Is this Necessary? Stila Talking Palettes

Now you know I love me some Stila, but these talking palettes are over the top. I get it, they’re trying to make women more comfortable with eye makeup application, but does the eye shadow really need give specific instructions hindering our creativity and confusing us more? ‘Wait, where did she say the brown goes? What if I don’t want to use it? Am I doing this wrong?”

Open the lid on these shadow quads and press the button for a step by step account of how Stila thinks your eye makeup should be applied in 5 (5!?) ‘easy’ steps. Of course eye shape, skill level, and preference isn’t factored into the equation maybe making the process harder than if you had no help at all.

In this age of technology when an eye makeup application demo is just a YouTube click away, why add instructions when we need them the least- during our morning rush.

Bottom Line: Stila has some of the best shadows out there based on blendability, texture, and color selection. Just buy them separately and spare yourself the gimmicks.

$40, 4 Palettes, Sephora

Talking Palettes

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The New Stila


Stila Cosmetics has been saved! I’m so glad that Lynn Tilton, a private equity maven with 75 companies in her portfolio, is the new CEO of one of my best loved lines. Her new vision will bring Stila to the next level and right into the hands of women who haven’t yet tried the line for themselves. Look for infomercials that will include Sarah Lucero, Stila’s Global Director of Education, who I had the opportunity to meet in NY for Fashion Week last February.

The best part of their new beginning is the upcoming mass line, Simply Stila which will feature goodies for under $10.

Stila is welcoming back their customers by offering a free 24kt Luxe Lip Gloss with any $25 purchase for a limited time.


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What Happened to Stila

I guess this is the latest from Stila- it’s one of my fav lines so I hope all is now well.

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What’s Going on With Stila??


My local Sephora had no info and said they’re still stocked and receiving product.

Update: Here’s some info from WWD..

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Stila Pearl Shimmer Gloss

Stila’s Pearl Shimmer Gloss has a feel on your lips best described as easing into your favorite slippers. This totally unique gloss experience coats and moisturizes your lips with a glassy sheen and a subtle shimmer finish.

Genuine crushed pearl is used to create a look that isn’t over the top shimmery, but adds an effect that’s universally easy to wear. Kitten, their blockbuster best selling shadow, is among 4 limited edition shades that encompass spring and the perfect everyday lip color we’re all searching for.

Stila Pearls Shimmer Gloss

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Stila Convertible Mascara

I’m always asked the same question, “Do you try every single product on your blog??” The answer is yes, I personally own, try, and actually like each and every product I have reviewed on this site. So you can imagine how many mascaras alone have graced these very lashes. Being a makeup artist by profession, I can spot a good mascara and am able to recommend it to women based on their needs, I can find an audience for most products even if it’s not something that I can personally use.

So here’s the thing. I’ve been using -and purchasing thank you very much- Clinique’s Lash Power mascara based on its 24 hour smudge-proof technology. I’ve found that even waterproof mascaras travel south one me leaving black under my eyes by the end of the day and Clinique’s was the first to stay put.

Until Stila’s Convertible Mascara.

Stila uses a stay in place polymer formula that wraps around each lash in a water-resistant “tube” clinging on until removed with warm water.  I had zero smudging- which for me is a big deal since this is the second formula ever to achieve this feat. Dual ended brushes made my lashes come alive first using the narrow brush on one end that reached my outer corner lashes as well as the very base of my lash line, then the feathery brush on the other side to lengthen and separate. The magic of a glossy black formula, dual ended brushes that are equally useful, combined with the best formula in the industry makes for a magical new find for me that I can get on board with every single day.

Stila Convertible Mascara

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