Estée Lauder Acquires Smashbox Cosmetics

You’ve probably heard by now that Estée Lauder purchased Smashbox in an estimated $200- $300 million dollar deal. What’s that mean for those of us (myself included) who love Smashbox? It means that the creative team at Smashbox will have even more capitol so they can continue to produce new and exciting cosmetics. I think the spirit of the line will remain intact, Lauder bought them because they love what they do so it’s in their best interest to let them keep on doing it.

You can read more about the deal HERE.

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Get the Best Smokey Eye With Smashbox EYELIGHTS in ‘Smokebox’

As a Makeup Artist, I understand that a smokey eye is about a technique and not necessarily about the colors used. You can create a look that’s ‘smokey’ by using deeper shades to line the eyes (upper and lower) and adding some splashy colors you don’t typically wear. It’s a pretty open interpretation and just the darkening effect alone is what’s smokey and really fun.

Although it isn’t only about the colors used, those colors can be key. From what I’ve experienced, there isn’t a palette that makes creating a classic smokey eye easier than Smokebox from Smashbox.

Their neutral colored base shade has a hint of radiance to it for a head start in dimension, and although the photo of the middle shade suggests it’s more of a fawn brown, it’s actually a brownish-gunmetal with just a hint of lavender undertone to give it some pop. It’s an amazing shade that I wish they sold solo because it’s the perfect warm-up color for a sizzling smokey eye or just used on its own. Don’t be thrown by the slight shimmer in the black, it’s just there because a flat black would be harder to work with and blend. It doesn’t look sparkly on the skin it just has some life to it, and because it’s really black you can use it as a shadow and a liner.

It’s a universal smokey-eye maker for all skin tones that you will without a doubt love.

Smashbox EYELIGHTS in Smokebox

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Fake a Lash Tint Using Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner

Now that I’m obsessed with lash tinting, I find the look of mascara to be too heavy at times. Once you’re used to your lashes being dark without any bulk, applying mascara like you always have can be a little much.  When my lash tint starts to fade away I sweep a little Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner across my lashes in place of mascara. I do it by using a flat eyeliner brush to wiggle the color on from root to tip concentrating more on the tips since that’s where lashes are naturally the lightest. It adds the darkness like mascara does to bring out my eyes- but in a more casual way.

It’s also a great trick for those with really fair lashes who find mascara (even in brown) to be too bold. Use the Bronze or Dark Brown colors for the perfect amount of depth to make your eyes pop.

Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner

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Gaston Photography Shoot Part 2

The term ‘smokey’ doesn’t begin to describe the look I created for Logan. I wanted something young and fresh with a little edge, maybe more like smudgy and undone.

Here’s how to get the look;

I layered the medium tone from Smashbox EYELIGHTS in Smokebox with Laura Mercier’s Metallic Créme Eye Color in gold on top of black shadow to create a rich, chrome-like effect.

After using black liner to rim the entire eye on the top and bottom, I took a mascara wand and pressed it right into her lid and under her eyes. I also used the mascara wand from Estee Lauder’s TurboLash in Gold Effects under her eyes to press in bits of random gold. I did it on the top lashes and lid as well. Now, I’m not talking about using the mascara wand to just the lashes, but on the actual skin- that’s what I used under her eyes, mascara right off the wands!

I wanted a really shimmery gold body effect, so I took a body gloss and pressed it into her neck, arms, and declote then I used a big fluffy brush to dust Estee Lauder’s Opulent Shimmer Powder over top so certain sections caught heavier shimmer than others and it wouldn’t look uniform.  I also used the shimmer powder (which is fantastic, really fine, pretty, wearable shimmer) over her lipstick, I just used my fingers to press the powder over the center of her lips so they would catch the light without using gloss.

A look this bold needed a big, full lash, so I used Ardell Strip Lashes in 120 for a look filled with drama. I curled her lashes into the false ones once the glue dried so it would look more natural and then I added about 4 coats of mascara.

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Gaston Photography Shoot Part 1

Today I got to shoot 2 beautiful girls with a fantastic photographer, David Gaston of Gaston Photography.

Here’s part 1 and how to get the look;

Since Carla has the luxury of having basically perfect skin *sigh* I didn’t want to take too much away from that. I used my latest professional makeup obsession, Graftobian Hi Def Glamour Creme Palette, pressing the color into her skin with a dampened sponge so it covered any discolorations while still allowing her skin to show through. I’ll have a full review of that line here in a few weeks, trust me- you’ll love it.

I really wanted something to bring out her hazel eyes, so I chose the one and only Bobbi Brown eye shadow I carry in my kit at all times; Forest. This metallic deep olive is the perfect cure for a brown shadow rut because it looks fantastic on everyone, but gives that depth you can’t create with neutrals alone.

Adding a flash of gloss to your lids is gorgeous for photos, but not much else. If you’re looking to duplicate, use Aquaphor or Vaseline pressed into your lids over the top of shadows. The clock starts to tick immediately once you apply, and then the creasing begins and the color starts to deteriorate so act fast.

Coral cheeks and lips are unexpectedly chic and a nice departure from the ho hum nudes that would usually accompany a look like this one. Smashbox’s Reign Fusion Blush in Regal is probably my favorite peachy blush to date, a precise blend of shimmer and matte in a delicate peach that suits all skins.

Enjoy a few more snaps, part 2 tomorrow.

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Companies Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Proceeds from these products will benefit Breast Cancer Research;

Bobbi Brown

Estee Lauder






three custom color specialists


Eve Pearl

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