Crown Brush Sale

Chances are, you can use some new brushes. When’s the last time you bought a few new tools that will guarantee an easier and better looking result for your makeup application? I just bought two huge brush sets from Crown Brushes on my Hautelook app (which I use far too often) for my kit to replace a few that were falling apart. I bought 2 big brush sets with 38 total brushes for $70, a good price for everything I got since I know that brushes typically run $20 – $30 a pop.

Below you’ll see THIS 12 piece set on sale right now for $9. Buy it! You’ll be so happy you did especially since it has some smaller, more precision eye shadow brushes so you can easily stay in-bounds for a more polished look.

12 Piece Brush Set

                                            12 Piece Brush Set $9

What’s Dry Brushing and Why Do It?

I love when I read stuff like this, celebrities totally validating my random, often late night purchases of things I’m not sure I need or will ever use- like my new dry brush. It kinda looks like a fancy toilet brush with bristles that feel as prickly as they look. It’s made of all natural palm fiber that you use pre-shower on dry skin to scrub away dead skin and stimulate the lymph system which keeps it draining properly. That drainage and movement is what people swear helps with cellulite, but I know for sure it eliminates those red behind the arm bumps and makes skin so soft clear. I could tell a difference after the first time I used it.

Stacey Keibler says she loves dry (or ‘lymphatic’ as she calls it) brushing and can see a big difference in her skin after using it only a short while. (She also talks about the Clean Program btw of which I am also a huge fan.)

Below is the $8 brush I got HERE at Be warned, it does hurt a bit before you get used to it so ease in and use it lightly at first. After a few days I was used to the sensation of a million prickly scratches all over me, but I do it for the results and not a warm fuzzy feeling.

Dry Brush

Organize Your Makeup

A little bit of organization goes a long way. This two tear drawer organizer allowed me to get rid of my bulky Japonesque train case that lived under my sink for too many years. Now I can see everything easily which means I use things I never did much more often, it just makes getting ready a whole lot easier.

I couldn’t find the exact one I bought online, but I picked it up at the Container Store for around $10 recently.


Without the sliding top drawer.


How to Get Rid of Streaks From Self Tanners

If streaks from self tanning lotions are keeping you from getting a bronzy glow, check out the Bronze Buffer, a new chemical-free sponge that’s supposed to exfoliate away splotchy streaks from self tanning lotions. I haven’t had the chance to use it, but it’s worth a shot if you tend to streak since they can sometimes take days to fade out.

Bronze Buffer $10 for 2 Sponges

Bronze Buffer $10 for 2 Sponges

The Cheapest Face Brush Out There

When picking up a new hairbrush for my daughter recently, I noticed that the feel of the bristles reminded me of something familiar, my Shiseido face brush I used for years. I still recommend that $25 brush to those who want the Clarisonic experience but not the steep price, but this baby brush with the identical feel to Shiseido’s for just a few bucks is an even better value. Just get the softest one you can find and the smallest so it’s more face contour-friendly. THIS one shown below isn’t what I have, but I’m sure it would do the trick.

Shiseido’s face brush.

Use the brush, not the comb on your face $4.

You Need This: A Big Fluffy Brush for Your Bronzer

If you’re a bronzer lover like me, then the best bet for a natural looking application every time is using a big fluffy brush. The bigger the brush, the wider you can disperse the product so isn’t applied so densely giving the face a streaky or harsh look. I’m loving Elizabeth Arden’s All Over Face Powder Brush ($22) which can be used to apply al things powder to the face. Its coverage is so great that just a few sweeps of bronzer is needed to create a warm glow on the face easily carrying the color down to the neck so there isn’t a harsh contrast between the two. It makes bronzing a ton easier.

And speaking of Arden.. I got to try their bronzers and wow – they’re pretty great. They went straight into my kit actually replacing a few that I didn’t use/like anyway (Bobbi Shimmer bricks if you mush know. Holy shimmer overload Batman.) Pure Finish Bronze Powder ($38) comes in 3 shades of intensity, all being matte but not exactly flat meaning they have a hint of pickup to them so they’re easier to wear and blend without looking shimmery. Not just a makeup, it has antioxidants, minerals, and skin-energizing ingredients with a light hint of rose scent. They’re really balanced and some of the best I’ve used, totally worth checking out.