EYE M GLAM by Giella & Mario Dedivanovic

Last week I shared this vid from a workshop given by Mario Dedivanovic. I also mentioned one of his most loved products (that he himself custom blended) – EYE M GLAM, the super highlighting powder he developed with Giella and uses often.

I ordered. I tried. I like.

At first glance it’s just another warm toned highlighter, but it has an exceptionally fine texture with a balanced amount of pigment so it’s incredibly versatile and easy to wear. Its strength lies with its ability to morph into whatever texture you need. I like mixing a shot of it into my Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer so it has a greater intensity and staying power. I’ve also mixed in a dab with foundation to highlight cheek bones so it blends into the skin and doesn’t just sit on top – it makes for a more  subtle highlight.

Both a pro and a con is the larger jar. I had to break it down into 2 smaller jars for my own use as well as my professional kit so it didn’t take up too much space. I felt like I got my $40 worth, but I’d rather see it in a smaller container at a smaller price.

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My Ulta NYX Haul; Liners, Shadows, and Glosses

When I say I love NYX, I mean it. I received a few things to review a while ago and quickly became obsessed with its creative on the cheap vibe that (dare I say..?) beats the tar out of M.A.C. I gauged the color and wear time of M.A.C’s Penultimate Eye Liner against the one below from NYX and there was no comparison. NYX had them beat on richness of the black (it made M.A.C’s look almost graphite or brown) and it wore longer without budging. The tip is much easier to apply too. I reviewed the NYX Super Fat Marker (which I use daily) but toady I grabbed the smaller one for my kit when I want more precision lining. Here’s a look at the pen and the rest of what I grabbed today from Ulta.

Super Skinny Marker $9

I’ve used their Studio Liquid Liner in Black and Coffee so I knew these stay-put liquids were easy to work with and the shade selection was so fun. I needed a few new hues to stay inspired so here’s what I chose.
Sky Blue, Purple, Silver, Blue. $4.49 ea

If you love a sheen without glitter chunks, these little jars of Ultra Pearl Mania will make you happy. They’re great alone as shadows or placed over them, or even as mix-ins with lip gloss for an unexpected sheen effect on your pout.
Nude, Charcoal, and Baby Pink $2 ea
I couldn’t leave without Lip Gloss. Theirs is thick and smooth but not sticky – oh and it smells good. Big points for that right?

Sweet Heart and Crystal Soda. $5.40 ea

The only thing I didn’t find at Ulta is NYX Doll Eye Mascara ($9) which I grabbed online. They’ve released a few newer ones that I haven’t tried, I really hope this one doesn’t get discontinued because it’s so easy to build. I use it as a ‘topper’ to bulk my lash tips. 
Check out NYX either at Ulta or online. It’s big artist-quality performance for a ton less money.

Stila Kitten Collection

Stila’s now iconic Kitten shadow shade has exploded into a sub-line of its own by giving lip colors, illuminators, and even a new liquid eye liner that signature Kitten gleam.

I like the Shimmer Powder, it has two shades and it’s meant to be used on the face and body. A slight shimmer or gleam on the arms, legs, or decollete in place of a tan always dresses up and refines the look of otherwise pale skin.

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You can see the rest of the collection by searching ‘kitten’ at Stila.com

e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whip; Highlight Skin for $1

I’m totally impressed by e.l.f’s Shimmering Facial Whip, a tube of lightly shimmered cream to highlight cheeks and eyes. I have Lilac Petal, a champagne-neutral that doesn’t turn  ashy on the skin, but Pink Lemonade is the Allure Mag award winning color. The formula isn’t too shimmery or the lest bit sparkly, it gives its more expensive counterparts some stiff competition to rev up the skin with a beautiful glow. Oh, and I mentioned it’s just $1 right? Totally worth checking out.

e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whip

How to Wear Shimmer; girlactik beauty Sparkle Singles

When you want your eyes to dazzle, few products can make a splash like sparkle can. Nothing obnoxious of course, just something that adds interest to your eyes when you glance down.

I’ve probably tried buckets of glitter, shimmer, and sparkle, over the years and I’ve found that I really like girlactik beauty Sparkle Singles the best because they have 2 key traits that are important to pull of a shimmer look; dry, loose sparkles, and a really fine glitter size. When the size of the actual glitter gets too large (or when it’s encased in goo to help it stick on the face) it becomes a little costume-like and brings the age-appropriateness factor waaay down. What I’m saying is, unless you’re 12 wearing chunky glitter isn’t for you.

Here’s a look at the Sparkle Singles all boxed up.

On top is Yellow Gold and on the bottom color is Rust.

See how fine the pieces of shimmer are? When it’s placed on the eye, you’ll see the reflective quality and not the pieces of glitter themselves which makes a huge difference in the overall look.

In order to get the Sparkes to stay on the eye, they need to ‘stick’ to something. I used BECCA Cosmetics Creme Eye Color in Quartz as a base. I love its easy texture which isn’t too glossy or heavy looking and it really stays on the skin well without creasing.

Lay down the creme color first.

I dipped a small brush into the Rust shade and patted it over half of the creme shadow. The finish is beautiful, it’s just enough to catch the light and make your eyes stand out.

Now for the Yellow Gold shade on the bottom half of the creme eye color.

I love how dense the gold looks and how much coverage it offers. You want the shimmer to be fine enough to coat over the base shade so it looks cohesive, not chunky.

Now you know the difference between sparkles a 7 year-old would paint a picture with, and fine shimmer for a special night out. But there are a few guidelines.

- Don’t wear shimmer like this during the day unless your job requires you to also wear clear heels.

- Keep the sparkle confined to the lid (anywhere you can feel an eye ball) and no higher. I’d also keep it away from your lower lash line too. Lid only is the easiest (and most appropriate) way to wear it.

- Resist the urge to dust it on your chest no matter how pretty you think the sparkles are. Find a body gimmer lotion like this one that’s meant to highlight and compliment the skin.

- Keep in mind the look as a whole. Red lips might not be the best pairing with a shimmery eye so go with a nude color instead. Think understated for the rest of the look (lips, cheeks, and liner), and let the shimmer do most of the talking.

$10, 14 Shades, Online and in select boutiques nationwide.

girlactik beauty Sparkle Singles

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Shiny, Happy People- Luminosity is in for Spring.

Spring is just around the corner and along with warmer weather comes all the fun products with just the right amount of shimmer and shine to help you shake away the winter blues. Here are a few on my wish list.

BECCA has always been a favorite of mine, they have such a creative line that never disappoints. Their loose Jewel Dust shadows are talc-free pigments that can be warn alone or layered with other shadows to add a hint of shimmer to your lids. I like the greens and blues, a nice departure from the neutrals you typically see in loose form.

Why should your lids have all the fun? Wonderlust puts shimmery shine into lifeless hair by brilliantly adding an illuminating element into a product that’s a leave-in conditioner, UV filter, and heat protectant all rolled into one. Just think of it as an all-in-one conditioning spray with a little kick.

Body lotions with shimmer can look great indoors, but tacky in the sunlight. Nivea Silky Shimmer is known to be one of the best illuminators that just looks like heathy skin in any light without a hint of glitter.

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