Professional Skin Care From the L.A. Experts

What would 2 L.A. based plastic surgeons and a facialist know about skin? A lot actually. Keeping celebs camera-ready in the age of HD and paparazzi (where grocery shopping can turn into an impromptu photo shoot) is the cornerstone of their businesses, so formulating their own lines to get the exact results their clients need is a natural next step for their successful clinics. Here are 3 I’ve tried recently that give celebrity-worthy results to us little people.

Of the few things I sampled from the Kate Somerville line, I was most impressed by her Anti Aging and Acne collection, a totally underrepresented category of skin care. It’s for those who are still experiencing slight to moderate breakouts in their 30’s and beyond where drying the hell out of your face to banish acne isn’t the best option for a youthful skin texture. Her Oil Free Moisturizer balances skin hydration levels carefully so as not to exacerbate oiliness or breakouts and also uses Pepha-Tight, an exclusive skin toner and tightener for a firmer looking face.

Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer

Also worth checking out is her Anti Bac Clearing Lotion, a 5% prescription strength, time-released Benzoyl Peroxide that’s strong enough to wipe out acne but gentle enough to  protect skin from the typically drying and peeling effects some acne fighters cause.

Kate Somerville Anti Bac Clearing Lotion

Dr. Solieman is a double board certified plastic surgeon who developed Jolie MD Metamorphosis to refine lined, blemish-prone, hyper-pigmented, and oily skin into a clearer, more vibrant version of itself. His two step system uses an arsenal of proven ingredients that helps overall skin clarity like Glycolic, Salicylic, Vitamin A, and Whitonyl to name a few. The two light lotions are layered together nightly for a deep down exfoliation revealing the clearer skin you’ve been hiding all this time.

Dr. Garth Fisher is known for his appearances on ‘Extreme Makeover’ as well as the guy who fixed Bruce Jenner’s earlier too-tight face work. Even Kim Kardashian raves about his line, CellCeuticals and says her whole family has been using it since they’ve met him. Extreme Defense is a best-seller because it’s a good-for-all skin protector that targets daily environmental pollutants known to advance skin aging. He uses Vitamins A, C, E, Green Tea, and Vitamin B5 along with Almond and Avocado oils to soften the skin without a heavy cream. His line is straightforward and so effective that he touts visible results in just 2 weeks.

Fade Dark Spots Without Hydroquinone; SkinCeuticals Phyto +

Hyperpigmentation, melasma, sun spots, whatever you call the darker areas on your face it’s just a huge bummer that makes skin appear older than it really is. I’ve been fighting with some spotting on my forehead and chest for a while now (thanks to irresponsible tanning bed use in my teens and early 20’s) and this stuff has really put a noticeable dent in my dark splotches.

Phyto + uses old faithful Kojic Acid along with a few other skin lightening stars to gently fade away discolored skin without the use of hydroquinone. It’s also a great lightweight hydrator for sensitive skin since it’s botanically based and light as air.

I haven’t tried anything from SkinCeuticals over the years that I haven’t loved. My facialist noticed a lightening after I used Phyto + for just 3 weeks on my dark spotting that’s 10+ years old. Sure it’s a little pricey ($78) but it works.

SkinCeuticals Phyto +

Best Anti-Aging Skin Care From

There’s a fantastic article at WebMD about skin aging and what ingredients truly deliver results. You can check out the article HERE, but I’ve highlighted 2 that seem to be the most effective of the bunch; Coffee Berry antioxidants and Peptides.

While Vitamins, C, A, E, Green Tea, and other antioxidants are perhaps the best known, WebMD found studies that suggest Coffee Berry is not only the clear leader in antioxidant effectiveness, but the most powerful anti-aging ingredient around . Priori has created a natural line (and a mineral makeup I love) around Coffeeberry extract. Check out their Day Complex for an A.M. dose of big-time environmental protection.

Also among the darlings of skincare are peptides, a chain of proteins that have been used in studies to promote wound care and stimulate collagen. Now tripeptides are all the rage, an uber-advanced designer peptide that helps to break down aging catalysts while promoting collagen production. The article mentioned Osmotics Anti-Radical Age Defense Barrier Longevity Complex, a Tripeptide packed cream that assists damaged skin on all fronts.

Also mentioned about a bazillion times in their video report – sunscreen, it’s still the very best anti-aging solution to prevent damage to the skin. Use it daly no matter what.

Heal and Plump Lips; PCA Skin Peptide Lip Therapy

Former smokers and sun worshipers might see some signs of aging around their lips sooner than others do, although those pesky lines do appear on the rest of us as if from nowhere. Lip plumping has joined the anti-aging craze with new technologies that far surpass the ol’ cinnamon-to-burn-the-lips-making-them-irritated-and-swell routine from 10 or so years ago.

PCA Skin’s Peptide Lip Therapy uses shea butter, vitamin e, aloe, and sunflower oil along with peptides to hydrate the lips and dramatically reduce fine lines around them giving the appearance of plumper, fuller lips. You’ll feel a moisture surge that penetrates deeper than a lip balm can with a fresh and light rush of minty coolness. Use it twice daily to heal lined lips and to protect from future damage.

PCA Skin Peptide Lip Therapy

Vitamin C Serums For All; SkinCeuticals, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, Naturopathica

With the confusing, overly-cluttered skin care landscape it’s hard to narrow it down and find something that benefits your skin. The thing I recommend the most to people is to use a Vitamin C serum. It’s the universal skin-bettering wonder that brightens, correct, protects, hydrates, and nourishes skin of all types. It’s available in every form imaginable, but I like it best in an easier-to-deliver super light serum. Here are a few I’ve tried recently that help bring dull skin back to life.

SkinCeuticals Serum 15

SkinCeuticals‘ serums are legendary in the pro-skin arena. I used their best selling C E Ferulic for years before recently switching to their Serum 15, a 15% megadose of L-Ascorbic acid, the purest and best absorbed version of Vitamin C there is. It fades out fine lines and adds a ton of healthy radiance to your skin while protecting it from daily damage at the same time.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Hydra-Pure Vitamin C Serum

Hydra-Pure Vitamin C Serum uses Ascorbic Acid to brighten dull skin along with their own Hydra-Pure Chelating Complex® to detoxify your skin from heavy metals found in tap water. You’ll notice a brighter, clearer complexion without any irritation.

Naturopathica Vitamin C Revitalizing Complex

It’s not quite a moisturizer, but it’s a little thicker than a serum. Naturopathica’s Vitamin C Revitalizing Complex blends Ascorbic Acid Polypeptide, Ascorbyl Palmitate (forms of vit c) with Vitamins A & E, aloe, and plant-based enzymes for a holistic skin care approach to making skin more youthful.

Find a Vitamin C that works for your skin type and budget so you can discover what the power of a good C can do for your skin.

Zap Breakouts on Sensitive Skin; Eau Thermale Avéne Cicalfate

Eau Thermale Avéne call themselves the experts in sensitive skin since 1743. Their Hydrotherapy Center in France has been home to over 300 studies based on the efficacy of their thermal spring water that flows around the property, known for its soothing and healing benefits which is the basis for the line. My aesthetician, Tjaden (of The Skin Studio in Wash Park) introduced me to Cicalfate a while back because of how it gently heals compromised skin while maintaining its overall health.

When I start to feel a breakout coming on, my first inclination is to reach for something that will blast the inflammation and bring it down quickly, which often leads to a longer healing time because of the flaking and redness that soon follow. Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream is meant to heal breakouts, burns, scrapes, diaper rash, and even irritation caused by laser skin treatments by speeding up the skin’s ability to heal itself and also reducing subsequent scaring. Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties make it perfect for gently diminishing breakouts while leaving the skin in a pristine state.

You may not have heard of this popular line, but it’s everywhere. You’ll find it in spas and dermatologist’s offices, but also in select retail stores and of course online at one of my very favorite sites to buy beauty on the web,

Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream