Ben Nye Aqua Glitter


Now that we’ve got the Ben Nye history covered, we can dig into some of the line’s more fun offerings.

Although I wanted to buy Aqua Glitter in all 11 shades (and at $7 a piece, why not??), I restrained myself to only 2. Apply these liquid glitters using the brush attached to the cap (a bigger nail polish brush), or use an ultra fine eye liner brush for a little bit of glitz. Long used in cheerleading and dance competitions for their sweat-proof durability, it’s stands apart from traditional glitters because the liquid base sets the glitter in place.

I’ve also found a little of the red glitter over red or pink lipstick adds a touch of shine while keeping the lipstick on longer.

Find a Norcostco or costume shop near you to see Ben Nye, or order a free catalogue through their site.