Nature’s Gate Glow Lotion; A Fantastic Natural Self-Tanner

A gradual self tanning lotion from a natural line doesn’t seem like a home run, but I can honestly say that Nature’s Gate Glow Lotion works better than Jergen’s popular version.  I’ve been using the one for medium toned skin (even though I’m as fair as it gets) every day for about 4 days then take a day or two off to keep it looking natural and not too dark. It’s also good to let it fade down a touch and start from scratch on freshly exfoliated skin.

It looks totally natural in a way that’s uncommon for even the best self-tanning lotions. I literally have no seams, none. You can’t tell where the color begins and ends, not on my wrists or anywhere around my feet. You don’t even need to be that careful about applying it either, just rub it on like regular lotion and it somehow finds a way to connect to itself so it’s one even layer.

Totally natural, totally safe, and totally worth the $13 price tag. This big bottle will last me until next spring.

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Too Faced Tanning Bed in a Tube Self-Tanning Lotion

Tanning Bed in a Tube from Too Faced really nails a perfect self-tanning lotion. They used a ton of carmel color and flecks of gold to give a rich bronzy color that mimics a real tan like no other. Its shimmery golden base serves as both a guide so you can see where you’ve applied it, and as an instant bronzer so you can enjoy some color right away. What about the scent you ask? It’s sort of delicious. It’s a light, tropical pina colada that never gives way to that old familiar self-tanning developer smell that we all know too well.

I knew it was the real deal when a girl who I was tanning (I do airbrush spray tanning) asked if it was difficult to spray the airbrush tanner on myself and I had only used Tanning Bed in a Tube twice that week. Yeah, it looks that good.

A glimpse of the carmel lotion.

Too Faced Tanning Bed in a Tube

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Beautifully Natural Skin With Liz Earle

I was thrilled recently when I was able to ask Liz Earle, founder of Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare, a few questions on her wildly popular UK line that’s quickly becoming a favorite here in the US as well.

Over the summer, I became addicted to her subtle, yet incedibly effective streak-free Sun Shade Botanical Self-Tan Spray as well as her best selling Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.

I asked her about the basics all women should use, what products truly change the skin, and how her best sellers came to be.

How did you come up with Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser? I love the way it makes my skin feel- all tingly and fresh!

When we launched the company in 1995, my business partner Kim Buckland and I really wanted to create a range which was a fuss free, affordable daily pampering treat which delivered outstanding results on all skin types. When we were formulating Cleanse & Polish we knew that we were onto a good thing when it gave fantastic results on my dry eczema prone skin as well as on Kim’s oily skin.

Cleanse & Polish is a plant oil rich formulation which means that it is very gentle and moisturising on the skin, it cleanses away dirt and impurities without stripping the skin whilst the pure muslin cloth swiftly lifts away dead skin cells, environmental pollution and all traces of make-up, instantly revealing fresher, smoother skin and allowing for better absorption of the products which follow. The great thing about our Cleanse & Polish is that it is suitable for all skin-types and shows visible results on normal, dry, sensitive and oily skins, which takes the guesswork out of choosing a skin type specific cleanser. After 13 years, it really one of the few things I honestly couldn’t get by without!

I’m a big fan of Sun Shade Botanical Self-Tan Spray and wrote about it this past spring. It’s literally the only self tanners that truly doesn’t streak and smells neutral on the skin. If this technology is available, why aren’t other companies using it?

When we formulated Sun Shade Botanical Self Tan Spray we wanted to create a self tan product which gave a natural colour using botanical ingredients to nourish the skin whilst having a natural fragrance. The formulation uses melanin from sunflower seeds and plant-derived DHA to give the face and body a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow.

The formulation also includes hydrating organic aloe vera and natural source vitamin E help to soothe and moisturise the skin to leave it soft and smooth, while a luxurious pure essential oil blend deliciously scents the skin. The colour from our Botanical Self Tan spray is golden and natural. Some tanning products have formulations which deliver an obviously ‘fake’ self tan’ colour overnight.

The great thing about Botanical Self Tan Spray is that it can build up gradually until you have a natural looking tan which is right for you. It is also very gentle on the skin as it is made to be suitable for all skin types and that means it can be used to create a warm glow on paler skins or a deeper colour for those with more olive skin tones.

What would you recommend to my readers who don’t use any skin care and want results without a lot of fuss?

Cleanse, tone and moisturise have always been the cornerstone for a good skincare regime. Following these three simple steps morning and evening will ensure that your skin is clean, healthy and beautiful. You can then add in other treatments, masks, exfoliators and oils according to your individual skincare needs as and when you feel necessary. Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare has always set out to be a fuss free straightforward skincare regime which delivers outstanding results on all skin types so it takes all the guesswork out of chosing a skincare line.

I would always recommend using products which have high levels of natural plant oils as they are more compatible with the skin. Begin your regime by cleansing. Use a creamy cleanser to gently cleanse away dirt and impurities. A cleanser which uses a hot cloth, such as Cleanse & Polish can help to remove dead skin cells and dislodge stubbon make up too.

After cleansing, use an alcohol free gentle toner and follow with a plant oil rich moisturiser such as the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser, rich in natural actives including borage, avocado and echinacea. Formulated with antioxidant-rich natural source vitamin E as it helps to replace lost moisture and leave your skin soft and smooth.

What’s the most exciting new technology you’re using right now to give women hope for changing their skin?

Skincare really isn’t rocket science – I truly believe it should be simple. Essentially it is all about using the right ingredients in the right quantities to find the perfect balance. We use the finest quality ingredients from nature to give the best results to your skin – for me it is not about scientific jargon and injectables but rather ingredients which are compatible with the skin’s structure, which make a genuine difference to the appearance of the skin.

I have always believed in the power of natural active ingredients and we are always researching exciting new botanical plant oils and natural extracts which can make a genuine difference to the skin. One ingredient which has really got me excited lately is cranberry seed oil which contains a near one-to-one balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and a healthy mixture of antioxidants, including very high levels of tocotrienols and tocopherols. The oil has really only become available since cranberry juice and cranberry products have become popular. Typically the seeds contain 10 -15% oil but because cranberry seeds are so small many tons of cranberries have to be processed to yield commercial quantities of oil. We use this precious cranberry seed oil in our Superskin Moisturiser, our new botanical ‘wonder cream’.

We are hoping to use this wonderful new ingredient in future products we are developing at the moment – we are currently still in the trial processes but I’m already blown away by the results so watch this space for new exciting product launches for the face and body!

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L’Oreal Sublime Bronze


Thanks for the great email response about how much you all love Liz Earle’s self tanner, a few of you were also looking for something you can buy locally at a lower price point so here ya go!

Being a member of the network has great perks like being able to try different products and give my opinion on them, L’Oreal Sublime Bronze was one I was happy to receive. Drugstore self tanners have never been lucky for me, but this one was well worth the try. The ultra fine mist is so incredibly fine that there’s no streaking or collecting around knees, ankles, or hands since no rubbing is required. Best though is the 360* continuous spray which allows a steady stream even when holding the can upside down.

Bottom line; great for the tanning-challenged who are looking for quick, subtle and affordable.

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze

Liz Earle Sun Shade Botanical Self-Tan Spray

A short while back I was on the hunt for the perfect self tanning product, I’m so happy that I finally found one that I really like and think you will too.

Liz Earle is a superstar brand in the UK since the mid 90′s known for their natural based philosophy of skin care. You may of heard of their popular Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, a thick and creamy cleanser used in conjunction with their muslin cloths to gently remove all traces of dirt and oil. While I fully expected to like the cleanser, I didn’t know I would come across the very best self tanner I’ve ever used.

First let me note that I’ve yet to review a self tanning product, though I’ve tried so many; drugstore brands, department store brands, and everything in between. Being on the fair side like I am, every single streak (even minor) tells the tale of self-tanning, and most products aren’t sophisticated enough to produce the perfect shade of tan with an even appearance we all desire.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that this self-tanner is perfect in every way.

The light scent is one of a lotion you’d come across at a spa, clean and botanical that slowly fades away as it dries leaving behind no scent at all rendering the tanning scent completely untraceable. Although I tend to favor the predictability of application that a lotion provides, this spray is easily applied and blended and invisibly joins together around knees, ankles and wrists for no streaking at all. None. Zip. Nada. You simply can’t tell where the product begins and ends on your body.

Using before bed isn’t a problem either since it dries so quickly and doesn’t leave any trace of color behind on sheets or clothing.

Just using a few sprays on each section of your body every other day is enough for noticeable and very natural color without a hint of orange, ideal for even the fairest of gals who tend to turn orange with traditional tanners. 4.2 oz should last me from now through the summer, so the $31 plus shipping goes a long way. Perhaps going in with a few friends to split shipping might be a good option. Liz Earle also offers full refunds when ordered through her site, so give it a try and let me know what you think.

Liz Earle Self- Tanner