Sexy Eye Shadow Palettes for New Year’s Eve and Beyond

Open up a door to a sexy new look this New Year’s Eve by saying sianara to your used-to-death brown eye shadow and take the plunge to discover that shades of plums, blues, and golds are twice as sexy and just as wearable. Here are a few palettes that will help you achieve a bold look when you’re ready to turn some heads.

Estee Lauder: Blue Dahlia

I think this was one of Lauder’s best palettes in years. It was a limited edition (you can still round one up at a counter I’m sure) that quickly sold out online. Looks like women were thirsting for these striking blues with a unique neutral hue that makes them especially wearable and totally sexy. Use the charcoal black as a liner or to add smoke to the look, and highlight away using the pearly white which has tiny specks of blue sprinkled throughout. These colors weren’t just tossed together, they were well thought out to coordinate one another and they’re insanely gorgeous.

NYX: Jazz Night

Not all lines have color offerings as bold as NYX, and even fewer offer them up for less than $1 per shadow. Jazz Night has the smokey standards like grays and charcoal, but offers up a bold blue, violet, raspberry, copper, and even a light yellow for highlighting. It’s smokey basics with a kick.

Stila: Adventurous in Aspen

Stila has been happily misbehaving lately, trying to shake off their goody goody image of shimmery muted makeup. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still the go-to line if you’re into that sort of thing (and I am), but in order to get your fill of fun-loving colors you typically had to mosey over to MAKE UP FOR EVER and the like. Adventurous in Aspen isn’t particularly wild, but the icy blues, sexy gold, and golden flecked black will give you some new looks, and are probably as wild as a Stila girl wants to get anyway.

Had some fun recently with a new shadow palette? Send me your photos and you could be featured on an upcoming Hooked on Beauty post!

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Beauty at Costco? You Betcha.

If you haven’t strolled down Costco’s cosmetic and skin care isle lately, you’re missing out. What once was a few lowly offerings has grown to an entire selection of all-star  beauty basics.

Stila at Costco? Hell yeah! I had to resist the urge not to get these ** $18 4 piece kits with shadow duos in my all time favorite Stila shades. Both have Kajal Liners in Onyx and  Major Lash mascara, but the kit on the left has Starlight and Storm shadows while the other has Sun and Twig.

These warm glow sets are another 4 piece Stila steal. $14 gets you a Major Lash Mascara, Lip Glaze, Kabuki Brush, Liquid Eye Liner (love), and Bronzer. There’s a set 1 and 2 for a variance in intensity.

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without a Blockbuster set. Stila’s has 30 shadows, 15 lip colors, 3 cheek colors, a bronzer, eye liner, lip liner, 2 applicators, a lip brush, and blush brush. For $20 it’s the ultimate in makeup happiness explosion from a big quality brand.

There were a ton of favorites there, like Olay Microsculpting Cream, 2 for $38.

And Roc Gold Correction, this is the night cream but the day version was there too for the same price. $29 for 2.

Have you heard of SebaMed? Neither had I, but after reading what it’s all about online I’ll probably go back for this life-sized soap-free face and body wash that’s perfectly ph balanced to calm the skin. $20 for a quart. That should last a while.

Who doesn’t love Cetaphil? Their 20oz 2 pack of Gentle Skin Cleansers are just $17 a set.

Aveeno’s popular Daily Moisturizing Lotion was $14 for 2 18oz bottles. Unrelated – my fingers are really double jointed so that’s my crazy thumb making its best backwards  ‘L’ shape.

A giant 33oz Eucerin and a less bendy look at my thumb.

You might not expect for Costco to be a hotbed for cosmetic activity, but look again, you might find some unexpected gems.

Most of the goodies are in store, but here is what they have listed online for cosmetics, and for Skincare.

** Prices vary from store to store

Stila Smudge Stick Eye Liner

Everything I love about eye liner, Stila nailed with their Smudge Sticks, a waterproof formula with a color variation that sets them apart from the rest. Getting a straight line is a snap with their thin, rounded tip and the bright shades have a nice sheen to them so they don’t fall flat on the skin. I have Lionfish, a bronzy shade that’s a perfect departure from the usual flat brown, but I’m itching for the deep, eye-catching Purple Tang.

Click to enlarge color descriptions

Stila Smudge Sticks

The Beautiful, Blushing Bride Kassie with Photography by Studio JK

When one of my favorite brides of all time chose one of my favorite photographers of all time, I knew I was going to love the end result. This picture is by Studio JK, the excellent-as-always photography duo here in Colorado from a recent wedding where I was the Makeup Artist.

Kassie and I decided on a punched up eye using neutral brown shadows and black liner, a deeper-than-usual variation of her daily routine. Her big beautiful eyes also allowed my to use my favorite wedding lash, Ardell 120 for a dramatic, feathery lash that’s perfect for pictures.

Now this is a bride.

Nothing says ‘bride’ like rosy pink cheeks, so I swept Estée Lauder’s Pink Kiss Signature Blush across her cheeks focusing on the apples to give a blushing look that isn’t too precision.

Stila’s Long Wearing Lip Colors are still my go-to for stay-in-place color that doesn’t dry your lips out. It’s so dry here in Colorado, so chapped lips are a standard year-round event. These will stay on for hours without bleeding or fading while adding a good amount of moisture that isn’t typically present in a long-wearing formula.

I can’t wait to share more photos as they come in, but if I were you, I’d click HERE to see photos of a recent wedding shot by Studio JK. I wasn’t their Makeup Artist and I have no idea who the couple is, but the pictures are stunning (double rainbow and sunset shots, incredible!) His photography is epic, we’re lucky to have him here in Denver (and I was lucky that he photographed my recent headshots.)

When considering wedding makeup, remember to be as bold as the gown, the day, and the event itself. Don’t hold back, let that glamour flow.

$10 Stila Palettes

I don’t know why I only bought 1 Stila palette, for $10 I should’ve picked a few more for my kit and gifts. I’ve been using the Moscow palette daily now – even the Convertible Color lip/cheek creme is perfection. It gives my cheeks a fresh, rosy glow. The holidays aren’t that fat out, you might want to pick up a few too.

Moscow Palette (click to enlarge)

USA Palette
Paris Palette
Tokyo Palette

I picked mine up last week at Nordstrom Rack, but you can find all 4 at right HERE

Stila One Step Makeup

I haven’t given the green light on a Stila liquid foundation in the history of HOB. I like their Illuminating Powder Foundation, but haven’t tried a liquid one of theirs since the long discontinued Complete Coverage. The buzz alone on One Step was enough to get me to try this foundation which has quickly changed my tune about Stila’s ability to give good face.

One Step is a revolutionary new foundation that gives the benefits of 4 products in one; primer, foundation, concealer, and powder. It has a really unique consistency that’s almost like a mousse with a light powdery feel and coverage that can be built from medium to full.

For a little more coverage after you’ve used it as a foundation, use a concealer brush to dab it over blemishes and red spots to get a concealer effect because of its rich density.

Does it take the place of a powder? No, it isn’t drying on the skin, but using a powder to set the makeup and keep it in place isn’t necessary. It primes the skin, covers what you need it to, and sets itself.

In true Stila form, the color has a tinge of luminosity to it, nothing harsh though, just enough to where it isn’t flat looking on the face, and having a silicone-based primer built right in helps with the appearance of fine lines,

My skin tends to be normal to slightly shiny in my t-zone and I felt the formula was well suited for me. If you struggle with overly dry skin, you might find the formula a little drying, but I can see most skin types being able to wear it.

Bottom line- One Step gives complete coverage and a pretty finish, all in one little bottle.

Stila One Step Makeup

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