The Simple Thing You Can Do to Take 10 Years off Your Face

Set aside a few minutes to read this article about a woman who shed years from her face in just 1 month by upping her water intake. Those of you who don’t drink enough will be inspired to take before and after pics and try the very same.


Orly Shade Shifter Color Changing Gel Manicure

Just last Monday during my pedicure I overheard some lady asking if they carried the polish that can change color when you wear it. Obviously I thought she was crazy as did the nail tech until I saw Orly’s Shade Shifter color changing coat come across my screen today.

Over their gel manicure colors, you can add a coat of Shade Shifer, a different color and the primary one you’ll see until you get warm or cold and then it changes. It’s crazy! Check out the quick vid below to see how it works (click HERE to watch it on YouTube if you’re viewing this in an email.)

Jessica Alba and the Case for Wearing Corsets

If this woman can have the world’s smallest waist by wearing a corset for the last 15 years, then Jessica Alba’s recent confession about getting her waistline back in order after kids by wearing a corset seems likely.


Alba told Net-A-Porter mag, “After birth I wore a double corset for three months. It was sweaty but worth it.”

I had a similar experience after the birth of my daughter when I wore a hospital issued binder to keep my cesarian incision compressed and comfortable. I instinctively wore it round the clock for months just for relief but my stomach did get back to its normal state fairly quickly. (Of course Tracy Anderson’s post-baby workout helped too, but I waited 6 weeks to heal before doing any exercise.)

Hourglass Angel has corsets and waist sinchers especially for this sort of thing. Next time around I think I’ll grab something like this that’s made especially for waist slimming which might offer better support for my incision as well.


What is Cupping?

While this Jennifer Aniston pic circulates, so does talk of cupping and what it’s all about. The pic below her is of me several years ago when I first tried cupping treatments that would often supplement my Accupuncture. It’s used to treat pain, better circulation, and to just keep the general flow of energy in the body moving. My treatments were for my lower back which was trashed from hunching over too much while doing makeup.

A flame is quickly lit into the glass cup before the cup is put on your skin to create the suction. Your skin rises inside the cup as it reacts to the suction which doesn’t hurt at all. It’s this suction that improves the blood flow and energy as the cups stay on the skin for 10ish minutes. Check out this short vid which shows in more detail what it’s all about.

Cupping isn’t too pricey either, I remember it was around $20 added on to the price of Accupuncture, so on its own I can’t imagine it world be too much more.

My facialist does facial cupping (see here) to increase the circulation in the skin. It’s less intense (no fire!) than traditional cupping but you can often see rosier, healthy skin right after you’re finished. (Click here for a facial cupping vid.)

Cupping has been around since 3000 BC so it’s not something new. Find out more about cupping and its many uses here to see if it’s something that might help you.



Nail Trends: Leather and Velvet and Feathers (Oh My)

Nail art is huge right now. Forget color, right now it’s all about texture. Blake Lively wore a velvet mani for her wedding while the company Nails Inc caught fire after Alexa Chung tweeted this pic of her ‘leather mani.’ Now they have a new Bling it On Feathers collection so you can have tiny little (real? fake?) feathery looking bits on your nails. This is a trend I’ll have to sit out since my daughter occasionally chews on my fingers and I’d hate for her to ingest feathers, or velvet, or whatever but beyond that it’s just weird.

Velvet nails via

Velvet nails via

Feather Mani via

Feather Mani via

Kitty Litter Facial

You don’t have to resort to using kitty litter on your face to get squeaky clean pores and a spa-quality facial although the 750,000+ people who have watched YouTuber Michelle Phan’s video (below) might be doing just that. Apparently cats crap on bentonite clay which is also great for the skin so I use it too but in the form of Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask which is only $5 a pound and actually meant to be on the skin and not at the bottom of a cat box.

Either way, check out her video and decide for yourself- would you actually use kitty litter on your face?