth it, and this is something that I personally use daily and can see a difference not only with darkness but with keeping my color from smudging down throughout the day. Next time you’re near a Mercier counter, stop by and have them apply the brightener to just one eye, take note of the immediate transformation as well as the effectiveness throughout the day and be ready to take this one home.

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

La Mer The Powder


La Mer is known for a lineup of products that are both luxurious and highly effective, producing miracles one jar at a time. The Powder uses airspun seaborne particles which are incredibly lightweight on the skin helping foundation last all day without the slightest hint of chalkiness.

Unique to The Powder is its luminosity, which is almost undetectable offering the appearance of beautifully awakened and fresh skin. I’ve used it for a few weeks now on every face I’ve seen and it’s rested perfectly on skins of varying ages and conditions. The Powder would be ideal if you are dry and tend to shy away from powder, have any fine lines or wrinkles that powder tends to settle into, simply don’t like the heaviness of a powder but would still like the benefit of long wearing foundation or would just enjoy a hint of life in your skin.

La Mer The Powder

Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF


Jane’s Powder-Me SPF is one of those ‘duh’ products that just makes so much sense, everyone should own one. I’ve been anxiously waiting to try it for a while because I really do think it’s revolutionary and so handy- I already have one in my car and one in my medicine cabinet. Of course we all want to avoid the sun, but with all of the messy, greasy, smelly sunscreens out there we end up avoiding the sunscreens instead.

This takes the excuses out of sun care and makes sun protection so easy. Powder-Me is a physical sun block so it begins working the instant you apply it and since it’s mineral, it is safe to use on children and very sensitive skin. It’s SPF 30 and is used on the face and body. I like the Tanned which gives just a hint of golden bronze for the body and the Translucent for the face which gives no appearance at all and is so sheer over makeup. The sponge-tipped applicator filters down the right amount for application making sure nothing is wasted and the mirrored lid is great for face application on the go.

Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF

Best Powder Foundations

Powder foundations are popular for a reason: you can carry them with you for easy touch-ups, no messy liquid application, and they’re not just for oily skin anymore. I’ll save mineral foundations for a later post, for now here are the powder foundations I own and love.


Function 5 Self Adjusting Powder Foundation from Smashbox has adjustable coverage depending on your brush or application. I use it with a dense powder brush when I need a bit more coverage and want a more matte look. The colors are a great yellow-based selection that completely erase redness.


Stila does foundation well and their Illuminating Powder Foundation is no exception. It’s a great choice for those who favor a lighter, more natural finish that isn’t completely matte. A huge bonus is the refillable compact which makes it less expensive in the long run. It can be used wet or dry and has an SPF 12.


Foundation and Laura Mercier are synonymous thanks to her flawless face system, and her Foundation Powder is a great member of her impressive line up. It’s light but the coverage can be built up, you can also wear it over your foundation for little extra coverage when you need it most.