My Spring Wish list; Créme Colors that Pop

I can’t keep up with all of the new, cool things that are being introduced for spring. Here are a few on my wish list that I can’t wait to have.

Laura Mercier’s Radiant Créme Cheek Color compact gives you 3 easy-to-wear shades to highlight and add radiance to your cheeks, eyes, and face. The formula isn’t too creamy and dries to an almost powdery finish so you could even use it on the inner corners of your eyes to give a  pop of shine for day or night.

Looks like I’m not the only one who can’t wait to have Stila’s new Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner- it’s sold out on their site. This thin pen holds a lasting formula and a fine tipped applicator, a winning combination for an evenly placed line that stays in place.

MAKE UP FOR EVER has a perfect compliment to their best-selling HD Foundation, an HD Blush. It’s a creamy, easy to blend cheek color in a pump tube that dispenses exactly the right amount for each application. Choose from 14 shades that range in vibrancy and tone to suit any skin tone and preference.

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Stila Yumberry Crush Lip & Cheek Stain

Yumberry Crush Lip & Cheek Stain is a new addition to Stila’s girly and innovative lineup. It’s not a ‘stain’ in the traditional sense, or I wouldn’t be reviewing it. Most stains out there are packaged in nail polish bottles and tinted bright red. They do stain the skin and the color lasts for hours but the problem is the bright reddish color looks stark on the face and flatters almost nobody. It’s always the same formula too, a watery liquid that sets before you have a chance to blend it in leaving you with red streaky lines on your cheeks that’s hard to conceal and impossible to blend in. Sounds great right?

Yumberry’s less harsh approach to a stain allows for better blending and wearability. Stila added in a slight creme shimmer so it blends easier than its counterparts and it doesn’t look so stark on the skin. It’s also the first lip & cheek stain that I can reasonably use on both. It gave my cheeks a pinky glow that didn’t dull or wear off, and a hint of color to my lips that felt comfortable and moisturizing. I just added lip balm when I needed it, but the color was spot on with what I usually wear- a shade slightly deeper than the color of my lips.

Yumberry is the only color available in the formula, but it was created to be a one-size-fits-most like their ubiquitous Kitten shadow. It would best flatter fair to medium olive skin tones, but deeper skin tones could use it as a long lasting base shande and add more intense color over top.

Stila Yumberry Crush Lip & Cheek Stain

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Dear Carissa- What’s the Deal With M.A.C Studio Fix??

From a reader last week asking the a question I get a lot.

Hi Carissa,

I love your blog! I have a question about foundations. I’ve been
using MAC Studio Fix Powder for many years and now I want to try something
new (esp. since many make-up artists don’t seem to recommend it for
whatever reason). What is your take on MAC studio fix?

I’m looking for something that is quick to apply and will provide a
matte finish for my oily skin.


Hi Betty,

Ok, here’s a painful and embarrassing admission. I once lived for Studio Fix. No, like seriously lived for it. I had one at home and one in my purse at all times and touched up constantly. Every time I would buy a new one, I would be color matched to something different and just went with it even when I looked a little orange. I can now, with 100% certainty, look back on photos and tell you when I was wearing Studio Fix and when I wasn’t.

I can’t speak for other artists (although I know it isn’t something they use) but I’m not a fan because It’s heavy, chalky, matte, and unflattering on 99% of the women who wear it. I liked it though for the same reasons you do- it’s easy to apply with tons of coverage that matted out my oily skin.

Then, one day the clouds parted and I saw the light. I no longer wished to look like Elvira mistress of M.A.C, I would *gasp* let my actual skin show through. You too, Betty, can make that change.

But it’s not easy.

See, you’re unconsciously addicted to seeing the actual makeup and not your skin, so when you’re using something that just boosts the look of your skin and lightly conceals redness, you probably won’t like it. Just know that from now. Look at old photos, are there any where your face appears mime-white from the talc-tastic formula? Let those be your inspiration.

Do what I did, move on to Stila’s Illuminating Powder Foundation. It’s much lighter in weight, gives your skin a beautiful luminosity, and some natural looking coverage.

Just know that you don’t want to replace Studio Fix, you want to rehab from it. It won’t be the same, but it will be better.



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Good Day Colorado Appearance Live From NYC Fashion Week

Yes, this is from February 09′ when I headed to New York to see the shows. I’ve posted a ton about fashion week while I was there, but this video seemed to slip through the cracks and never was posted.

This segment was live from the Fox studios in Rockefeller Center right in the heart of NYC where I was sitting in the middle of their newsroom for a segment that aired here for Fox 31 Denver.

Lela Rose was the show I’d gone to the day prior when I arrived which was great because I got to show Stila’s exclusive kit that I picked up backstage. They retail these limited edition kits after Fashion Week that contain every essential needed to re-create the runway look that the pros were using on all of the models.

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Stila Silk Eye Shadow Wash in Kitten

Stila was the brand to launch a shimmer revolution after the 90’s era of neutrals and overly matted and powdery skin was over. Before Stila, shimmer wasn’t shimmer, it was chunky, messy glitter and only found in products geared toward tweens. Adding shimmer to makeup in the subtle way they did, allowed for more blendablity, and ease of application adding light and a youthful quality.

Kitten eyeshadow was their first cult classic because the sunny, shimmery, neutral color looked great on everyone.  Stila has since expanded their signature Kitten color to include a Smudge Pot, Lipglaze, and my personal favorite- their Silk Eye Shadow Wash.

Stila describes the consistency of the wash as liquid-to-powder, but I’d say that the silky glaze of gorgeous sheen is almost too unique for words. It still maintains the integrity of the Kitten color, but with maybe more wearability since it’s a different kind of shimmer- not powdery, just like liquid metal that lightly coats your skin giving a glowing finish.

I use mine as a base coat for a light or medium toned powder shadow that I pat on top for more of a glistening effect, and also as a highlighter on top of the cheek bones.

You’ll find yourself addicted too if you can actually find it in stock. I nabbed the last one at Sephora, and they’re sold out online and apparently not shipping for a while so grab if you see it.

Stila Silk Eye Shadow Wash

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Easy Makeup Tips

5 Minute Makeup;

Anything cream-based is quickest because it can be applied with your fingers. Find something multi-use like Stila’s Convertible Color creme compacts- formulas meant for both lips and cheeks. The same is true for your eyes, cream shadows can be swept on using your fingers, and have better staying power than most powder shadows.

Youthful Looking Skin;

There is a formula to create youthful looking skin, and it starts with a lightweight, luminous foundation like Laura Mercier’s Illuminating Tinter Moisturizer especially when you’re dry- to add radiance to the face- a quality our skin starts to lose as we age. Skip the powder- you don’t need it- and use a cream blush in a bright-yet-sheer hue.

Makeup for Breakouts;

You want to cover the breakouts you have without exacerbating the problem caused by using foundations that heighten inflammation. Use what I typically do, Jane Iredale Pressed Base. All bad opinions of mineral makeup come here to die since JI’s version provides complete, long-wearing, natural looking coverage while blanketing the skin with ingredients that help it to heal.

Preventing Eyeliner and Mascara from Running;

Nothing works better than Benefit’s She Laq- it’s a one-of-a-kind liquid that seals makeup and prevents it from wandering off where you don’t want it to go. Sweeping it underneath the eyes will form an invisible seal that color won’t seep into. There’s nothing else like it.

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